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  1. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Hi everybody! Wow, what changes in everyone's lives! I can totally sympathize, have had quite a lot going on here, too. What a difficult decision regarding Lizzie, Kelly... but definitely understandable. I hope all is well with your son. Glad to hear things are looking up with Ella and that Auggie is headed towards stardom. Best of luck to you on the job hunt, Lisa. There are so many parts of the country that are hurting now. So I guess my biggest news is that Lucy had a successful embryo flush... quite successful, in fact, because there were TWO. Both embryos made it from Minnesota to Oklahoma safely and took in their new moms. I should hear tomorrow if we have two heartbeats... fingers crossed, I am hoping we do.
  2. Bought Myself My First Aqha

    Oh geez, that could be anybody. I lived in Medina until earlier this year. Was he a trainer or a dealer or just an amateur unloading some horses?
  3. Bought Myself My First Aqha

    Actually his name is Fritz Leeman. Just curious, if you want to send me a PM, who did you buy him from? I am from Ohio and know many of the QH people in the area. It might give you some insight as to what's been done and how honest the seller was...
  4. Looking At A Horse

    I'd like to step in as an ambassador for AQHA over fence classes... first and foremost, most of the people you see showing over fences and doing well at a national level AQHA show are not exactly the types that would be breaking yearlings. That is more of a western-based AQHA kind of thing (and these days the HUS is what I would consider more western-based) prepping horses for futurities as 2 year olds. Many of the horses that are winning the hunter under saddle at big shows these days are not necessarily going to be prime candidates to jump. I personally would not buy a horse that had been started as a yearling, nor would I purchase one from a sale unless I was familiar with the seller. I bought my horse as a yearling, sat on her three times as a two year old and then really broke her at 3. She went away for about 90 days of training in the summer of her 3 year old year and showed a couple of shows that fall. I started her over fences at 4, and we only showed in hunter hack when she was a 4- and 5-year old. At six we started doing actual courses at shows and she's done pretty well at some big shows. My advice to you is that if Congress is your big goal, you seek the help of a good AQHA trainer that is familiar with the fences. A hunter trainer would be fine, too, but trust me... when you get to Congress, the help of someone who has "been there and done that" will be really, really valuable. That is a different kind of show to have to negotiate all alone for a first timer.
  5. Congratulations Blueskies

    Hey! Just saw this... better late than never! Thanks, everybody! Lucy is amazing, she just keeps getting better. I don't know how we'll ever be able to top the past year, but we are going to breed her and do an embryo transfer next year. Hopefully I can do this all over again with one of her babies.
  6. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    You know, Laura, I'm not sure if they are doing print ads or not. I am pretty sure they only took the video of her, but I will suggest they use her in print ads. She is in two commercials for the shampoo... this was the first one which "premiered" at the Reichert (I think on the live feed?) and the second one, which features my trainer saying all kinds of good things about the product line (it is a really good product!!). Sounds like you had a great trip, Kelly!! Vegas is fun! LOL on hubby getting propositioned. Too funny! Congrats on a successful regional show, Lisa! Good luck in AZ! Stay cool! And that's great you had a good ride the second day, Laura! Life is good here. Off to MN on Friday to get a bootcamp weekend in before Congress.
  7. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Glad you and Laura had a good time at the show! I think it is so funny (and pretty cool) how many of us have met, yet we've not all been in the same place at the same time. I'm sorry to hear that Lizzie was a little sore, though, Kelly. Glad you were happy with the pattern when you did get to show... it is hard to go in and have a good go when you feel rushed. How did you do, Laura? I should be showing in Kentucky this weekend but we decided to sit it out. I am now kinda bummed, my trainer is on her way there and I wish I had a show to go to. I am going to MN the weekend before Congress to get my boot camp in, and hopefully that will be enough preparation.
  8. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    A dickie!! [ROTFL] That still cracks me up. Thanks, everyone... I saw the proof of our NSBA backdrop photo online yesterday. It cracks me up... we were a little silly for it without really considering it's probably going to be online and published, etc. It is going to make me smiles for years to come, though. Take a peek at the pageant queens if you browse through the photos online... Kelly, did you end up showing Auggie?? I will say my prayers that the trainer moves closer to you... that would be great. I think I remember the fellow you're talking about. Christie needs to post a picture of her new saddle pad. It is so pretty!! I started a new job last week... it's going well so far but it has been super difficult learning all of this info that is SO new to me, so I am enjoying a little downtime at the moment.
  9. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    I also haven't been on in forever!!! Great news about the barn and riding, Krista! You have to be so excited about Indy, too! Allie is such a doll... love all of her pics on facebook, Stephanie. Glad to hear she is sleeping through the night. I'm sure that makes it easy! Also nice to hear all of your horses are doing well. I can't wait to hear how Minnie does at the pinto show. Sounds like Kelly and Christie are busy as usual... glad all the ponies are doing well between the two of you. I agree, we need to see some recent pictures of Ella. I am sure she is stunning. And I hope you get to go somewhere fun for your anniversary, Kelly. Thanks for the congrats on the NSBA World. It was a fun show, definitely NOT what I was expecting for a "World Show" but it was still a lot of fun with my barn. Lucy was a blast to ride, as always, and did really well. Our classes were small but competitive and I'm happy with my rides. I wore a new shirt that I bought from an online garage sale to benefit someone who may not have even appreciated it, so I would like to think there is some good karma attached to the shirt. Might very well be my new lucky shirt with as good of a day as I had at the show!!
  10. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Kelly... was just filling out a show entry... what are the odds we will see you and handsome Auggie in Tulsa come August? Gosh, I can't believe Minnie is 3 already. I hope you are able to show her next year, too. I'd like to share a proof from Redbud with you all (I ordered it last week)... I would like to title this picture "I am glued to my saddle... literally." Lucy and I... That is my serious face... the one I make when my legs are glued (literally) to my saddle. I also ordered this one because Lucy is so pretty and looks like a Breyer model. Speaking of models, she is now a shampoo model, having filmed her first commercial last week. I hope it will be on the web soon.
  11. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Junior looks great, Stephanie!! I saw your pics on fb, but the videos look really good. Congrats on the english high point! I hope Allie is doing well and that it's not too painful being back at work without her around! Crazy about the weather on your vacation, Kelly. SO SCARY about the tornado!!! Glad hubby didn't sink the boat and lots of fish were caught. I'm also very sorry to hear about your FIL. Sorry Indy wasn't on his best behavior, Krista. He sure still looks handsome, though!! Maybe he's just getting a little wise to the whole thing and he knows that some horses (ahem, Lucy) don't have to do showmanship. Thanks, we were actually High Point All Over English Horse (so our open and amateur points combined for that)... so showmanship wasn't necessary for the title. We got some equally fancy English stirrups and spurs for the prize, too, but the buckle is my favorite thing ever. I was also reserve high point english amateur and I got a really nice saddle bag for that. It's really nice that they have the separate prizes for the english horses there.
  12. Post Your Epic Fail Jumping And Flatting Photos!

    I actually just moved to Tampa two months ago... not a native Floridian. I'm from Ohio and oddly enough, I have only ever shown here while I was still living in Ohio. I show AQHA and we have our winter circuit here and in Venice. Are you from the area?
  13. Aqha Vs Apha

    Some things to consider: How often do you want to show? How many shows are in your area for each association? How far are you willing to travel to show? What kinds of horses are available in your price range (since I assume you don't have a horse?)? A world caliber APHA horse is not going to cost the same as a world caliber AQHA horse. What classes do you plan on showing in? If you are really undecided and if all things are equal, I'd start visiting both AQHA and APHA shows in your area and just pick up the vibe. Watch the competitors and see the level of competition and feel out where you think you would fit in. If you are still undecided (and both look like fun), then perhaps buy the best horse in your price range, regardless of breed. I show AQHA and I love it. I have never been to an APHA show, so I can't comment.
  14. Post Your Epic Fail Jumping And Flatting Photos!

    This is what happens when you can't see a distance on the long run to the oxer and ask your horse to jump from underneath it to save your butt... Poor mare!!! I have many that aren't exactly pretty, but this is one of the few that honestly makes me feel bad for my horse!
  15. Tis The Season For Forgiving

    Thanks guys. Got a nudge that I should come out of posting hibernation. Lucy was great at Redbud. I think we picked up nearly 60 points (I think the final tally was 57?). We finished two superiors while there and had probably the most consistent show in the eq that I have ever had, so I feel like a lot was accomplished. And this is one of the goodies we came home with, probably my most favorite thing that we have ever won (please excuse the grainy cell phone photo): A buckle... and I will actually wear it!! It is hard to gauge the size of it from the photo, but it is small and as Laura described it, elegant. I just love it. I think it calls for a new belt. I saw your Indy video and photos on fb, Krista. He looks great! Congrats!! Congrats on Auggie, Kelly. I hope he thrives just as much at his new "school." And Ella is a stunner. What a pretty filly!