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  1. Critique!

  2. Critique!

    A few pictures from a show that was a year ago. WE were jumping small little x's then! Rip me apart . _id=692755&image_id=28 ewwww ignore the chair seat. gross. [ 04-03-2008, 02:06 AM: Message edited by: skippyskipper101 ]
  3. I'm SO proud of my boy!! (pics/video)

    quote: Originally posted by NikkiS: ha! I was thinking the same thing...I was thinking it might be to get the horse to come into it straight, and learn how to jump the center... I think it was something like that. I don't really remember though . Sorry!
  4. I'm SO proud of my boy!! (pics/video)

    Hey everyone! I'm a lurker around here, but I just wanted to share how proud of my boy I was! Over the weekend, my friend rode him in a clinic (up to 2'6"), and he was amazing! I would have ridden in it, but didn't have the funds . Our plan is to do Children's Hunters eventually. By the way, my horse's name is Skip, he is a paint, and will be turning 17 next week! **No critiques on the rider please!** FAVORITE PICTURE EVER!! Videos: 1. 2. [ 03-10-2008, 01:32 AM: Message edited by: skippyskipper101 ]
  5. Ugh. Why does life have to be so tough sometimes?

    Thank you so much for the responses! I think what I'm going to do, is get someone (I have someone already in mind who really likes him, and has already ridden him) to full lease him. I'm still going to go up to the barn because 1)I love it there, 2)My friends are there, and 3)I'm sure I could find a horse to hop on every once in a while. I think for this year, it will help me (and him) out a ton. Less stress at least... For college, I have no clue what I'm going to do. Maybe another full lease with the option to buy? Blek. Thank so much for all your help and support!
  6. Ugh. Why does life have to be so tough sometimes?

    I have this "trainer" who loves him as well, but she has literally 10 horses she already takes care of. I can't really think of anyone else who would have the time or the money though. Harumph.
  7. I'm kind of a lurker on here, but I was hoping that some of you guys could help me out... So, I'm contemplating selling my horse. I love my horse to death. He's my best friend, kept me from doing stupid things, and it would absolutely break my heart to sell him. It tears me up right now even thinking about it. However, I barely have any time to get up to the barn nowadays. My junior year is A LOT harder than I thought it would be, and any spare time i have, i practice my trombone. I want to be a music major (specifically trombone performance), and college auditions are right around the corner, so i have to work my butt off to get good enough. Anyways, he gets out, but it's always by one of my friends (whom are very good riders and I trust completely), but I just feel like he should have one person get him out. Everyday. Someone who would give him the time and love he deserves. But it absolutely sucks even thinking about this! #%@$!@$!@^. We are currently trying to get a "half-sponsor", and I would ride 3 days a week. I'm pretty sure that would work out (for me), but I hope the barn let's us do it... Otherwise I have no clue what I'm going to do... I would literally give him away if he stayed at the barn he's at, and was with someone I trusted. I would be "ok" with that. But selling to a random stranger?? Blek. Any ideas? And if you read all of that you seriously are the best person in the world... [ 09-08-2007, 01:05 AM: Message edited by: skippyskipper101 ]
  8. Critique Video!

    AA-I'm from the Bay Area, near Walnut Creek. As for her ears, they're usually always like that. In her stall, in the cross ties, in the arena, on the trail. Let's just say this mare has had a pretty rough life... Thank you everyone!
  9. Critique Video!

    Thanks everyone!! I will follow all of your tips!
  10. Critique Video!

    Anyone else?
  11. Critique Video!

    Thank you! sweet_jayda- The owner wants me to use it, so oh well.
  12. Critique Video!

    Hey everyone! I rode a billion horses today (ok, ok only 6), and managed to catch a good video of me on a Hanoverian mare, and I would enjoy everyone's critiques of me! DO NOT CRITIQUE THE MARE, but tear me to shreds! ETA:I seem to be posting too high and moving my body too much in the canter...any tips? Thanks!
  13. New to dressage. Critque please?

    I have no critique ATM, but I just wanted to applaud you for letting your horse go FORWARD into your hands, and for not pulling his/her head down into a "frame, headset etc". THANK YOU! These pictures brightened my day.
  14. Best Market for a Draft X

    Could I see the pics please?
  15. New pics

    WOAH! Those are really weird...