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  1. Pre-purchase

    I'm away from home and don't have a vet, just putting a proposal together for the person financing this :)
  2. Recent Riding Pictures

    can you PM me on this SN? I lost my TBH password for now and I just emptied some space in this one, so you shouldn't have a problem
  3. Pre-purchase

    Yea, I thought the one we had on Shorty was a bit expensive, but my mom had everything possible x-rayed on the horse to make sure he was perfectly clean and sound (thankfully after that, he was!) I'm debating not doing x-rays, or only doing minimal x-rays.
  4. Pre-purchase

    It has been years since I PP a horse, and I forget the cost. I'm writing a proposal and need an average amount to submit. If I remember correctly it was around $800-$1000 for the Brown Horse, including x-rays (which I would be curious to know the pricing w/ and w/o x-rays) Also, average price of trimming for a Large pony? I've never owned a horse who didn't need shoes before. :) [smiley Wavey]
  5. Where To Go?

    Hey I might be going to the Oaks on Sunday, will you be around?
  6. Angsting...

    I logged in as ER to search through my PM box, and now I can't remember my TBH password. *sigh*
  7. Including Xrays With A Ppe

    I always x-ray with PPE, especially if it's a show horse. I didn't do x-rays on my little mare as she was practically free, which I regret, not that she's ever been lame in the couple years I've owned her, but I always like to have a starting point in cases something *does* happen. It's nice to have a "before" picture to compare in case of an injury.
  8. Angsting...

    Grace, remember when I was selling The Red Horse? The words and guidance you gave me then are applicable to you now. This has to be one of the hardest decisions you'll make-- I know for me, it was absolutely the best thing I could have done, even if it wasn't the easiest decision. If you need to, send me a PM, I'm always open ears. *hugs*
  9. Help? NHR *Update in OP*

  10. Breakfast at Tiffany's the long over due sequal...

    I need a slogan for my business. It is a tack shop called Runabout Saddlery…. These assignments seem so pointless. Anyone feeling creative? DShorse, I hope the day turns around for ya. Grace, you found a dog? How’s Lego and the mare?
  11. Should trainer get the boot?

    Eh, you’re the one paying her. If you don’t like it, don’t train with her. He’s a cute guy, best wishes
  12. my leg is a wimpy jello

    quote: Originally posted by It's still Andy: Actualy, for most people who pinch with their knee, I suggest NOT doing work without irons. This tends to lead to even more pinching. I would much rather see someone do a lot of work in two point, at all gaits and including transitions. I was just about to say this. It is great advice. I think for you in particular, you need to align your whole body, not just strengthen your legs.
  13. You know you post on the HC Hunter/Jumper board when....

    quote: Originally posted by Naughty Neigh: quote: You remember when Barklay's My Bay was a mod, and you loved her. She's not a mod anymore? When did that happen? God that shows I haven't been on properly in ages. Seriously, I had no idea… I still love her, though quote: Originally posted by HunterPrincess: I still remember when the board was shut down...i felt like I lost a little bit of my life right there. I too, remember when the board was shut down. How long ago was that now?
  14. College...and whatever else! (HR and not HR)

    I’m cleaning my house, again. I just did this last Friday… So far the dishwasher is loaded and running, pots and pans cleaned, stove top cleaned, coffee stuff cleaned, toaster oven cleaned, counters cleaned, couches fluffed with folded blankets and pillows, coffee tables cleaned, bathroom scrubbed, and all floors vacuumed and washed. I am so incredibly bored lol. Only two more hours and I can leave for my lesson is anyone else on HC, it seems rather dead right now… Have a fantastic day everyone
  15. I spent my Tuesday in the Emergency room (pix added)

    Glad you're ok! Hope you're feeling alright this morning