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  1. She's Here.. And What A Doll She Is..

    What a darling little mare. I really like her. Kira looks just right for her too. I'm sure you already know this but I would sure encourage Kira to groom, handle and take Harley on grazing walks (probably too early for much grass yet). Just spending time is major in bonding. Harley really looks like she likes that bit and her rider. I love it! Any new pictures of Danny? You know how much I love him - he has so much character!
  2. Goodbye, Sweet Girl

    What a lovely pony she was - RIP Imagail. [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy]
  3. Why Oh Why Does He Put Stuff Up His Nose?

    Confetti's Mom - !!!! [ROTFL] [ROTFL] [ROTFL]
  4. Nursing School Begain

    Believe me - it is soooo worth it! Just keep your head down and keep going a day at a time. I remember my first semester's book had the titles of the chapters inside the cover. I hilighted each one as it was read and covered to note the progress. Just a day at time - you can do this! Lots of positive energy sent your way!
  5. My youngest has Asperger's. When she was three she was usually good for shopping for about an hour and a half - more than that and the screaming would begin - ear piercing screaming. There was never any hair pulling or spitting though. Anytime a child - even a baby of mine would start with any physically aggressive behavior I would immediately put them down and walk away. Start that as a baby and they learn quickly. Both of my daughters bit me when nursing - ONCE! And only one had asperger's. Also - never give in to a tantrum.. If my three year old decided to have a tantrum I would buckle her into her carseat, shut the doors and stand outside the car. She was safe and I kept my sanity. Consistancy is key- always. I would definately 1) have the child checked out. 2) Use transitioning techniques, i.e. announcing 15, then 10, then 5 minutes ahead of time what activity is going to be next. By the time the activity happens the child will have accepted it and it won't be an abrupt change. This is great for any younger child and absolutely imperative with an aspergers or autistic child. Autistic and asperger's children LIVE by routine - change is very frightening to them. Lots of explaining what will happen and acting it out at home might help this child a great deal.
  6. Is There A Nice Way To Say No?

    So - did you manage to say no???? I don't like to watch others' children most of the time. I will make an exception for my grandchildren and my best friend's girls. If someone gets ))chy with me I might come right out and say "Please don't ask me again. I will ALWAYS have something better to do than watch your children." I do think the advice of just saying "no" with no reason given is good. I gives you the authority because you aren't offering any excuses. So - what happened? Inquiring minds want to know!
  7. He is a very cute guy and I really like his front half and agree with the others that the back looks a bit weak. I would be a total sucker for that face - it is very sweet. I agree with kitten cat he does look in need of some intensive TLC with cuddles and treats. One of the things that I really found helped the bond with my horse was taking walks with her and letting her graze - it really helped her to relax and I could apply lots of scratches and pets at the same time. You could work on the head- shyness while you were doing this and doing lots of talking to him. I don't think there is much that can replace this sort of relaxed time spent walking and grazing or standing and grooming for helping a horse to relax. Of course make sure he respects your space in all this so he can be confident that you are in charge as well. Just put in the time and you will be rewarded!
  8. My Spirits Are On The Up And Up =]

    You may have to use some of your gas, but you are not paying to board, feed, or shoe the horse. If you advertised for free then ride for free. If the horse that is farther away turns out to not be a good experience then don't go back. These are free rides, and that's what you said you wanted. Gas money or not, it's a lot less cost than keeping your own horse to ride. Like I said if the horse isn't something that interests you, don't go out there. It really sounds like you have several offers so pick the ones that work for you! Just put the gas into perspective cost wise with what it would cost to keep a horse of your own and decide whether that particular ride is worth it to you.
  9. Well That Was Interesting!

    Well, to turn it around a bit, I used to have a husky/wolf mix that would stick his head in his water and suck it up like a horse! We had to give him a 5 gallon bucket for water. He would also "guard" his water from other animals. The neighbor's dachshound could take his bones, but he would growl if the dog came near his water. LOL. Some animals has identity issues! [ROTFL] [ROTFL]
  10. Sarcoid Question- Would You Buy This Horse?

    My mare had a tiny spot on her cheek when I bought her which grew to the size of a dime. I ignored it other than to put vit E oil on it to keep it moist. It very gradually disappeared over the next 6 years - leaving just a pea sized bare spot which was really not noticeable. I guess we got lucky or maybe it was a wart? I researched sarcoids which was why I didn't mess with it. Frankly I knew nothing about sarcoids when I bought her and was very worried when I found the information about the possibilities. There are so many nice horses out there without this particular worry!
  11. Update On The Lupus Thing.

    My SIL was diagnosed with Lupus over 30 years ago and is still alive and kicking. She has her bad days but also has cerebral palsy so movement is complicated for her. The treatment has advanced so much over the years that it is more than possible to live with Lupus and live a great life. With your determination I'm sure you will do well, so here's some extra prayers and hugs. So sorry that you are having to deal with this! [Angel] [Angel] [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy] [Huggy]
  12. Early To Bed, Early To Rise

    I work 12 hour shifts nights - so I CAN't go to bed before about 9am after work. It's too hard on my body to shift back to conventional hours between shifts, so I usually hit the sack about 4-5 am on off nights and wake up at 1ish. I opted to stay on my upside down cycle all the time. There are a lot of us with kids who can't and they are proficient at napping, which I am NOT!
  13. Cleaning Litter Boxes?

    Oh, I just got an Omega cat litter box a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I use Scoop Away cat litter. It clumps well. The Fresh step is too perfumy for me. The Omega requires NO scooping. Once a day I roll it over and back upright and then just empty the tray which collects the clumps. If the litter gets too shallow I have to scrape the clumps up but that's only happened once. It's much easier to get my daughter to clean the box now that she doesn't have to scoop everything, and the cats seem happier too! It really saves on litter because the box strains out the clumps and then a little litter is put in to replace the soiled litter. I love it!
  14. Checking On Weed

    Great photos. Weed looks very happy and fit!