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  1. It's Been Awhile

    Thank you JOW! :) PInkTractor - Ah! That's great! Congrats on YOUR day!
  2. Non-Fish Aquarium Pets

    Oh my. I officially want a wild colored Pacman frog.
  3. It's Been Awhile

    Yes it was Iron Man, and totally my idea! My dad had Captain America, Best man had Thor, and groomsman had Spider-Man. :) We were married on the 7th, when was your wedding?
  4. Bit Advice

    Thank you so much Smilie! I have a lot of work to do since we are both so out of shape. The showing I was referring to is just some fun shows at the local saddle club. Nothing huge, but he still has to have a shanked bit. That's a big "if" too! I much prefer to just work around an arena and trail ride. We haven't ridden much so far this spring, and he came up lame this week. When he's sound again I plan on working him some more to see where we're really at and make some goals for the year. I will take a look at the link DR650 posted!
  5. It's Been Awhile

    I remember you Chino! Thank you! I actually saw it online and KNEW. When I went in to make an appointment, they just happened to have a sample in my size so I tried it on right then. I was done. I made another appointment for a few days later for my family to see it and ordered it, no alterations needed!
  6. Exciting News!

    Congrats! I'll have to pick up a copy! I always love looking at your work.
  7. Bit Advice

    Thanks Smilie! When I was working with my teacher, our long term goal was speed events. I gravitated away from them and just enjoy trail riding now, but stuck with the gag because he always did pretty well with it even in casual riding. I went back to the snaffle this year after looking into it more, and realizing that even though we may have been getting along with it that it was probably time to go to something more appropriate. How long would you use the bit you suggested before moving to an actual curb? Obviously this will probably depend on my gelding, but I'm curious about an average time frame given your experience.
  8. Bit Advice

    Could you post a picture or a link when you get a chance, Andi? I'm going to rummage through my cousin's arsenal tomorrow and I'll look for one to try before I buy anything.
  9. It's Been Awhile

    I was a regular lurker/sometimes poster a few years ago. I lost interest in posting for awhile after we bought our house. Nothing much has changed on my end. The biggest change is that my now hubby and I finally got married this past September here at our house in the gazebo that overlooks the river. (Of course, I had to include one of my favorite shots with this handsome devil.. who's now 28.) So, what's new? What's changed? Who is still hanging around, and who has left?
  10. Bit Advice

    I need some advice on finding a new bit for my gelding. I feel he is beyond ready for the next "step," but I don't have any idea what that next step is. He's ten. I started him in a snaffle, and that's what we used for a few years. One of my teachers in college had me try a wonder gag, and I think we've always done quite well with that. He neck reins wonderfully, responds well to leg pressure and seat cues, and gives to pressure from the bit. I've put him back in a snaffle for right now while we get back in shape after having a slow 2013 while we planned our wedding. Also, there's a chance he may be getting shown in a few fun shows this year, and a shanked bit is required. Any thoughts on where we should go from here?
  11. What Color Is She?

    Yes the dorsal goes up into her mane. I don't have pics of it, but I do remember checking it out on her. Plain Bay or dun will be just fine, especially without an ounce of white on her! Heidi - Bay has become one of my favorites, too!
  12. My Turn To Ask For Registered Name Ideas!

    Might be a little late, and you might be set with a name, but I thought of HK('s) Nu Legendary Whips
  13. What Color Is She?

    This is my first post in almost TWO YEARS! My cousin picked up this little grade filly at a sale last night for her 14 year old step daughter. She's not quite a year old, and we obviously don't know her breeding. The SD is a great little rider, but she still has some learning to do when it comes to patience and control. She regularly rides/shows my cousin's seasoned horses, and while she continuously grows this will give her something of her "own" to focus on and learn with (under supervision and with guidance, of course.) We came up with the name "Paisley's Timber Haven," barn name Paisley. I do believe she has the dun factor, but as to what she will turn into - we're stumped. I'm looking forward to seeing her loose what looks to be a mix of baby fur and winter coat. Any suggestions and opinions are appreciated! (Disclaimer: I did NOT take these pictures, but have permission to post. Not the greatest of angles, but I wasn't there to take them myself!) I will obviously update as she changes!
  14. I'm hoping a nice thunder storm will come along and "brighten" my day... Please?

  15. "NO french fries for YOU, Papo!"... My niece is awesome.