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  1. Concerts

    I saw Kid Cudi last night. And Chip the Ripper. .... It was really short, really quiet, and NOT worth the ticket price.
  2. Critique?

    ....who ARE you?
  3. What Do You Wear To Ride In?
  4. 8 Year Old Drama... Advice?

    Honestly? I wouldn't worry about it. She sounds like she may have been getting cranky/frustrated and at 8 you can't process how to deal with that rationally, so you take it out the best way you know how....getting upset and having a fit. I think the most important thing is that later she came to you and apologized for her actions without having been asked.
  5. College Parents

    Ditto. My oldest brother got his GED at 16 (per the recommendation of the school) and then worked for 2 years before deciding that yes, he was ready to go to college. He applied, and was accepted, to a private methodist college local to where we were living at the time. Obviously pricey. My parents paid. He dropped out before completing the first semester. He decided to try again. Okay. Parents paid. He dropped out again. Years later after we moved to NY, he's 20 ish by now (he was in a bad car accident right before we moved, so my parents made him come with us) decided he was ready to complete his education but decided he should probably start at the community college. Okay. Parents paid. Dropped out. He regrets it everyday, but my parents drew the line.
  6. Are You A Parent That Snoops?

    Yeah, I don't have anything to hide on my FB or in my text messages, though I mean, I'm sure they don't want to read the conversations between me and a guy I'm dating (however, there's nothing WRONG with these conversations) but if I found out they were doing so, I'd be a little upset that they were doing so. I think it's a little different for parents with younger kids who have cell phones/text messaging/etc, though. I'm 18, so I'm pretty much "on my own" and my parents let me do my own thing. There was one instance where my parents (I'm assuming) go into my facebook after I had used my mom's laptop. I don't know WHY and I don't know what they were doing...but the only reason I knew was because when I got on the next day a chat box from the night before popped up (I had not been home nor on a computer at all through the night) where a friend had tried to talk to me and my parents actually talked back. I didn't bring it up, I simply changed my password and moved on. Obviously if they had been concerned about something, they would have talked to me. I'm VERY "clean" on FB though. I'm friends with whoever I want, but I don't use profanity or anything and for the most part my friends don't either.
  7. Are You A Parent That Snoops?

    Parents that read texts/FB messages/what have you to "check on" friends....what are you plans if you find something you don't like? It's not your child so it's not like you can punish them? Forbid your kid to see them? I think that's a little extreme. Kids are kids/teens are teens. They're going to talk "inappropriately", I don't really see it as something to be concerned about unless your kid is having explicit sexual conversations or whatever.
  8. Green Eggs & Ham Pics

    [ROTFL] I remember in Kindergarten on Dr. Suess' birthday or something, our teachers made green eggs and ham. I cried and refused to eat it cause I thought it was bad lol
  9. The Newest Trend On A Thread

    People need to stop running to mommy when people don't tell them everything they want to hear. Time to act like a grown up.
  10. Pessoa People, I Need Your Help

    If it's truly English made, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it, especially for that price.
  11. Being Supportive For A Teen Pregnancy

    I don't think it's fair to criticize parents for helping their child. It's their decision and IMO, the parents that offered support to their child (whether it was financially or emotionally or what) should be commended for not "giving up" on them. I'm of the belief that a pregnant teen should NEVER be abandoned by their family. While Amber did all of those things, it took her a long time to realize the reality of the situation. She was also incredibly immature. She wanted things to happen boomboomboom and when they didn't, she got frustrated and took it out on her BF.
  12. Professional Choice Tail Wrap

    I have one and my gelding wore it 24/7 over the winter. He was fine.
  13. Keeping A Steady Leg

    I'd almost say you want them a little longer just until you get the feel for what having your leg really "wrapped around" your horse is like, then you can take them up a hole and experience the same thing. BUT I'm very backwards in the way I do things! You may be having trouble with them shorter because you CAN'T stretch your heel, IDK how "flexible" you are in that aspect haha I know that when I first started riding with my now trainer, I lacked a lot of flexibility in my ankle and so when my stirrups were up for jumping, my heel "couldn't" go down and the result was not only a weaker leg, but one that was funny looking too, hehe So I started schooling with my stirrups a little longer on the flat, not dressage length by any means, but just....longer (not TOO long so that I was reaching). Because for ME, I HAD to stretch my heel down in order to use my leg effectively at that point. I still ride with my stirrups a little long on the flat, for comfort purposes....but my leg does not move at all now.
  14. Are You A Parent That Snoops?

    I actually asked this because as I was watching TV this afternoon, a commercial for one of those password journals came on. I never had one or kept a journal, but I had friends that did and those friends had parents that were the type to just read the journal/diary because they "could" and I always felt really weird that they parents didn't feel comfortable just talking about them. I'm "on board" with snooping with just cause, such as when a parent catches wind of their kid being involved in something iffy, or if the kid is struggling with something. My parents were that way with my brother, but it only happened once and after that he didn't feel the need to hide anything from him. They didn't want to get him in trouble, they wanted to help them. However, I have a problem with parents who just...go through their kids stuff all the time, just because, especially when it's a "good" kid. For ME it would be very weird/hurtful for my parent to be that distrusting of me, but I grew up being very comfortable talking to my mom and dad.
  15. Are You A Parent That Snoops?

    This wasn't sparked by anything, my parents don't and have never snooped, I'm just curious. Do you "condone" snooping? Are YOU a snooper? Do you snoop with "just cause", i.e. you believe that your child is taking part in risky behavior, etc. Would you read you child's journal/diary if you came across it in the house? If you did read it and found something you disapproved of, would you confront the child? Would you admit to snooping?