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  1. Share A Photo Of Yourself

    My daughter does marching band and also wants to be a marching band director.
  2. Hey, Hc "oldsters!"

    I got my first computer in 2000. Found HC in 2002 and 2004 became a memeber
  3. Pictures Of Family And Iceys.

    Arora has gotten so big. I remember when she was born. The ponies look great. Glad to hear things have gone well for you and that you are expecting a new baby.
  4. Who Is Going To See It?

    My daughter saw it Thursday and on top of all of that ^^ she said the cat was not even close to what they described in the book and they left out the Mayors daughter who had an important roll in the book. Leave it to may daughter to nit pick about the cat.
  5. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Your son is adorable and your horse is very handsome. Don't take the lack of responses personally, it happens some times.
  6. Any Good States To Elope Besides Vegas?

    Massachusetts has a three-day (3) waiting period. You may go to court and obtain a court order to waive the three-day waiting period. If either of you are close to death, or if the bride is near the end of her pregnancy, a request by your attending physician or clergy person would suffice and the clerk can issue the license immediately without a court order. copied and pasted from a web site I looked up. I knew it was 3 days in MA. but they did require a blood test in the past but it said that they repealed that law late 2004. My nephew and his wife eloped in Virginia on the beach. This is what I found for Virginia. Time Limitations - The marriage must be performed within sixty (60) days after the license is issued. There is no waiting period required between application and issuance of the license and a couple may be married immediately after the issuance of a license.
  7. Tonight My First Horse Was Put To Sleep

  8. Calling All Facebook Users

  9. Need Some Prayers

  10. Mini People

    www.minitack.com When I had mini's this is were I got most of their stuff.
  11. Snow Pictures

    Wish this crap would melt and go away. but that wont be happening any time soon.
  12. Snow Pictures

    Some snow pictures from home. Will try to get some from the barn in the morning.
  13. What I Gave Myself

    [Jump] [Yay] [Jump]
  14. Help My Friend On Fb?