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  1. Pre-purchase

    It has been years since I PP a horse, and I forget the cost. I'm writing a proposal and need an average amount to submit. If I remember correctly it was around $800-$1000 for the Brown Horse, including x-rays (which I would be curious to know the pricing w/ and w/o x-rays) Also, average price of trimming for a Large pony? I've never owned a horse who didn't need shoes before. :) [smiley Wavey]
  2. Pre-purchase

    I'm away from home and don't have a vet, just putting a proposal together for the person financing this :)
  3. Recent Riding Pictures

    can you PM me on this SN? I lost my TBH password for now and I just emptied some space in this one, so you shouldn't have a problem
  4. Pre-purchase

    Yea, I thought the one we had on Shorty was a bit expensive, but my mom had everything possible x-rayed on the horse to make sure he was perfectly clean and sound (thankfully after that, he was!) I'm debating not doing x-rays, or only doing minimal x-rays.
  5. Where To Go?

    Hey I might be going to the Oaks on Sunday, will you be around?
  6. Angsting...

    I logged in as ER to search through my PM box, and now I can't remember my TBH password. *sigh*
  7. Including Xrays With A Ppe

    I always x-ray with PPE, especially if it's a show horse. I didn't do x-rays on my little mare as she was practically free, which I regret, not that she's ever been lame in the couple years I've owned her, but I always like to have a starting point in cases something *does* happen. It's nice to have a "before" picture to compare in case of an injury.
  8. Angsting...

    Grace, remember when I was selling The Red Horse? The words and guidance you gave me then are applicable to you now. This has to be one of the hardest decisions you'll make-- I know for me, it was absolutely the best thing I could have done, even if it wasn't the easiest decision. If you need to, send me a PM, I'm always open ears. *hugs*
  9. Help? NHR *Update in OP*

    Update is at the bottom of pg. I’m a senior in high school. I can’t make my mind up whether to stay in HS or not. I have no idea if it is a spectacular decision to leave it, or a poor one. This summer I had an abundance of friends. At times (during the year), I have felt guilty because I have always wanted “better” friends, as sometimes I can’t completely relate to my old group. Anyways, this summer I hung out with someone every single day, and I felt like I was really a part of something (a feeling which I had never had in HS, as I came into this not knowing anyone and never having attended a public school). At a party in July, a guy royally screwed me over. Yeah, I learned some lessons etc., but this guy (former best guy friend) and I still do not talk. He has made my life **** at school. I’m now talking to three people. Two are my best friends, and one is my gym buddy (we go to the club after school and work out!) I feel like a complete loner who sits in the art room at lunch, and hangs out with my barn buds on the weekends (not that there is anything wrong with barn buddies...) I have the option of taking the California High School Proficiency Examination, which is equivalent of a high school diploma, and enrolling at the SRJC in January. I feel that being surrounded by more mature people, I will be able to focus on my school work. There are so many classes at the JC that I WANT to take, rather than the five in HS that are mandatory that I hate. I hate this ubiquitous drama, HATE IT. I’m so, so done, gah. I had several breakdowns due to how unhappy I am at school, and one unrelated (although, something which adds to the stress) with my dad. I am sick of feeling unhappy. But today, I hung out with a completely new group of people who I really like (after school). I’m a very shy person, so trying to create a group of friends in the 8 months left of HS seems really hard for me. They seem like really cool people, but I don’t want to stay in HS for social reasons (however, I know that sounds hypocritical as people are part of the reason driving me away) I just feel done with HS and the people there, and I’m ready to move on. It’s just such a big decision that I don’t know what to do with myself. So, am I crazy for wanting out (and acting on it)? Thanks if you read that... update I know, weird Red flash back. Sorry for the two name thing lol. Meh, most of you probably don’t care anyway, but…. Well, today couldn’t have gone any better. I had a meeting scheduled with the lady who runs the ISP through my school. I was a little worried, as I had a major falling out with my dad (even though I only have 9 months left of being a “kid”, I was going to have to look into/fighting in a custody battle…) but he signed on the line to take me out of my high school and place me into an independent study program. That came as a shocker—The whole ISP thing is a compromise anyway, because I couldn’t get him to agree to me dropping out by taking the CAHSPE. We worked out the details today in our meeting. I had to write two essays for the ISP lady, and now all I have to do is return my text books tomorrow. I go to school once a week (starting this Monday), for one hour. I may be done with my senior year in time to enroll in the SRJC by January. If not, I will still graduate earlier than my classmates. Thank you to everyone who talked to me recently—either about school or otherwise. You have all helped me one way or another. So thanks for that. [ 10-11-2007, 03:43 PM: Message edited by: EventingRed ]
  10. Help? NHR *Update in OP*

  11. *The Communal Vent Post*

    Does everyone remember this? AA made it last time and some how it got deleted. (Mods, let me know if this one needs to go, but I think we can try this again?) I have been noticing a lot of vents, so this is just a place to vent everything out with out it being in a normal cap chat (which is fine! But this is just another place to do it) So go for it. Vent away…
  12. Breakfast at Tiffany's the long over due sequal...

    I need a slogan for my business. It is a tack shop called Runabout Saddlery…. These assignments seem so pointless. Anyone feeling creative? DShorse, I hope the day turns around for ya. Grace, you found a dog? How’s Lego and the mare?
  13. Should trainer get the boot?

    Eh, you’re the one paying her. If you don’t like it, don’t train with her. He’s a cute guy, best wishes
  14. my leg is a wimpy jello

    quote: Originally posted by It's still Andy: Actualy, for most people who pinch with their knee, I suggest NOT doing work without irons. This tends to lead to even more pinching. I would much rather see someone do a lot of work in two point, at all gaits and including transitions. I was just about to say this. It is great advice. I think for you in particular, you need to align your whole body, not just strengthen your legs.
  15. Blah, I Miss the Red Horse

    The song by Jack Johnson, “Do You Remember”, just came on my ipod. In November of last year, on the way to Ram Tap my Mom and I listened to this CD the whole way down. I was having so many problems with Red, but we were having a fantastic season, and this was our last event. The show was less than stellar, even though we were 3rd after dressage, he was totally maxed out and was a **** of a ride cross country, which carried on to show jumping. I realized that he was not happy after this show. My trainer put it this way- “He is a Novice horse, competing Training level, needing to be ridden at Prelim” But I still miss him, and now I’m crying. I need some hugs, or something. I really hope I did the right thing by selling him. *sigh*
  16. You know you post on the HC Hunter/Jumper board when....

    quote: Originally posted by Naughty Neigh: quote: You remember when Barklay's My Bay was a mod, and you loved her. She's not a mod anymore? When did that happen? God that shows I haven't been on properly in ages. Seriously, I had no idea… I still love her, though quote: Originally posted by HunterPrincess: I still remember when the board was shut down...i felt like I lost a little bit of my life right there. I too, remember when the board was shut down. How long ago was that now?
  17. College...and whatever else! (HR and not HR)

    I’m cleaning my house, again. I just did this last Friday… So far the dishwasher is loaded and running, pots and pans cleaned, stove top cleaned, coffee stuff cleaned, toaster oven cleaned, counters cleaned, couches fluffed with folded blankets and pillows, coffee tables cleaned, bathroom scrubbed, and all floors vacuumed and washed. I am so incredibly bored lol. Only two more hours and I can leave for my lesson is anyone else on HC, it seems rather dead right now… Have a fantastic day everyone
  18. I spent my Tuesday in the Emergency room (pix added)

    Glad you're ok! Hope you're feeling alright this morning
  19. Blah, I Miss the Red Horse

    Thanks guys. I knew it would be hard, but not this hard. I feel like I have lost a freind. But he did find the best home, I think this is just one of those things that takes time.
  20. I've been on here for 4 years! good lord! Time to celebrate!

    I think I came here in Oct of 04... I have learned so much by being here. I think I have grown up a lot in that time. We are all very lucky to have some of the members that we do, and we have so much to learn from them. and I met a board buddy
  21. tea or coffee

    Tea!!! My mom is British....if that explains anything I do like my cofffee, but it's not the same. But when it comes down to it, I drink about 5-6 cups of caffine (either coffee or tea) a day.
  22. Awesome ride today!!! *squel giggle*

    haha, I figured that must have been the case. You don't strike me as a crack of dawn kind of person
  23. College...and whatever else! (HR and not HR)

    -half halt- I'm listening to The Shins as well My dad randomly showed up at the barn today. It was weird, seeing as the last time I talked to him (over a week ago) I was shouting so loudly he put me on speaker phone.... I had a good learning lesson on Shorty today. One of those, not quit perfect but incredibly useful kind of lessons. We were really starting to ask for bend and coming into the outside contact. How exciting. We have a Dressage show on Sunday, wish us luck! And today I find out he has killed his 6th pair of bell boots. Blah. I decided to buy some pull on ones and spray this icky tasting stuff all over them. I hope that works hehehe [ 09-25-2007, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: EventingRed ]
  24. Awesome ride today!!! *squel giggle*

    5:40…why in the world, or more, how in the world can you get up that early? Or is the time all screwed from your time zone to mine...I go to check my email during 1st period (7:30), which I think is early, and there ya go, Erin up bright and early lol. Anyways, I’m glad your lesson went well!!! Talk more later Rach
  25. Introducing Sexy and Sea Monster

    Aw, they are really cool! I wish that I could set something like that up. I just have a nice little fish named wish. nemo is beautiful