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  1. Those We Lost In 2012

    We had a horrific year with regards to losing our wonderful pets. We lost Ranger, Rocketman, Louis, Marnis, Yuma and Monte Carlo. Yuma was 30 years old but still in excellent health as far as we were aware and his death at UTM was unexplained. I miss them all and I hope that this coming year will be a better one, although I can see signs of aging in Tango. My condolences to everyone who has lost a friend, family member or a beloved pet. I know how terribly heartbreaking it is.
  2. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I joined in 2004. I didn't realize how quickly the time has flown. Posted pretty regularly but haven't in a couple of years now. Didn't even lurk and so I don't know many of you on here anymore. And Jack and I are the same generation so that makes me older than dirt.
  3. Wwyd? And A Question...

    None so blind as those who will not see.
  4. Wwyd? And A Question...

    The animals must come first. We are only their stewards and for sure a lot of us humans are falling down on the job of taking good care of our animals. And there are a lot more who either don't care or won't listen or are just plain ignorant. And in my book ignorance is no excuse when it comes to the welfare of any animal. Sorry if the person(s) involved are pissed off in the process. Too bad.
  5. OOOOhhhh - touchy much???????
  6. I just have always assumed that all dog owners would automatically lock all windows and doors from the front seat lock when carrying a dog loose in the back seat. Silly me!!!! Plain common sense and using one's brain as far as I am concerned.
  7. Posting For A Friend

    I could not have said it better myself. I would rather be around people who use the f word in every sentence but take good and constant care of their animals, than those who disgustingly and uncaringly neglect their animals. Where is the value of those skewed guidelines? Wasn't this board supposed to be about our horses above all else? Wasn't it about some of us being able to share and reap the benefits of horse experience and point out where there could be improvements? I would never apologize for my response to anyone if their care of their animals is neglectful or cruel. For shame tardy, for shame. 'Nuff said and I shall once again retire to the place where honest sharing is king. Carry on.
  8. Jumping, Technique And Weight.

    When I see pictures of a rider hanging on a horse's mouth and trying to jump it makes my blood boil. The horse should be in total control of his own head and the rider's hands should be out of the way. I just looked a a picture of a fat rider (yes I said fat) jumping a horse over a solid jump. The horse was a lightweight and the rider was not. The rider was trying to keep her balance by hauling on the horse's mouth. A knowledgeable rider does not try to jump without training and/or tremendous study of the position needed. The legs of the rider were all wrong and I am afraid that in the pursuit of "Look at me jumping a horse" the horse will be damaged, possibly beyond rehabilitation. I can only wonder how hard the rider slammed into the saddle when the horse finally made it to the other side. I don't frequent this forum much anymore, if at all, mainly because of the so-called unicorn and butterfly farts. There was little criticism of the riding position and the little there was had been posted by knowledgeable people who I am sure will get slammed by the rest of the board members. As I am sure I will be too. And maybe it takes someone to stand up and say anything other than "Ooooh look at you. What a pretty horsie."
  9. Warning

    Nick is absolutely correct. You can't just walk into an office and give them your passport. It is a very complicated process. Also if you do renounce your citizenship then the average Joe gives up all US income from pensions.. To most of us this could mean destitution. The wealthy are a whole other ball game. They have enough money to pretty much do as they please and they also have peons to traverse the bloody paperwork necessary for renunciation. (Is that a word or did I just make it up?) But the end of all this Warning crap means that I am saying adieu to most of you. I will pop in once in a while but my heart isn't here anymore folks. It really hasn't been for a long time.
  10. Warning

    Sarah Rose. Yes you are allowed a certain amount ($85K) of earned foreign income before you have to pay taxes. However if the foreign earned income is over $85K then you pay US taxes on the amount over 85K and ANY income generated in the US will be taxed completely in full. So count yourself lucky you earn less than 85K or Uncle Sam would be after you. Therefore if one decides to move overseas to spend their golden years, then they are still paying the US taxes in full on their retirement pensions. Most countries allow their citizens to earn overseas without taxation unless they spend more than 30 days in the country of their nationality. Not so the US.
  11. Warning

    Blondyb. My post, which was deleted, stated that your comment about moving to a country with a lower tax rate in order to avoid the higher taxes in the US, was ignorant, as in unknowing. The truth is that a US citizen pays his US taxes no matter in what country he/she resides. Ergo - your statement was, in my opinion, ignorant..........of the US tax laws. So go figurel But I am tired of this petty attitude on HC. I guess I no longer fit the measurements for welcome membership which have been set up in the last couple of years. If I return it won't be with anymore inflammatory (????) statements because frankly, my dear, I don't give a rat's patootie.
  12. Warning

    Thank you everyone. I guess I will get no response or explanation from the powers that be. Maybe the poster who made the Ignorant", i.e., unknowing statement is on the list of preferred favorites. If there is such a list. I personally believe we are going to PC this country into oblivion.
  13. Warning

    I just received a warning status. And my post was deleted. And all because I said that a certain statement was ignorant. Evidently the powers that be do not understand that word. It means "unknowing, uninformed, uneducated, unaware or inexperienced" in my copy of Webster. It does not mean stupid which many people assume and which, I believe, the administrator who "warned" me also believes. The facts stated in my post were correct and the statement I was responding to was incorrect, i.e, unknowing, i.e., ignorant. I guess we have to be totally bland and absolutely politically and socially correct on this forum. Pity! It used to be fun in long gone days. No wonder I don't come back much anymore. Oh and by the way7, I did not receive any PM about this. Will my warning status go up now because I dare to take someone (whoever) to task? Or will this post go pouff also.
  14. No Bees=No Humans?

    OH sweet Jesus, I just noticed.....the sky is falling!
  15. What Makes "you" Experienced?

    My experience - several decades of breeding show quality dogs, training (for conformation and the temperament has to be excellent for conformation as one snap or growl or bite and you are disqualified), showing and judging dogs. You cannot afford to have a mean tempered dog at a conformation show but many novices don't realize the training that goes into conformation shown dogs. I never did show in obedience although some of my home bred pups were trained in obedience by their owners. I always enjoyed watching the obedience classes but I always wanted to produce the best Boxer or Frenchie that I could. Although I didn't breed frequently. I finally gave up dogs as a hobby because I felt that the ego of the owner was often, but not always, ahead of the affection for the dog. And also that the shows became such big business too. I guess I am a dinosaur!, LOL.