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  1. About 5 yrs ago there were some wild horse plates I saw in a store for sale! Then noticed them in some of the western ware catalogs but I just couldn't afford them back the !! We are building a house and I soooo want I set now!! But I've searched the net for hours and unable to find them!! I believe I've figured out the name of them but still can't find them!! Hoping someone has seen them for sale some where either online or in a store in their town, or would sell me their set lol dreaming I know but They are called "Unbranded" and the are white stone ware with pictures from an artist on them!! Most are in black and white and the plates were square, but it had bowls, mugs and even big platters you could purchase!! I'm sooo sad that I can find them!! Hoping for a lead thru y'all :)
  2. Anyone Else Do Direct Sales Such As Mary Kay, Scensty Etc?

    We do have sponsors and plenty of help that's not an issue!! I just like asking in other areas and get other ideas!! I've read on my scentsy forum that some consultants got great ideas from other direct sales consultants :) I have a basket up at the dog grooming place I use and they LOVE scentsy but so far no bites from there either!! I even have samples up there for people to take home with them!! I have a couple big get togethers coming up with my riding group that I plan to utilize to my advantage to get my name and scensty out there!!
  3. Horse And Rider Costumes

    Hmmm let's see I've done Me: Hugh Hefner Horse: playboy bunny Me: little girl Horse: carousel horse complete with carousel music I might add :) Me: in renaissance type dress and headdress Horse: medieval type sheet and heads tall and reins!! Got 2nd place for all but playboy bunny it got 6th :) I've got photos if anyone would like to see them :)
  4. Since my crohns has kept me from finding a job, I've decided in addition to the few houses I clean, I'd start selling Scentsy after falling in love with their wick less candles and becoming a scentsy junkie!! Been doing pretty good but so far most of my customers are friends and family! Having a hard time finding "other" customers!! Wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks of the trade for one just starting out in a direct sales company!! Wondering also what YOU sell??
  5. Great Medical News For Me!

    Woo hoo!! Great news!! So glad to hear you are doing so well!! I got bumped up on my meds from just Humira, to Humira plus Immuran and my last scop showed immflamation at my anastomosis site :/ Wishing you many m ore years of remission:)
  6. Favorite Slow Cooker Meals

    Love the bags! Sure makes for easy clean up :) I've only done a beef roast in mine ......never ventured out of my comfort zone!! What are some good chicken recipes? Thanks
  7. Chick's Saddlery Coupon ?

    Ok Thank you soo much for checking !!
  8. Chick's Saddlery Coupon ?

    I'm about to place a large order through Chick's and was wondering if anyone had a coupon code. I have searched and they seem to be the only "horsey" place with NO codes out there LOL Thanks
  9. Good Dance/techno/disco/80's Music

    I LOVE the 80's. This was one of my FAV's. Rock me Amadeus by Falco. I know I know I'm strange lol
  10. Best Styles For Thin Hair

    Thanks for your reply Heidi !! Right now the only thing I'm on for my crohn's is Humira. Since I had a fistula it was the only thing they wanted me on right away since its known to heal them. I may be dealing with another fistula now, still going through some tests/scans and may have to up my humira or change to something else. Will know more on that later. And Chemo for crohn's?? Never heard of that as a treatment!!! Yes its VERY depressing to watch your hair falling out by the handfuls Your hair looks very cute short and in a bob. And full !!! WOW. That's kinda what I'm leaning towards maybe just a tad bit longer. Not sure I am ready to go that short just yet LOL But if it still looks bad I can always take more off. Can you tell me about the WEN products you are using?? I am using Nioxin which helped with it falling out but its not really helping with growth and giving what I got body.
  11. Best Styles For Thin Hair

    Wondering anyone can suggest and or show pics of their THIN hair and how they have it cut and styled?? I got really really sick last year with Crohn's and lost over 1/2 of my nice long THICK hair that I took for granted While its stopped falling out and IS slowly growing back(pretty wild on the top right now lol) it just looks awful. Its still long but in the back its VERY thin and looks BAD I've always wanted to go shorter but was always afraid to cut off my hair. Am thinking now is my chance and in hopes to make it look some what decent I'm not talking pixie style but thinking like a nice chin length bob. From what I've been reading on the net is a good choice for thin hair. BUT all the pics I see are people with nice full heads of hair with bobs. So just not sure how well my thin hair will really look. I guess it can't get any worse
  12. Anyone Have An Ipad?

    Is there a way to tether the Ipad to your desktop computer if one went with the 3G and paid the monthly fee? Why I ask is because I now have a Verizon hot spot thingy that I use for at home(plugged into usb of desktop) or when I travel with my laptop and have no wifi. But it cost $62.00 a month. Looking for cheaper. I live in the country so am limited to what internet services I can get.
  13. Tips On Keeping Outside Dogs Cool

    I like the milk jug idea but think my rowdy young lab would chew it up and haul it around with him LOL. Misters I could try!!! Bringing them in the house not really an option. I already have 4 small dogs in the house and 3 big labs with one being a young playful one just don't think it would work LOL
  14. Tips On Keeping Outside Dogs Cool

    Just wondering if anyone has any clever tips on keeping outside dogs cool in this heat?? I have 3 labs that are outside dogs and have run of the farm. Right now they dig nice holes under the swing or around this one tree. I don't mind because I know they are trying to stay cool. We have lots of shade and my one bigger lab stays cool by taking dips in the horses water troughs LOL. I have two big tubs of water that are under shade and filled every day to keep it fresh and cool. But my other 2 labs won't get in the water to cool themselves Was wondering about those "cooling collars"? I just don't know how well they would work on the thick coat of my labs??!!! Or anyone have a nice insulated dog house?? Seen some of those on the internet......just not sure my dogs would even use them?? But please share the kind you have.
  15. Anyone Have Crohn's Disease

    Thanks Heidi n Q for taking the time to respond. I know I have a long road ahead of me and alot to learn. For years now I've thought I was dealing with IBS, per my GI years ago. But now I wonder if I haven't had Crohn's all this time and its just gotten worse. I've already had to have surgery for an abdominal abscess, but had no clue as to why I was feeling so yucky besides being anemic. No appetite, feverish(low grade), tired etc. But then I had an abscess show up on my one butt cheek one day. It got worse and was very painful. Doc gave me 2 ABX, but it still got bigger so was admitted to the hospital where they found the internal one from the CT scan the ER did. They believe the internal abscess was coming out through my butt cheek. But after a follow up CT and appt with surgeon, he saw a pocket of fluid that was not draining through the hole he made during surgery(in my poor butt cheek, NOT FUN), so I had to have a surgical drain put in. Well that was 3 weeks ago and it won't stop draining so he sent me in for another CT scan today and that is where the radiologist saw the fistula and that is what is draining in my drain pouch. So while the cavity that originally had the fluid/infection is now closed I still have this drain in because of the fistula. So my intro to Crohn's has been pretty rough and freighting to say the least.