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  1. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Ok, I was just wondering! A couple of my friends had colds and coughs. But thank you and I'm going to go in for a prepregnancy exam this week.
  2. Hc Mommies & Mommies To Be Vol. 5

    Well, I know you all have been upset with me because my boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant. But two years ago I had my tonsils and anoids (sp?) out and since then I haven't been sick. But last week I started feeling like I'm getting a cold, then I started having a stuffy nose and coughing. I still have the cough and stuffy feeling. My last period was on July 7th and I don't get it until August 6th. But I guess my question is, has anyone had this as a pregnancy symptoms? I also have been very tired and I want to sleep A LOT! I also have been very hungry! If you are still mad at me, I'm very sorry! But if you could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Guess Who's Back?

    Payday is back! She finally can come out of her stall. She is now in a little pasture by herself, loves the grass, loves the freedom. She was running and bucking on Tuesday! So her muscles work and she wasn't sore! I can't wait to ride her again! I love this horse to death and I was so scared of losing her. I owe $434 on her and she will be paid off in a couple days.
  4. Photography

    I took this while looking up at the clouds yesterday. I thought it looked like a elephant, but I showed it to my boyfriend and thought it looked like a lion. You have to look at it closely. This picture of a duck was a very hard picture to take. We had to catch the duck, but I thought it looked cool.
  5. Photography

    The first two pictures on here, I edited them a little bit, so not so much is showing in the picture These two pictures are my brother and his girlfriend! I love the pictures and them as people! They have brought so much joy into my life! These two pictures are where my boyfriend used to live and of his daughter! I love her to death and she is such a joy to be around. My boyfriend is a great father! The first time she met me, she started calling me mom! This is my dad's truck! I love this truck and I took it yesterday just to take. I showed this to him last night and he loved it! Good, cuz I was going to do something with it for christmas this year. This picture is of a tractor that was taken at the tractor pull last weekend. I blew it up for my 8" by 10" entry.I also edited it so it didn't show some of the people.
  6. Another Car Accident!

    And where in the original post does it say that we weren't wearing our seatbelts. As a matter of fact, I was wearing mine! Ever since the first accident 3 weeks ago, I wear mine now.
  7. Another Car Accident!

    He has been to her house before, but because we were in town and coming home from her aunt's house we had to take a different way home!
  8. Another Car Accident!

    It's a very short road, so he was going about 30, maybe 35 at top speed. And he has never been on that road.
  9. Another Car Accident!

  10. Another Car Accident!

    My brother was driving this time! It was my brother, my boyfriend, my brother's girlfriend, and I driving towards my brother's girlfriend house. She knew that we couldn't go straight, but my brother didn't hear her. She also told him too late. It was up a hill, you either had to go left or right, but there wasn't a sign saying so, there wasn't a stop sign! THERE SHOULD BE, especially since it is up a hill and you can't see over the other side! But we went straight, right into the ditch and stopped dead, but then we rolled up the other side and rolled back down. We all went flying forward, when the airbags went off, my brother came flying back and his girlfriend and him collided, hitting heads. Also, when we went flying forward, I broke the seat of the passanger. As the car was rolling back down, I had a anxiety attack and got out of the car. My brother's neck hurts, but he's ok. My boyfriend has a little scrape on his foot but that's it. My brother's girlfriend has a huge cut in her leg with 28 stitches and a cut on her toe with 7-8 stitches. She also has a concussion. And now me, I have 2 huge bruises on my legs, knees and my nose I can't touch, but it's not broken. Glad that we don't have any broken bones. And another thing, we are SOOOO lucky that my brother's girlfriend knew the guy down the street. It was her friend's dad! Otherwise we would have been sitting there for awhile not having any help! Well, I have a few pictures of the accident and my injuries. I also have a few pictures that I'm going to post that are before the accident when we were at the fair at the tractor pull. I have 3 pictures that I'm putting in the fair, 2 are from yesterday and one is from awhile ago.So I would like to know if you think these are good pictures. O, the accident happened at about 12:45am on Friday or yesterday.
  11. Photography Help

    So I have to do photography for fair, but I don't know what to do one. I need to do 3 to 4 pictures telling a story. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. I start school in a month!

    Oh my, I can't believe I start school already. It seems that this summer has gone by way too fast!
  13. How does this look? Pictures & need help!

    Please anyone?
  14. It's been a long road for both her and I. Her injuries, my car accident and injuries. But she's getting there and I will be able to ride her soon again. [ 07-11-2008, 11:48 PM: Message edited by: horses_4ever07 ]
  15. Chino is neato 007 is in the hospital!!!!

    Her due date was August 12th so I really hope everything is fine!