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  1. What Kind Of Dog Is That?

    Love Him!! I have two Smooth coats, 1 tri- color and 1 sable and white. We never bothered with the ear taping. They are brothers and 5 years old. One is a little crazy and the other laid back. There is also 25lbs difference in their weight. You just don't see many Collies at all anymore.
  2. 100 Reasons To Love Horses

    #56...When your mare, who has had issues with founder and abcesses, runs and bucks and rears up, all four feet off the ground in the field. You know all the wrapping and soaking and sp trimming you've done was so worth while.
  3. Mare Stare!!
  4. Am I Seeing Things?

    I love the look on her face....whoa what just happened!!
  5. Am I Seeing Things? is an incubator with eggs close to hatching
  6. Am I Seeing Things?

    The cam is back on....seems ok!!
  7. Am I Seeing Things?

    :angel3: :angel3: I hope it turns out alright...
  8. Am I Seeing Things? I think she's getting ready, too!! She's up and down, laying on each side.
  9. So sorry to hear that she's down.. Try Website: I know they had one. I'm not sure if they rent it out. It might be worth a try. They are in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Good luck...
  10. My dogs chew on items from TFH ( Nylabone) called Puppy Fish and Puppy Star. They are made to be chewed. My crazy Collie chews on it fairly consistently and plays with it also. She's finds it when asked.... They help with the need to chew. I also use the Skinneezz from Ethical. They have no stuffing and even when the get torn up they look like roadkill. I've had them for years now. I sell wholesale pet supplies and most of my pet stores do really well with these items and they can be found most anywhere.
  11. Frozen Water Hose

    We have a hose on a roller, roll it out...attach to water pump....fill water...roll it back up and roll back to the house, into the mud room. Rolling up the hose helps to drain it, also. They also make HEATED garden hose but it would cost about $300 to buy enough to work. Maybe when I win the lottery, noooo then I would just hire someone to do it for me, or move to a warmer climate [bat Eyelashes]
  12. Kitchen Pics

    Wow, I'm very impressed!!
  13. 1. Do you own your own horse? Tell us about them (general stats.) Yes, 6 mares, 3 AQHA, 2 std bred, 1 (?) and 1 mini donkey 2. Do you have your horses at home, or boarded? at home 3. Are your horses stalled or pastured? pastured 24/7 with a run in barn 4. What do you feed your horses? grass hay, sg bales, supplement some of the less hardy with pellets and supplements 5. If you horse is stalled, how often do you clean stalls? if one is stalled, once a day. 6. How often do you ride? 1x a month if I'm lucky 7. Where do you ride? around the farm, down the road 8. If you own more than one, do you have a favorite? no...they all have different uses and personalities. 9. What do you do with your horse? (pleasure, trail, showing, etc..) trail and we "free lease" out to 4-h kids.
  14. Horsecity's Biggest Loser?

    I'm in...I Pm'd you, thanks. I better get to my walk.