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  1. Update on Tonka

    Thanks so much everyone for your responses and support. I will wait for the tendon to heal and then take it from there. I'm looking into possible injections into the navicular bursi, and I'm also going to research that barefoot trimming method for navicular horses. Thanks everyone so much!
  2. Update on Tonka

    Thanks Maple
  3. Update on Tonka

    Thank you both of you. I will definitely research the barefoot trimming. As soon as I can I will post some pics of his front feet. Thanks so much Boocoo and shiloh!
  4. Update on Tonka

    Thanks so much akota. You give me hope! Right now, the vet really wanted Tonka to have shoes to help elevate the foot with the tendon injury. But perhaps after the tendon has healed, I will look into that. Thanks so much for your advice
  5. Update on Tonka

    Well, we did the lameness exam, which included nerve blocking, flexion tests, and radiographs. And then we went through with the MRI. I just got the MRI results back yesterday and they were disappointing. Tonka has severe navicular. Along with that the lameness test proved he was also lame in the back right foot. AND he has a tendon injury in his right front which the vet said was caused by the extreme changes in his navicular bone. So, Tonka has to be off for at least five months stall rest and then we can weigh our options. But the vet said that it didn't look good and that most likely he could never be sound. He said that this was one of the worst, most advanced cases of navicular he had seen in a six year old. I'm at a loss of what I should do. The vet kept telling me that he would always be going lame and that perhaps the best option for Tonka would be to retire him, or make him a companion horse. I just don't know what to do
  6. Update on Tonka!

    Thanks wiseacre and Boocoo. I'll update this as soon as we get back from the hospital next week.
  7. Update on Tonka!

    Thanks Ride Hard or Stay Home. I will get some pics as soon as I can! Even though he has lost quite a bit of his muscled topline and haunches but that will return with time! Thanks for replying
  8. Update on Tonka!

    Hey guys! I haven't posted on here in about a year. My last post was about Tonka's navicular. Well, at the time that Tonka was diagnosed with Navicular, I didn't have the money to spend for an MRI. He's been on and off bute for the past year and has come up lame numerous times. At one point, I had Tonka up for sale because I didn't think it was fair to him to be sitting around in his stall or attempting riding which would end in his lameness. A blessing came to us this week though. I've been saving up for an MRI because I know there must be more that I can do for him. It just so happened that when I called to finally schedule an MRI, the vet let me know that they were holding a clinical study on navicular. Basically, there is this new French drug used for human bone disease that they're discovering actually helps relieve horses of navicular symptoms. So, next week I'm taking Tonka to this vet hospital. They are doing free of charge: radiographs in both hooves, nerve blocking, flexion and other lameness tests, and blood work. If they decide he definitely has navicular they will administer the MRI for a much reduced rate of $500. If he gets into the study, they will do corrective shoeing on him twice and I will have the option of letting him be on the new drug free of charge. I'm so excited! I feel like I'm finally going to be able to find out what is really going on with Tonka! Just wanted to give an update. I've missed talking to all of you!
  9. Tonka has Navicular

    Thanks so much EventingRed
  10. Tonka has Navicular

    Thanks so much ridergirl OnceWasTag-I will ask my vet about the bone scan, sounds interesting! As of now, we are bringing Tonka to the clinic for the digital radiographs. But I will definitely ask my vet about a bone scan. Thanks so much!
  11. Tonka has Navicular

    Thanks so much glass horse! Well, I got back from the meeting with the vet and it was, I suppose, not good. He said there's a chance that the cyst could actually be in the pastern bone, not the navicular. He's not sure with where the radiographs were taken from. So now I need to take Tonka to the hospital, nerve block the pastern area and take some clear digital radiographs. Eh, what's money, right? All well, whatever helps me find out how to make Tonka better! So as of now, we're not sure what is wrong, although navicular is definitely not ruled out. I should know by the end of this week...way too long! I will let you guys know then. Thanks everyone so much for all of your support!
  12. Tonka has Navicular

    Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, advice, and support. I don't know what I would do without you guys! I have taken everything that all of you have said into consideration and have started discussing these various options with my vet, farrier, and trainer. Because of this amazing support from all of you and my great farrier, vet, and trainer I am starting to see hope in this whole situation. Once again, thanks everyone SO much and I'll keep you guys updated. OnceWasTag-Once again, thanks SO much, I might have to take you up on PMing you when I have more questions. Thanks so much for your advice and help!
  13. Tonka has Navicular

    Thanks so much Tracy for your reply And here are some pictures of Tonka and I. I haven't posted pics in so long! I have more, but they're very similar to those, thanks again everyone for your replies!
  14. Tonka has Navicular

    Thanks so much horsecrazybvh! That's really sweet of you! Actually, I do have some pictures of Tonka and I that were taken last week for the yearbook. My mom took them but they will go in my senior PDA. I'll post those soon! Thanks everyone so much for your support!
  15. Tonka has Navicular

    OnceWasTag-Thank you so much for your detailed reply. You have REALLY put my mind at ease with your words of advice. I am feeling EXACTLY how you described, it's uncanny. I really appreciate your view point since you have been through this exact illness. In fact, Tonka even has the cyst in the same hoof as your mare (LF) had her more advanced navicular. I cannot stress to you how much you have helped me though, I even printed out your whole post. It really is comforting to read coming from someone who has had first-hand experience with navicular. Once again, thank you so much, you answered a lot of questions that I couldn't even consider to ask the vet today. Now I think I can get some sleep and be ready for the meeting with the vet and trainer tomorrow. Thank you so much for your reply, you really helped me!