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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. You and yours are always in my thoughts
  2. Well Nick if you figure it out be sure to let us all know how it's done. I care too, but there isn't anything we can do to undo that damage. I highly doubt they'd come back even if they could. Too much water has passed under that bridge.
  3. Really NIck!! Who cares? Is your life not exciting enough? If you need drama I would gladly give you half my family members. They can give you all the crazy you can handle and then some.
  4. Just puttering around the house. Dishes, laundry that sort of thing. Anything to put off the dreaded bookwork. I hate bookwork with a passion. Watching curling in between jobs. Wishing it was not so windy outside so I could enjoy the sun more. Neither hubby nor I have had a cold this winter...touch wood. Everyone at hubby's work has been off plenty of times for some kind of sickness. We went to Mexico in January, I was so scared he'd bring a cold home before we left...but he didn't. Ya he's sweet like that. Got put on some new meds and it's kickin my patootie. Makes me tired, like sleep the day away tired. Good enough reason for not doing bookwork
  5. I don't watch much tv, so I download what I want to watch. While it downloads I can get stuff done. Yeah...I don't have super fast internet here in the sticks...well not good enough for streaming anyway. So I work when I want etc. Not much to do outside yet...but soon the snow will be gone and I won't know what the inside of my house looks like. I plan to be up early riding. I got two to get time in on now.
  6. Thanks everyone! They are very special and very precious to us. I have a nephew a few miles away from us who allows me to play gwanny to his two children. A boy and a girl who are both very close in age to my own grandchildren. It helps me get my gwanny fix, as I Love them as much as I do my own. Soon we will go visit and I'll get my kisses and hugs in. We face time a lot. It helps but it's not as good as being there in person.
  7. I spent Jan thru March last year with Miss Belle playing gwanny (that's what she calls me) daycare. We had the grandest of times. Her favorite thing is Kindersurpise Eggs...yep I spoiled her, got her hooked on chocolate. We watched Frozen every day sometimes 3x. We sang the songs and danced, it was awesome! We spent time at the park, went shopping and swimming. Gosh I wish I was out there to take her to Beauty and the's my favorite Disney movie!
  8. First pic is of my Miss Belle (3.5yrs) and her brother Logan. Second pic is Logan. Our pride and joy, who happen to live way way too far away for gwanny and papa's liking. My oldest son Tyson's two kids. My youngest son got married this fall, so I'm hoping for more babies to spoil. Those babies will be much closer too!! :)
  9. I don't feel guilty at all dad. I come in and take a nap as needed. I'm retired now so I don't have to work near as hard and I don't plan on it either. I'm learning to be laid back.... snork
  10. I kinda lost all my desire to be online for anything really. He said she said blah blah blah it's wherever you go, and I just got sick of it to be honest. I needed a break, I took it. It turned into an extensive break that I didn't plan on, and now things are getting back to a more even keel. We had fun before, we'll have fun again...we just gotta make it fun again. Change is always there, and the past is the past, and you can't revive carry on and start over I say
  11. I agree. Someone told me farmers wanted it that way so they could farm longer, or some such nonsense. They don't know farmers. Farmers farm from sun up to sun down and sometimes all night as well, so an hour isn't going to do squat for a farmer. Silly ppl... Personally I don't care one way or the other because my time always stays the same.
  12. OH good answer dad, good answer...Hugs and more hugs to you and your pretty boss lady
  13. My Gwanny always told me if I didn't have anything nice to say, then I should just shut up....Yeah like I listened to Gwanny. I don't do fb that much. I go there for pics and stories on my grand kids. Too much of "OH I want to kill most of my family drama", on there for me. That's why I was here all these years. I'd rather fight with people I don't know, cause it's more fun pushing your buttons, cause my family is ON TO ME!! I'm a rule breaker.....rules is made to be broken ffftttt
  14. Always thinking of you and yours and keeping you in my prayers.
  15. Hey CR lol....yep good ole politics to get the blood circulating