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  1. For All Of You Concerned About A 3.5 Year Old Getting Ridden..

    AMEN SISTER [Not Worthy]
  2. Clinic - Pics And Videos

    Gosh, such a gorgeous pair! Thanks so much for sharing, it looks like it was a fantastic clinic!
  3. For All Of You Concerned About A 3.5 Year Old Getting Ridden..

    personally, I have never shown a two yr old; so I really have no room to give my opinion on the physical demands it places on them...but I can honestly say I do believe that the mental stress these youngsters face must be rather overwhelming.
  4. For All Of You Concerned About A 3.5 Year Old Getting Ridden..

    I used to be an assistant trainer for a woman who always started horses around age 2, sometimes a few months shy of 2. I started a few horses for her that were between 2-3. I really don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as it is light work and productive and beneficial to the horse. It was never about greediness with us, just the fact that most folks around here want to be able to use them sooner than later(they hate feeding horses that don't work, lol). HOWEVER, I will say this...if it were MY personal horse, I perfer to start around 3-4. Not that I wouldn't work with them prior to that, but I wouldn't back them for the first time until about 4. In my experiance and in my opinion, I think horses do better mentally when they can be a "kid" around 2-3 yrs. With all the youngters I have worked around, they seem to suffer from the "terrible 3s" no the human "terrible 2s". They seem to accept training more @ 2 yrs and don't ask too many ?'s usually. However, most ppl break them @ 2 and then bring them back out in the spring when they are fresh and naughty, lol, and proceed to ride the horse how they had started them. Only now, at age 3, it seems they decide they don't want to cooperate and unfortunetely most people don't know how to handle them and let them develop some pretty nasty habits. my opinion, I like to start on their back @ 4. By this age, they have screwed their head on a little tighter and are usually COMPLETELY finished growing depending on breed...I have most experiance with AQHA and APHA horses and they are usually done growing by 4. I know a lot of ppl who do not agree with my approach, but out of trial and error, I have found that my system works pretty darn well for me and for the horses I have been asked to start :-)
  5. Moorland's Totilas Sold To Paul Schockemohle

    hmmm...not quite sure how I feel about this...definetely very sad for Holland, that's for sure. I also feel for Totilas, as being ridden by a german rider is going to really catch him off guard.
  6. New Rescue

    wow, he is amazing!
  7. Leslie Morse's Kingston Passed Away

    I can honestly say I did not know of this boy, but he was gorgeous :-) Prayers for Leslie and everyone who loved him [Huggy] [Angel]
  8. Small Thank You?

    I agree. BUT only b/c I give things away all the time that normally aren't cheap just b/c I don't need it or want it taking up room in the trailer/tack room. lol. Another thought is that if I give someone something and they keep insisting to pay for it, I sometimes gets offended that they think I cannot afford to give a gift ;-)
  9. Saddle Financing

    I'm pretty sure that is the selling point for me...the fact that I can RIDE in the saddle if I go with her.
  10. Saddle Financing

    Great! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I am just thrilled that you actually understood what I need in a saddle! I was beginning to think they made no such saddle that fits my description, lol. Well, except for fully custom ;-) I just looked through the list @ equestrian imports and WOW, she has some nice saddles and in my price range!!! I am going to call her on my lunch break tomorrow :-) You know, I remember when you were searching for a saddle and you tried so many!!! But, when you found "the one" you were delighted!
  11. Saddle Financing

    I know it won't be my last saddle for awhile, but at least now that I know what I want and need in a saddle, hopefully the next one will be "it" for awhile. Thankfully, I know that Gems wears a wide tree(I know they differ, but in general). Well, actually, she is more of a MW most of the time, so the points of a wide have usually fit her well and then my fitter usually stuffs it to end up being about a MW, so there is usually a little room to adjust the size according to her muscle. At this point, I know the generals of what I need, just need to tweak little bits here in there depending on the brand. I know that I need a deep, scoopy seat to support my foward tilting pelvis. I also know I want a wide seat as my seat bones practically fall off my Passier and I know that I will want a medium twist this next go around as the narrow twist of the Passier feels like a 2x4 to me. I have tried the twist on the Albion Orig and know that is too wide, so med should do. I know that I need a more fwrd cut flap to allow room for my long thighs/more closed hip angle and I do not want knee rolls or padded flaps, but instead a small thigh block to support my upper thigh. Oh and anywhere from a 17.5-18 seat. lol. The only saddle that I have some across that seems to fit the discription and is anywhere near my price range is the Thorhill Pro Danube. I think I may try that saddle first, @ $1995 retail and $1500 at most stores, I could probably pay cash for it as well :-) It's not the saddle I would perfer as I would rather spend $1500 to get a superb used saddle, but like I seems to just fit what I need at the moment.
  12. Question...

    Don't worry! When I bought Gems, the owner said that she could have sworn she had her annuals in May(I bought her in September) but she could not find her records anywhere(she was diligent with her record keeping too) so she told me she must not have and had the new vet out again before I took home(her old vet had quit the business and we could not find out from them) and she has the whole set again. West nile and 5 way...that's when the west nile was coming in just two she had the original and then the following one 3 weeks later. It was right after she had the second west nile and the prior owner found her records... [Duh] Gems was fine :-) Plus, she is already sensitive to vaccines and gets a little sore and swollen in the neck and mildly lethargic and she was A OK! He'll be fine :-)
  13. Has Anyone Else Seen Secretariat?

    As a matter of fact, I believe it does! I think it also qualifies him for the nickname Big Red!
  14. Has Anyone Else Seen Secretariat?

    Oh man, see...I have this on-going decision on who I love o' war or seabiscuit. I still am leaning towards Seabiscuit b/c he was JUST SO DARN LITTLE and adorable! Did you know that Man O' War and Secretariat had the same nickname, Big Red? :-)
  15. Has Anyone Else Seen Secretariat?

    Wow, I really need to start watching tv. lol. I haven't even heard about this movie until now!!! I have already bought a ticket online to see it on Thursday :-) Now I have a ? for you all, which racehorse of all time is your favorite?