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  1. Foal With Injection Site Abcess

    Thanks CVM. the second shot wasnt a vaccine, it was some type of vitamaster shot or something similar. I had wondered about the tetanus anti-toxin too as a preventative but I wasnt aware of liver risks. Makes me wonder about the vet who gave us the vaccines though. He also gave us the tetanus toxoid to give to them knowing they were only two weeks old (don't worry I didnt give them the vaccine as soon as I saw what it was).and now to find out he gave us the wrong vitamin shot as well. Normally we give the mares a tetanus booster before they foal but this year we didnt get to it. As for the abcess I called our vet this am and they suggested we keep doing what we are doing flushing it, they also suggested we drizzle some white penecilin into the wound. I was concered it was the way I had injected the foal and was nervous about doing it again to any of the horses but it makes me feel "some" better to think that perhaps it was caused by the drug. Thanks so much for the info.
  2. Foal With Injection Site Abcess

    I have a two week old foal who received two vaccines last week in the thigh muscle. One vaccine was MuSe and i cant remember the name of the other Today i noticed he has an open draining abcess at the injection site the whole is the size of the end of my thumb and draining well and the pocket is maybe 2inches by 4 inches or so. i scrubbed it well with a hibitaine scrub and put boroform on it and im going to get the vet out in the am just to have a look but has anyone ever seen this befor? it was brad new sterile needles and the area cleaned well with alcohol first. The foal did fight some coulkd this have caused it?
  3. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7
  4. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Forgot to *** my big boys are doing amazing too and adore their baby brother. Their a big help with him and have really adjusted well!
  5. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Hey ladies. It just occurred to me that i had totally been slacking and i hadnt even updated to tell you that our little guy arrived safe and sound november 6th by scheduled c section. We named him cody james and he weighed 8lbs 4 oz and was 23 inches long. Hes growing like a bad weed and at 6 weeks hes about 13 lbs Hes been a bit colicy at night from about 2 until 6 but we seems to be working through that. Other than that hes a good baby and his birth was fantastic I had my own clothes back on within two hours of having him i was up and walking by early morning and drove myself home from the hospital about 26 hours after having him. The recovery was so much easier i was back riding less than two weeks after the c section and its been great! Id post a pic but cant figure out how to do that from my blackberry Hope everyone eles is good!
  6. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Good point sappy for csections. With my boys they were with me right away and taken to recovery with me. in recovery they were monitored and the nurse said one of the boys sounded "grunty" and since he had come out breech they figured he'd sucked in some fluid. SO a couple of young looking eager beaver nursing students came to check him and suggested they take him to the nicu for "a few hours" just to monitor him there. I was a new mom and in a fog from just having given birth so I agreed. big mistake! Now I'm not one to refuse medical care for my kids but this time I wont allow that without knowing that it's necessary. He ended up spending 3 days in NICU. totally unecessary, he was never on a cpap, oxygen nothing. his apgar scores were good from the start and they did nothing with him expect insert a feeding tube since he was apparently spitting up formula. Since we had twins the other baby was in the room with us, there was no nursery and we couldnt take the other baby to NICU with us. So since I wasn't able to go on my own I couldn't see my baby in NICU until late in the second day. My husband could though but not both of us. So each time wed go to see him the one nurse responsible for his care that was on every time the doctors did their rounds to release babies from NICU would tell us oh we want to keep him just a bit longer. but there was no reason to, he was in a regular isolet deal like normal babies on room air and drinking from bottles. So finally on the 3rd day my husband found out what time the doctors came in at and made sure he stayed until they came through. the nurse tried the "one more day" routine and he protested and the doctors agreed he was fine to come to us. When they finally brought him he was poop up his back dried and stuck on and STARVING! funny thing we never had issues with him spitting up from his feedings when he came to us, problem was the NICU is full of tiny babies that can't be held or fed so the nurse was enjoying having a 7lb baby to hold and play with all day. As a result of that my son is very attached to my husband, has been from day one. He and I never had the chance to bond like I did with my other son who spent that time with me and skin to skin contact from the moment he was born. I have struggled for the first 3 years of my sons life to form a bond with him that just isn't there the same as with my other son. It's a horrible way to feel when my son always wants his dad and not me and all cause some stupid nurse wanted a baby to play with! Prime example last night in the car we were driving and my husband wasnt with us and my son told me he was too scared of the dark without his dad around then when we got home he ran to his dad and hugged him and said "I was worried about you" really makes it hard. something I will certainly be more aware of this time.
  7. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    thanks for the info journey. I'm glad to hear its not much different. Does it take much longer than the regular section? like does the actualy tubal part take very long? I know with the boys it was super wuick we were in and out of there including placing my ivs all that in just over an hour. Journey, I had a spinal I guess, they put medication in and then took the needle out. I know I could start to wiggle my toes by the time they moved me from the operating table over to the bed to take me to recovery which was like maybe 30 minutes after I got the spinal. seemed quick but maybe it was longer. I had the boys at 1:30 and by 4ish I could swing my legs around to the side of the bed and stand long enough to put pants on and trasnfer to a wheelchair. Certainly was weakish and not steady on my feet but had feeling back. I think the reason I didn't find my section tought was that I knew I was having one ahead of time so the emotional scared part is done with I had tons of time in advance to google what I wanted to talk to other csection moms ask question. So I knew what i was in for and what to expect. and like someone else said I had a certain amount of control. I was calm and unmedicated not tired out etc. and not scare I knew my babies were safe. It was very relaxed the doctor laughed and joked with us the whole time, very easy going. THe hardest part for me was the not eating before for so long and I was starving and not feeling godo and they wouldn't let me eat anything so i was sick to my stomache after when I got back to my room. and then again when they finally let me eat 30+ hours after I was told not to eat for the procedure. So that novel finished for the hospital. I brought newborn and 0-3 month clothes for the boys but they were 37 weeks so were 6 and 7 lbs. The things I can remember wishing I would have brought were my own wipes cause the hospital gave me stupid jerry cloths to wet which sucked. and also my own blankets. at least a warm one. I ended up sending hubby home for onw. and a warm blankie for hubby he froze the first night. bring lots of change for the vending machines. and extra pants and underwear cause i know the first few days I needed more than one pair at times since i wasn't up moving around a lot and it was hard to change pads and stuff on my own. As for clothes they recommended I not dress the babies until after their first bath which they didn't do until they were like a day and a half old which was frustrating. this time I just am going to take extra and dress him right away so he's warmer and when people come to see him he's dressed.
  8. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Yikes I hate to hear all the horror stories. I had a c-section with my boys since once boy was sideways and very high up. and have a scheduled planned section again this time. My section experience was very mellow. Epidural they had some trouble with but wasn't painful just felt some weird pressure and only on one side so they had to move to a different spot. MY epidural wore off shortly after they were born so I was able to be up and walking some a few hours later. This time I'm having tubal ligation at the same time tho. THat makes em a bit nervous since it's more involved and I'm not sure what things will be like after. And the only person I've talked to that had one with a csection was my sister in law who had one during an emergency c section and swore it was awful but she'd never had a normal section before to compare. and I know emergceny sections are way worse than planned ones.
  9. Oh The Joys Of Buying/selling Horses

    I only have selling horror stories that I can think of. Last year we listed a yearlning gelding we had for sale. He was out of an AQHA stuf that was totally fugly but we had bought the mare in foal, so we were only asking $1000 for him negotiable as we just didnt have a use for him. btw we actually ended up paying $800 to buy him as the previous mare owner thought that was worth half of him when we got the mare. So we listed him and got one loser after another. The first lady posts ads all over the internet about being this profesional trainer and all. SHows up and wants to take over and work with the horse. Like I'm sorry my pony my rules but she was so pushy. so she works with him decides they like him and all we work out a price shipping and all and then just as we are getting ready to deliver him decides that she doesn't want him. Can't remebmer why but it was ridiculous. Second lady calls us up says she's a trainer too (see a pattern here) wants a prospect to train for team penning. Well this guy would have been an awesome penner, solid, spumky but smart enough too. so we say ya sounds perfect. she comes out to look at him says she likes him but insults everythign she can while she's there. Goes home and write's me this big novel on how horrible we are becuase we misrepresent horses we are listing for sale and we'll never make it in the business like her if we keep it up. Says we told her he'd be suited for her needs and she's looking for a horse for teaching riding lessons to kids on. wait what? you said team penner! not schooling horse! A school horse he was not and ahd she said that on the phone I'd have said thanks but no thanks. The third guy was clueless! had never in life even touched a horse it seemed. but he decided he wanted to buy a young horse to train for himself. now that's a good palce to start! the guy was clueless he didn't even know what the parts of the horse were. here's a clue pal if you don't know what a wither is I'm pretty sure you aren't qualified to be training horses.
  10. thanks so much. they do sure love to ride too! Ty showing us how he asks his horse to back up at 2 1/2 shoot I have one of wyatt on her too just can't find it. But how bout this one of them at easter or this one ahah! I found it Last one I promise!
  11. Tattoos

    huh burgundy I never thought of that. I know anytime I go in a tanning bed they suggest you use a lipgloss with uv protection in it over the tattoos. But I do use enough chemicals too, like milking cows, although certainly not on a daily basis anymore but often enough and aroundt he horses, iodine and things like that so maybe that's why they are fading in spots. I knwo there are definitely one or two spots where he compeltely missed with the ink, but others are faded or white spots.
  12. yup, he's mine. lol That's wyatt. He's 3 1/2 and the other one next to it is his twin brother ty. We were at the horse show and I had forgotten to bring his belt and he was heartbroken, so I let him wear daddy's. THanks so much!
  13. Not Sleeping Tonight

    I've been following it on CNN at nights and last night they had a lady on who lost everything. She came home from a shopping trip and they wouldn't even let her go back to try and collect anything as the fire had spread so fast. SO sad she lost all of her dogs and several of her pigs I believe. Very emotional to watch.
  14. Tattoos

    I have two tattoos one on each wrist. They are just simple and my boys' names but it was nothing to get done. The wrist was super easy spot to get done. I asked the guy what the worst spot is he said the ribs or top of the foot. I'm relatively happy with mine but kinda ticket at the place I went. they look nice from afar but up close you can see missing spots of ink in several spots. and I went to a reputable place that is well known in the city. They guy charged me 150$ for somethign taht took him 10 minutes to do and it's all black only. but it was a slow day and I guess he was trying to make his $. I definitely will be getting another tattoo but not there.
  15. My New Show Horse!

    Now that I finally got him home and got some better pictures of him. Here is my new show horse!!! He's 3 and we just brought him home from the trainers a few weeks ago. SO hubby is going to show him a bit at the fairs this fall and then he will go back to the trainers in the spring for a bit and we will show the AQHA circuits next summer! I can't wait, he is such a mover. It's gooing to be a ton of work but so much fun! He's a big guy too, haven't got the stick out yet but He's around 16 hands right now. Here are some pics of J.D. aka "an absolute mister" and lunging at home the other night, check out that front leg!