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  1. 500 Gang V.7

    She doing good, just been really busy. How are you?
  2. 500 Gang V.7

    Hi all! We ll I got Stormy home and settled in, but I did not get any pictures as it was dark when I got home, so will take some this weekend and post them next week. Hi Annabelle! How are you? No big plans for this weekend, just messin' around with my new horse and building fences on Saturdaym, yippy skippy. [Crazy]
  3. 500 Gang V.7

    Well, I'm off to go pick up my new horse. I will take pics and post them tomorrow. Bye for now [smiley Wavey]
  4. 500 Gang V.7

    My gosh V, they have gotten soooo big. Chey is growing up to big quite the beautiful young lady. How did Diego do on his first ride??
  5. 500 Gang V.7

    Thanks for the comments guys! They are good kids. Just going through this teenage stuff sucks! LOL SC, I have not seen any new pics of your kids in a long time, common with the sharing! DM, I went and looked at your post about the goat, boy he is a handsome billy!
  6. 500 Gang V.7

    And the last one of Shelby getting ready to leave for the homecoming dance.
  7. 500 Gang V.7

    Here is a couple of Shelby on her new horse Junior.
  8. 500 Gang V.7

    Here is another of Foster and Scarlett.
  9. 500 Gang V.7

    Ok, I think I figured it out. Here is a pic of Foster.
  10. 500 Gang V.7

    Hey DM! Well I got a new horse cause Dot and I just can not see eye to eye, she is a good horse, we just have never really clicked in the 4 years that I have owned her, so I decided it was time to find a new one. He is a 7 year old quarter horse, he has been trained in western pleasure and has been trail riding all over Iowa. He is about 15.3, so is a little tall for this 5'1" person, but it is all good. His name is Stormy and he seems to be really sweet and laid back. I can't wait to get him home! Ok, how do I post pictures on this new fandangled system???
  11. The Affair Has Begun

    TEHE My son was like that with any new shoes. We would have to get hime dressed for bed and then put the shoes or boots back on him and wait for him to fall asleep to take them off. He is so cutie Katie May!
  12. 500 Gang V.7

    I was wondering if that was her very own pony! Yeah for Bella! Everyone is fine, Shelby is in high school now and Foster is in 7th grade. All the horses are fine, we retired Princess this year from showing, so Shelby got a new horse that she got to help train. I recently bought a new horse (see my avatar) and I should be picking him up tomorrow. We have just been really busy with the horses and showing, and then with Shelby being in Marching band we have been really busy with that as well. My niece came up here to live with us for the summer and is thinking about coming up here for good next summer, but we will see. It is good to be back though! I can tell that I have missed alot [surrender]
  13. 500 Gang V.7

    Hey HFF, how is Bella??
  14. 500 Gang V.7

    Hey All! Boy it has been a long time. A lot of things have changed on here. I hope ya'll remember me and I can join back in on the fun!
  15. Equine records

    Thank you very much Milo. I appreciate it. I did a search online and did not find that one.