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  1. Diesel Dually Truck People

    lol-all i can tell you is that my dad has hauled forever--when i bought my own dually (not hubbys) he made sure to tell me not to haul in OD--- sooo, for once i listened to him--and i have had no truck promlems--knock on wood--so far!
  2. pegasus boots

    well, mine have broken down in the same area--basically the rear boots wear the color strap is-- i have only been usuing them at home and for small shows--i use my nice WHITE legacies for the big nice shows-LOL for the money i paid--i thought they would hold up longer-and they havent---i have legacies from years ago that are i way better shape when i ran every weekend- the pegasus boots were not used nearly as much the past years-due to i pretty much stopped riding all together till this past winter- they are still easy to just throw on any horse--but not worth the money if you want them for long term and hard use!
  3. Farriers

    my last 2--absolutely YES YES YES!!!--but we also knew alot of things about them--not good things either--so they are both divorced and remarried-- our life settled down when i got afarrier that came did the horses and left- we dont really chat -except to cal to make a special appointment or request--otherwise i dont see him-LOL i had to die laughing when neighbor girl came over and said our farrier missed their lunch date after he shoed my horses yesterday--I busted up laughing--told her he came last week--hes on his honeymoon with his new wife (who was also a client) and she had a look of surprise??? LOL--seems like only 2-3 of us ladies were the only ones not dating him--LOL--he has lost alot of business and not sure what hes doing now-LOL and yes, hubby is glad i dont have the farrier there when im home--seems they almost all have a bad reputation for the ladies in our area-LOL
  4. Have You Ever Fired A Vet Or A Shoer?

    ive had the same vet for over 10 years--but i am lookinginto someone else--my good horse tyed up last fall 3 times in one week--and he never even returned my call-- I PAY CASH AND PAY HIM VERY WELL---he just lost a customer as far as im concerned. for shoers--yes i have been througha couple in teh past few years--mainly due to their treatment of my horses.. i now have a great guy who hasnt had any problems with our horses- calls when hes gonna be late--which doesnt matter- cause theyare here in stall waiting and he does them by himself. even calls to reschedule...i alwasy leave him notes on what i want done--and if the horse does something wrong i want to know so we can fix it for him-- my horses cross tie in bailing twine--and 1 is a stud--LOL if i was getting rid of them--i would just tell them--ill call you to re-schedule--and never call-otherwise i always schedule for the next visit-
  5. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    i had 1 paid day left -our comapny makes us use our paid days earned (paid sick days) up before they start anything else... i went to my sons wrestling match in high school bout 2-3 years ago ---it was a local-- so when the cheerleaders came out--I JUST WENT WOW--the kids today are alot larger then we were. i see girls at work that are my sons age-(1/2 mine) but are over 200 easy and not very tall. i hate to say it-but they make me feel pretty good about my size and age compared to them--but they also give the will power not to eat out of the munchie machine at work--which is right next to my machines-LOL the girls that whine all teh time about their weight--are over there all teh time--its will power.. and not stopping for fast food in the morning or evening--they can laugh all they want that i eat my yoplait 100 calorie yogurt and special k during the day---im still half their size and old enough to be their mother-LOL
  6. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    no i stated that my company has company paid short term disability for us the employees!!!!! company does the paperwork!!! yes, my check came from the insurance company!!!! but i also had to have dr fill out papers for the FMLA--so i did not get docted for the time had said right to either accept or deny my FMLA if they were not given a specific time frame (operations and such) THAT DID NOT INCLUDE FAMILY EMERGENCIES..... THEY DO OURS TOGETHER SO ONE COVERS THE OTHER I GUESS... i know what i wrote--i understood everthing i wrote--- 1.....i know i got FMLA for being off to cover my time so i was not "punished" LOL 2....i know i got a check from the emploer paid short term disability insurance while i was on said FMLA that was when i personally had to go in that i got $$$$$---i just received the fmla when hubby got hurt--just to cover my time loss at work without getting points or losing my spot -LOL
  7. Pasture/stall Question

    seeing your from a cold state-as so am i--i make sure hte horse has a good coat to handle the overnights. my new horse was overnighted outside and i bring them in--but she had a really thick coat coming from ohio just watch the horse closely
  8. Who Has A Sunggie?

    me, i just personally usea blanket---but i bought the one for my dog because they are sensitive to temps--if its below 50-my bulldog is right in fron of the woodstove on the couch cuddled in a blanket-LOL she didnt pee on hers--but she didnt like me taking it off her either to go outside to pee.
  9. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    no, i didnt mix things up--when i took off for my teeth to be done--i got $--casue they had short term disablity on me--i was on fmla-so i didnt get points, lose my position and such--they gave me flack about it -because i didnt tell them 45 days in advance and the dr signed everything 3 times-LOL and they HAD to APPROVE IT through the company--even after dr said yes. its was an accident that caused it--i couldnt eat and such- i would have died in 45 days without food and water- girl next to me had her baby- got fmla(which maternity leave is considered now) for same reason as i- not to lose her position in company--and used her short term dis paid her when she was off--only $160/week--but it was better then nothing-- so our company does both at once???? thats what i said!!!! OUR COMAPNY PAYS US BECAUSE HE PAYS OUR SHORT TERM DISABILITY FOR US--so they do the paperwork--we just get it signed by the dr.. as far as cancer and such--we have had some just go on fmla till teh paperwork for the longterm disbability came through..
  10. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    that is possible that my employer does pay her--cause he pays for us to have short term disability. its still that some people abuse the ssytem that sucks about it- and to give 1 employee heck about usuing it for 1 day for 16 teeth being pulled (2impacted wisdom teeth) and to let this other woman just say--OH, the temps up--look at my paper- i gotta leave-PLEASE!???!!
  11. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    BUMPER-i beleive the proper wording pres clinton called it was Family Medical Leave Of Absence which means your employer has to give you PAID 13-18(?) weeks- tell your doctor and they sign the paper that you cant work-FMLA MY BOSS HATES IT some people use it for good--like when i had 16 teeth pulled at once (and yes, they fought me on it) i used it for 3 days so i didnt get POINTS at my job against me-LOL this large lady gets her dr to sign a paper every year that she cant work when it above 90--and gets paid for it--sooo, she is off every summer- and just hangs out at the campgrounds while im at work paying for her to text me about the awesome cheese fries and chili dogs shes having-GRRR
  12. Is Obesity A Handicap?

    i have come from a very large family myself--my mom weighs over 350-easily--but she is on meds for depression--dad--well-all teh boys have always been over 6ft 4 in and 300-LOL i am 5 9 and weigh 150 lbs- and have been trying to starve myself cause my stepmom says how i gained so much weight-im 39 years old-LOL but because of the step mom engraving it in my head all those years im going to be fat just like my mom--i starve myself--there is nothing but oranges and yogurt-oh, and angelfood cake in the house to eat right now-- but i have a girl at work-we work in a factory- stand 9-10 hours a day--and she takes FMLA every summer-cause shes fat and sweats too much--its too hot to work- PLEASE---this is the lady that brings 5 chili dogs with everything for breakfast to eat alone-LOL--i dont feel for people like her--she is woas-me im fat- feel pitty on--as she runs to the lunch truck--or texts us while shes on FMLA from teh hotdogs shop-saying shes thinking of us--- she has health problems due to her weight--but she doesnt see that--she refuses to get to teh core of the problem-and just wants pitty.. i can understand alot coming from a large family--but when you run into someone car in the parkinglot because you were busy eating a pizza? theres a problem... i hate those carts at walmart-- that is adding to their problem--i believe they should have wheelchairs with baskets--so they can get a lil workout while they shop--i have to. dont mean to sound bitter-but i just came from walmart-LOL
  13. Are You Good At Returning Calls?

    i usually am pretty good about returning callls i love to text-- i usually text someone when i dont want to talk to them--i just need/want an answer and know that we will talk longer then i have time for-LOL plus my girlfriends know my hubby is only home certain days that i get to see him--so if i dont answer or return it-- we're busy-LOL ill call usually when hes gone-LOL--so we can BS--cause you know WE NEVER STAY ON 1 TOPIC-LOL
  14. Ot: Trucks

    i just saw onour local craiglist a 2006 dually dodge deisel for 6,000---course it needed a lil tlc motor wise-nothin major and was only 2wd. i just bought a 2001 f350 dually with 90,000 miles last spring with the b & w hitch all new tires brakes and such for 11,900. love it--put some $ in it-to make it last a LONGGGGG TIME--and am now looking for a lil puddle jumper-LOL---just so i dont have to put "stupid" miles on my dually-LOL check out local carsbydealers when your ready- or found mine on OH, and i wore my spurs into the dealership-LOL-i forgot i had them on-was out riding--they gave me a heck of a deal on the truck--its worth over 18,000 but they couldnt sell it they were located in a big city-LOL dont settle- get what you want the first time--and if you can-go bigger then you need--that way later on you wont have to go through this again-LOL i made the same mistake--put an avalanche--it couldnt haul anythin worth cr*p compared to my dually-nice truck-loved it--just wanted to haul with-without asking hubby for his truck-now i dont ever have to worry about having to haul anything -LOL
  15. Who Has A Sunggie?

    i got one for my english bulldog--and it doesnt fit her--the legs are not wide enough apart- and its an extra large--i should get one for myself-LOL