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  1. A Wild horse RPG..

    ooc: I gotta go do schoolio-workio so bye-byes!
  2. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Nexus+ Nex stopped and watched Ghost leave sadly. She whispered to him, though he probably couldn't hear, "i'm so sorry, she doesn't deserve you...You should find someone better...Like...Hmmmmm...I could find the perfect match for you!" She liked this idea and with a grin, started off into the woods, giving out a lonesome whinny for anyone about.
  3. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Nexus+ Nex backed up, away from Ghost with sadness. She stated trembling, "I have no right to be sad, but you have every right to kill her." She whirled about and loped away, not wanting to be the one that spoke to Ghost about EVERYTHING Querida had told her and what she'd found out.
  4. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Querida & Natana+ Black femme caught scent of a new stallion, fright stirring her dark orbs. Passion to fight stung through her, making her snort and prance. She would not though, this was Razz's feud and he wouldn't like it if she entered. Finally noticing the mare that had shown up, blacker than herself, bloody and scared. She waltzed up to her, spades moved lazily in the heated weather. She gave a worried whinny to Razz, not wanting him to be hurt. Shaking her crown and stating calmly, for Querida did not want to frighten the mare she said, "what brings you to Razz's herd?" She spoke it with kindly words, her wondering gaze filled with understanding when she spotted the hoof marks and bite marks on her bodice. She merely nodded as if the mare was indifferent from herself and then returned her gaze to searching wildly for Razz. Chestnut femora thought, *does Querida perhaps know this mare? Or does she know how she got this way?* She only stood rigid, emitting a call oif her own following Querida's, noth letting Razz know he had their support. +Nexus+ Grey femme heard a couple whinnies and snorts but hoped they weren't Querida. For once, she hoped her friend never came back, that they'de never even met, then she'd have a peaceful life. Then she'd be happy with Onix, Blizzard, and Cobalt as her family. Then Ghost would have a family. The thought of the admirable brujo stung her eyes with tears, she let out a shriek of disgust, aimed at her "beloved" friend Querida. Bowing her arabian head she trotted over the shallow waves, crashing by her hooves and foaming, hate and anguish fought for the space in her brawlig optics. She gave out another scream of mailce, hoping Querida would hear it.
  5. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Nexus+ Grey femme gazed helplessly about herself, optics held despair and hate towards the stallion who'd driven her best friend away. She walktzed off, auds pinned slightly and spades digging into the sand about her angrily. She glanced back at Duke and Onix, whirling about and starting into a reckless gallop. She neared the salt water, nares taking in the lovely scent as tears gently welled in her eyes, she halted. Waves crashed about her dappled bodice, giving her a calm look, which was the opposite of her riling emotions on the inside. She shuddered, her life had been near perfect, but now looking at Querida's she felt a bad friend for not helping in the first place, not never giving up on her, not deserting her. She weot openly, radar's pinned at herself, right now she was in no mood to speak.
  6. A Wild horse RPG..

    ooc: Querida is soon to be! But Natana is VERY shy with stallions axept for friends. bic: +Querida & Natana+ Ebon arabian glanced up, sensing Razz's somewhat dissappointment. She walked to his side and nuzzled his neck, asking, "what is it?" Natana peered up at the duo and snorted, shaking her mane and pawing the ground with interest, as if trying to grab more grass.
  7. A Wild horse RPG..

  8. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Querida & Natana+ Querida snorted with laughter at Razz's stuttering, not knowing what to say, but neither did she. She couldn't hold back any longer, giggles started bubbling from her, soon spreading to Natana who tossed her head up and down, joyful to be in her, now, second herd. She had liked the herd life but it hadn't liked her. Ebon femme nodded with gratitude to Razz, Natana following her respectful gestures to the now lead stallion. Querida laughed a bit more and turned to Natana, saying playfully, "well I guess I CAN teach you something!" Chestnut vix spoke, "i'll catch on soon...I've never...Well, been in any other herds but one...And I was only part of it for a day and a half until they chased my mother out for...I don't know about that..." Querida knew it must have been hard to go about being a loner the majority of your life and nodded gravely to her. Natana chuckled and stated, "well, if I hadn't been out of that stupid herd I wouldn't have met up with either of you and be in a new herd now!" Querida nodded fervently and stomped her hoof, whinnying with joy at her new friend and new life. ooc: awwwwwwww, so corny! lol, well then...
  9. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Nightfire+ Ebon stud grinned wickedly and hissed, "I'll be off now, stud, thanks for the dance." He laughed and limped away, shaking his head at the pain, but it had never bothered him before. The only thing that really nagged at his mind was Querida, how could she defy him! Oh, he'd find her, when he did it was death or his herd. He sneered with hate and winced as the pain in his leg reminded him it was there before he got too cocky. +Natana & Querida+ Chestnut femme looked over to her friend, who seemed to have a hard time deciding. She spoke up for both of them, "We'd love to, but do not choose a lead vix yet. She's just declined that job in Ghost's herd and i'm guessing she doesn't want to be that again. I, on the other hand, have had some worse experience with that and don't want to re-live it, for it's obvious you love each other...So with this said, we'd love to be in your herd, but please just have no ranks for the time being." She paused and sighed, meeting Querida's trusting orbs, confirming she'd said the right thing. Natana then added brightly, "and there seems to be another femme out here..." Querida then laughed and muttered, "you have too much knowledge to be younger than me." Then she thought, *wiser, AND prettier, AND nicer, AND more lovable and understanding.* She was mad at herself for not being like Natana.
  10. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Querida & Natana+ Ebon dial snapped up and she sputtered, "no! Don't leave, I couldn't bare it..." She felt stupid, standing there, auds perked forward, orbs wide as she peered over him, stunned by herself.She ungracefully stumbled back to her place beside Natana enough to hear her friend's snickers. She reached over and nipped her nape, hissing, "oh shut up Natana! As if you've ever liked someone." Natana's gaze went from fun to blank in a matter of seconds and she spoke unusually calm, "I do know...But this time it is not unrequited." Querida gazed over at her pard', astonished that one so bright could have this cold, hurt side. She then slid her gaze back to Razz, barely hearing Natana say, "and it's abvious you like him more than "like" Querida." Ebon femme jumped back startled, but had no comeback; she was utterly lost for words. She hoped Razz hadn't heard that.
  11. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Nightfire+ Black stud rose on wobbly legs, his forelimb cracked down the middle. He shot Duke a warning glare, for his clumsiness had snapped his leg nearly in half.
  12. A Wild horse RPG..

    +Natana & Querida+ Chestnut femme stood erect, her banner gently flowed behind her. Snorting and taking in the ebon stud's scent she nodded in approval and muttered boredly, "I am Natana." Querida looked to the ground, studying the spot on the ground directly in front of her. Black limbs where tense and ready to flee for a reason she did not know of. Black vix peered up at Razz and shook her head, forelock falling over her pained orbs. She once again looked down and answered in an abnormal, meek voice, most unlike her normal, "no, I am no part of Ghost's herd anymore." Natana glared stonily at Razz, daring him to downsize her new friend. +Nightfire+ Ebon brute bit into Duke's flesh, cursing him and ordering him to get off, his weight was crushing, but Nightfire wasn't about to give up. He kicked out with powerful limbs and struggled.
  13. A Wild horse RPG..

    Okay, dis' is my fourth post but i'm really bored and gettin' off nowz...
  14. A Wild horse RPG..

    Bump...No-one's eva' on dis' anymore...Maybe they have school...Wait, are ya'll on Spring Break?
  15. A Wild horse RPG..

    ooc: sorry, now i'll put Nightfire! bic: +Nightfire+ Ebon brute struggled to get out from under his equal-height, weight, and mass opponent. Baring his bloodied dentals he stretched his neck up to bite Duke. Hooves caught underneath the other stud he could only bite him.