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  1. Alfalfa Pellets

    I like using Senior Feed (Purina) to add weight since it is more fibrous but still caloric. I also feed Nutrena Empower for thin horses. You only feed 2 cups a day max, but it allows a lot of gain because it is very high fat. Have had good results with those, but you need to wean them on the Empower very slowly! I start with less than 1/2 cup a day, then wean up to whatever I think they need. The bags are $40ish but last forever. Good luck!
  2. Streakin Six Horses

    My friend has a mare by a son of Streakin Six, and she's a nice mare. Very quiet and laid-back. Can be lazy at times, but it also very willing. Jenet -- I LOVE your colt! [shocked]
  3. Which Saddle?

    I would go with the Pozzi! It is really pretty, and I like Double J saddles.. But, that's just me!
  4. So I Pulled In A New Horse Today...**pics Added**

    Looks like he has solid bone and feet. Good luck with him and keep us posted on him! With some care and groceries, I'm sure he'll shie!
  5. Tapeworms & De-wormer

    I talked to my vet, and I going to give him the Power Pack in about 30 days, and then follow that up 30 days later with the Zimectrin Gold again. Then, I am going to get a fecal and see what's left, if anything. I'll try to work in the Quest sometime after that, but I am always leery of that de-wormer.. Thanks for all the advice! ETA: He gets probiotic treats daily. =)
  6. Tapeworms & De-wormer

    Thanks for the input. I do de-worm with ComboCare in the Spring and Zimectrin Gold in the fall. So, 2 Praziquantel products per year. BuddyRoo -- I already de-wormed this horse with Zimectrin Gold, hence the discovery of the tapes. I did not want to over-do him, but I was concerned about the tapeworms. I de-wormed him about 5 days ago, and he has been fine since (thank goodness). Trinity - How long would you wait before doing the Quest Plus? Do you think that would be too intense? Should I do a moxidectin dewormer/Quest and then re-do w/ Zimectrin Gold, just in case he has a lot of encysted ones?? He had a ton of bot eggs all over him, so I thought I'd see some in the feces, but I didn't, so maybe they weren't mature. His feces have been loose since I bought him, but they seem to be getting better. I just want to make sure I get all of the tapes and everything else, but I don't want to over-do the de-wormer. I will look into getting a fecal as well...
  7. Tapeworms & De-wormer

    I recently bought a new horse, and put him on my de-worming schedule. All of my horses are very healthy and I de-worm 6 times a year and keep updated on everything. I de-worm with Zimectrin Gold in the fall. Well, I bought a new horse, and he came from a situation in which he did not receive a lot of health care. I de-wormed him, and sure enough, there were some tapeworms in his manure. Anyway, I didn't give him the whole tube because I thought he may be wormy and I didn't want to over-do him if he had a large worm burden. I gave him up to the 1100 lb. mark (the tube was for 1250). Now, should I de-worm him again with the same stuff soon, or should I de-worm with another product? When should I de-worm? Sooner than the other horses??? I don't know what to do in this situation, as all of my other horses are healthy and on a regular program. Thanks in advance!
  8. Your Not Gonna Believe This..

    That is awesome! It is wonderful that you took the horses to safety.. Good luck with your new horse. He sure is pretty!!!
  9. You Know You're Lucky When.... [[photo]]

    Awesome photos!
  10. New horse (pics)

  11. New horse- OTTB- Pics-I decided on a name!

    I like him!!! It looks like he has solid legs, which is probably why he was able to stay sound and win on the track. Good luck with him! He'll look awesome with some weight!
  12. Any cute names for accident babies

    From the pedigree, I would go with... Purely Unintentional
  13. Bad injury! (not for the weak stomach) pics

    That is horrible.. I really hope he recovers.. On a brighter note, I REALLY like your colt!
  14. So I'm about to call it quits on him....*videos added pg. 2*

    Sometimes a horse just isn't suited for you. There are plenty of nice horses out there that work for some people but not others. No use in keeping a horse around that you don't get along with. Trust me on that one. If you don't think you can make it work, you'll be happier with another. Trust is a big part of a winning team, and you need a horse that you click with in order to run at the top. If you can work it out, that is wonderful, but know that many people have experienced what you have, and sometimes, you just have to move on, no matter how hard it is.
  15. Gymkhana *PICS & Video*

    Cowboy is so cool! I love that first photo! Neat! Kind-of off-topic, but where did your friend get her breastcollar? I LOVE it, and it would be perfect for my horse!!