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  1. you can stop now. it is not going to happen. you are a blithering idiot. that is all, carry on.
  2. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    ssshhhhh....... did you hear that? the mods just circled the wagons. whats that spoog? you weren't invited? awwww too bad.
  3. Does Boring Forums = Nobody Is Messy In There?

    why should she stop? inquiring minds and all. and CR the disservice was already done by people spreading blatant LIES about someone. and a mod nonetheless. hmmmm..... that kind of sounds like grounds for dismissal from moderating at the LEAST!
  4. Change Threshold Level?

    that would make sense but it is a point system. from 20 points to -20 points.
  5. Tortie Point Himalayen Cats

    Ann i was wondering the same thing. now that it is a male is he going to allow the cat to get fixed? or could he not do that to a boy because that would be cruel.
  6. Change Threshold Level?

    what does that mean? have you guys assigned people points? and those with a certain point rating you can block? someone please explain this to this simpleton.
  7. Look What Was Dropped This Time

    OH MY GREAT BUNNY!!! he is ADORABLE!!!! i even love love love his big bushy tail. you should thank the great bunny in the big green meadow for dropping that wiggly sniffer at your door!
  8. Jingles For Diluteme

    hugs to you diluteme.
  9. Would You Refuse To Give Someone Your Horse...

    WOAH!!!!! wait a second. untwist your panties!!! no wait. lets go down that road. i was sitting on my hands but you opened the door. i am amazed that you are even CONSIDERING another horse when you were just forclosed on and evicted from the premises. AMAZED!!!! maybe you should dig outta that hole before even thinking about taking on another animal. holy WACK!! talk about livin like a $30K millionaire.
  10. Would You Refuse To Give Someone Your Horse...

    could be due to the mares training or maybe the body type? maybe she has very high withers, which is NOT abnormal on TBs, and is afraid a western saddle would hurt her back. her horse. her perogative. next horse.
  11. This Is Freaky!

    aaaaack! that is freaky! on a funny note though, my SIL is due in Sept and would like to be induced on 09.10.11. that would be a cool bday.
  12. P S A Notice! Please Read!

    **whispers** uh, who is Jism.......
  13. Feeds

    maybe there is a reason that your mill does not make it anymore. could be that it was garbage? and if i had a nickel for everytime you had to switch or change your horses feed, iw ould be a millionaire. i feel sorry for your horses' guts. you are going to do what you always do. someone will suggest you try something else. you will get indignant and throw your "horse management and nutrition" crap in our face. then the nicey nice police will charge in and tell us we are all meanies and the thread will be locked. why don't you do us all a fovor and delete this while we are all ahead.. k?
  14. Hey Daphne

    and yet NO ONE pointed out the fact that the fans of this particular FB page are the ones that voted on the winner. NOT the "owners" of the FB page. so Daph, you just made yourself look pretty bunnydang foolish with that tantrum you threw. just sayin. you are a grown woman. step up and quit blaming everyone else when you don't get your way. chalk it up as a learning experiance. next time, read and re-read the rules. and have somone proof read what you wrote. heck when i am sending out newsletters for my preschoolers, i have another teacher proof read it. it never hurts.