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  1. Introducing 2 Female Adult Cats?

    So glad you replied! :) I read what you suggested to the BF and his concern is that his cat has never been in a cage before, or locked up for any length of time besides traveling and he doesn't want to upset her. Any other suggestions? I'm fine locking Lily up, but he isnt with GB.
  2. Moving in with the BF in October, he has a female adult cat (6 or 7) GB, and I have Lily, 3 years old female cat. The apartment we are moving into is 2 bed, so I was thinking that each cat would have a bedroom until formally introduced. Figured it'd go like this, Lily in the master for the night, GB in spare room and living areas, then switch so Lily is out in the spare and living areas during the day and GB in the master so they'd get to know the apartment before meeting each other. How can we go about doing this successfully? The cats are both being moved to a new apartment, and then will have the extra stress of another new animal. I want to introduce them so we don't have WW3. GB has never been around another cat, while Lily has and she wasn't always the friendliest. I know I need to go at their own speed, but I also don't want to keep either of them locked up for a long time.
  3. More Monday

    Love your new hair Heidi!!! DST has totally screwed up my sleep ahhh! Sooo tired!
  4. I had to put my heart cat down last March, Rusty, he was 19 years... I wanted to always remember him and have him with me at all times so I got a tattoo! outline of tattoo completed! this morning, all peely!! I am super happy with it! I had the artist use orange because Rusty was orange and white :)
  5. Cat Agreession

    I have 2 year old spayed female cat, this past 2 Weekso her agreession has gotten a lot stronger towards me. Usually she will leap at my face if she's mad that I disciplined her (not allowing her to sit in front of the TV, getting into things, she has this weird fascination with one of my painting and always tries to touch it) or if I'm playing with her and she's all riled up. I've been using a spray bottle to keep her off the TV and away from things. Last week I was in bed reading and she jumped into the bed and was looking at me with her i want to kill you face and leaped at my face, I threw my blanket up and she immediately ran away. I chased her down the hallway then went back to my bed, and right as I sat down she was back, I chased her away again... This morning she was up on the TV so she got sprayed, then she was in the plant, so sprayed again. Then maybe 15 mins later she comes at me, no warning, just came at me. I sprayed her and sprayed her anytime she came near me. Then she seemed calm and jumped up on the couch beside me. She sat with me for maybe 10-15 minutes, then attacked my arm. I have a 2 day old tattoo on my arm and she scratched right across it. She's not just scratching me, she's sinking her claws in. I immediately got up to wash the tattoo, grabbed her after and trimmed her claws and am not letting her near me. She's calmed down now and is just chilling out on her cat tree. What do I do? How do I stop her from attacking me? She only attacks me, not my roommate. I have a ton of toys for her, play with her and she's well fed. Is this just a female cat thing? I'm getting really tired of it! Help HC!
  6. Buying A Tucker Saddle

    So pretty!!!
  7. Favorite Meal From Your Childhood

  8. Favorite Meal From Your Childhood

    Beef pie! I asked my mom for this recipe last year and she just laughed at me because its so easy and simple, and nothing special... 2 pie shells 1lb ground beef 1 can tomato soup 1 can green beans cook beef, add soup/beans add to pie shell...bake. BAM. DONE. SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.
  9. My work recently moved to this, I believe all servers now get $15/hr instead of minimum wage. Once the logistics are worked out with major renovations they want to move all P-T staff to a "living wage" currently which is $17.50/hr.
  10. Voided Checks

    In Canada you get a direct deposit form, it has your account # name etc on it, i can actually print one just from my online account... I dont even have chqs anymore.
  11. I think its ridiculous that the US doesn't do mat/pat leave... I think in Canada it's like 1 year +
  12. Laundry Issue!

    Thats what i figured, i have been ironing my sheet, might have to start with my pants.
  13. Laundry Issue!

    I have a washer dryer combo at home, http://www.lg.com/us/washer-dryer-combos/lg-WM3455HW-washer-dryer-combo sort of like that one in the link. Recently i am noticing that all the waist lines on my pants are becoming folded over, and will remain like that even while being worn. It already happens to my top sheet if i was it, the top part becomes all wrinkled and folded over. How can i fix this? I tried googling it and nothing came up. I've tried doing less clothes in the machine etc...
  14. Race Horses?

    It just boggles my mind sometimes, i'm pretty sure its the same dude that rides standing straight up while the horse gallops that i see almost every morning. The head to the inside - wouldn't that build weird muscling?