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  1. Are The Horses Really The Problem

    In all the horses I've handled over the years I've known a few that were problematic from the get go. I guess the question is how much is a person willing or able to put up with. Some horses w/ little or no handling are tough to get by, some are pretty easy. A good horseman can get by a lot of issues or behavior that a beginner can't. I knew one that would flat try to injure you every time you got in the pen w/ her. She'd run at you with her teeth bared, try to strike you with her front feet or spin & kick the second you walked through the gate. She had never been mistreated, had been handled some but not a bunch & was about 18 months when she got to my place. She was just plain mean. You had to cow her every time you walked in the pen w/ her & if you didn't have a whip or something in your hand you weren't gonna cow her with your voice or body language. If you didn't have something to swing at her to keep her out of your personal space she was gonna get in it big time, either w/ her hooves or her teeth. In the 6 months she was at my place she never got any better. Trying to groom her was a chore, she'd crab at you every time you touched her, try to bite, cow kick & strike. You could never relax around her for a second. Trying to trim her feet was a real treat & had I not had a patient & knowledgeable farrier I'm sure one or both of them would have ended up seriously injured. I even turned her out w/ couple of bossy mares hoping to teach her some manners. She was great with the other horses, never tried to injure a single one of them & wasn't aggressive at all. In the time she was at my place she never did get over her aggressiveness with people. I was glad to see the last of her & let her go be someone else's problem horse.
  2. Child Abuse Or Not?

    Phelps & the Westboro Baptist Church are at it again, supposedly they are going to protest at Elizabeth Edward's funeral (which is a whole 'nother subject). One of my facebook friends posted this http://www.amazon.com/Fall-Grace/dp/B00197...1585&sr=8-1 I have not seen the documentary but something in the first review really got me to thinking. The reviewer wrote: " What they are teaching to their children to me qualifies as child molestation". Really, I kind of agree because I believe the teachings of the Westboro church are just disgusting. I can't imagine what kind of warped adults are being created through what I consider a sick & twisted upbringing. So people can be charged with neglect for not sending their children to school or not getting them a proper education. Do you think they should be able to be charged with abuse for teaching children this kind of hate???
  3. I Know This Was Discussed Before, But...rodeos.

    Peta & Shark do nothing more than spread highly idealized (& in my opinion incorrect) propaganda in an attempt to create hysteria about the issues they believe in. I don't trust anything with their names even remotely attached to it. But I guess with my user name it's not really even necessary for me to voice my opinion on this subject now is it??? [Question]
  4. Any Nora Roberts, Christine Warren, J.r. Ward, Lori Foster

    Not only a fan of hers as Nora Roberts but also as J.D. Robb. Good stuff. I agree w/ whoever said Fern Micheals as well. I also like Debbie Macomber's stuff.
  5. You need to tell your husband's sisters to stop bugging for this information and they have no right to file a wrongful death claim. They need to leave this issue alone so that you can heal. If they continue to badger you then you need to go see a lawyer & have the attorney write them a cease and desist letter. If that doesn't work you need look into getting a restraining order against these women. They are harassing you and they have no right. Sorry, this came off as a really bossy post. I guess I should have worded it more of a "if I were in your shoes this is what I would do". I don't mean to come of as pushy and telling you what you should do, I just get really annoyed with people that stick their noses in where they have no business. Good luck to you in dealing with these broads, I can't imagine how the crap they are dealing you is compounding your grief. [Huggy]
  6. I drink to much coffee. I know it's not good for me but I love coffee. So it's not until I start to feel crummy that I make myself drink a bunch of water instead of way to much coffee. I also eat to much junk food. I know I'm overweight & I know why but I can't seem to just put down the freaking candy bar. I have in the past been really good about both the junk food & the coffee but seem to be having such a hard time doing the things that I know are good for me now. I swear some days I understand why smokers smoke even though they know it's not good for them.
  7. Am I An Old Fuddy Duddy?

    Let me preface by saying I'm almost 40. I am a paralegal in a small law office. The other paralegal is 32. I am grossed out by the fact that she came in this morning with two big ol' nasty looking hickies on her neck. I mean really, a 30something in a professional setting should know better right??? Would you judge?? I know I'm an judgmental old fuddy duddy.
  8. Favorite Recipe?

    We call it enchilada casserole. You can make this w/ leftover chicken, turkey or pot roast. We often do it w/ some of the turkey after Thanksgiving. But my favorite it is pork. Throw a pork roast in the crockpot w/ some enchilada sauce & a can of green chilies for a couple of hours. When you get home shred the pork roast, fry up some corn tortillas & layer the pork & tortillas in a casserole dish with cheese, olives, etc., whatever you like in your enchiladas. Put a layer of cheese on top & pop it in the oven until the cheese bubbles. Top w/ sour cream or whatever you like. Quick, easy and delicious. The left overs also freeze & re-heat well.
  9. If A Horse Can't Ride In A Snaffle

    Well the cutters & reiners go from snaffle to hackamore to bridle so their green horses get ridden in a snaffle & their broke horses get ridden in a bridle. All the "vaquero" types will tell you a horse isn't broke unless he can be ridden in a spade & just like all other disciplines some of them boys are horseman & some of them aren't. I also think a person's opinion of broke has a lot to do with what discipline they are involved in. A broke dressage horse, a broke barrel horse, a broke reiner & a broke jumper are all gonna be broke horses but they are all going to ride a bit differently. Something that a dressage rider might consider an essential might not be a maneuver some other discipline would use very often. And really if you're a hand like Stacy Westfall maybe she doesn't consider them broke until she can do a bareback bridleless reining pattern on them. I mean really, who needs a snaffle bit anyways.
  10. Any Tips On Ground Bee Extermination

    I have no idea if it will work with bees but I do know just a little bit of diatomacious earth will kill off an ant hill within 24 hours. Couldn't hurt to throw a handful down the hole & see what happens.
  11. Sister Wives, Tlc

    I have heard of this as well. It makes me very curios because here in Nevada if a woman claims any kind of state aid for her children they go after the father for it. So are these children listed without a father on their birth certificates?? Or does the dad just let them garnish any wages he might make as they collect more from the state than they garnish?? I'm sure they have a way to cheat the system, just like so many other folks seem to be able to do, I'm just not savvy enough about the welfare system to know how they do it.
  12. You Get What You Pay For

    I would love some more info on your insurance. I am not a good candidate for lasik & would require implanted contact lenses which runs between 8 and 10K. I have yet to be able to find any insurance that will even cover half of the costs of something like this.
  13. Rope Halters Vs. Nylon/leather Halters

    I use rope halters but have no real particular reason for doing so. I keep a couple of nylon web halter around because hubby says a handful of knotted up rope is not a halter so if he needs to catch someone when I'm not home he prefers a "real" halter.
  14. Hubby And Dieting Vent

    call the nutritionist on staff at your local hospital and ask them to recommend a good book on general nutrition for your husband to read. Lay down the law & tell him you don't give him grief about the way he eats & he has no reason to give you grief about the way you eat. Stick to your guns.
  15. Riding Your Horse With Chi

    You guys can puff puff pass all you want, I'm a "special" brownies kinda gal myself. Satisfies my chocolate craving at the same time. And really, if you feed your nervous horse some "special" treats before a ride there are no worries for anyone involved. fyi, even at my advanced age I still ride bareback, I just can't stick w/ the quick footed ones when they try to turn out from under me like I usedta could & I can't jump my fat butt up onto my horse like I usedta could. I am however pretty proud of the fact that I can still lope a barrel pattern bareback, no puffing involved.