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  1. I Got A "new" Horse...sort Of.

    You need to put him back in your signature again!! :)
  2. Treating Aural Hematomas In Dogs?

    here he is with 2 very normal ears! :)
  3. Treating Aural Hematomas In Dogs?

    Thank you all so much for your input...I thought about calling one of our large animal vets out to pull a Coggins and then "oh by the way could you.lance these open?" Lol. I doubt I would have been able to! So I brought him to the vets and when the front desk, 2 vet techs, and his vet LOOKED at the ear they said oh yeah textbook aural hematoma....but when Dr Long FELT the ears he said they weren't like any other hematomas he had ever dealt with. We started.him on prednisone(much to my relief) and he said call me in 2 days and we'll see what needs to be done. 1 day of pred and his ears were normal!! I was so happy and grateful, especially after reading the replies here. I don't do well with a lot of blood and when I started reading up on aural hematomas I started getting nightmares and was quite nauseous on a regular basis until I heard prednisone lol. Once again, gracias HC! Also,Thank you for the information on the aural splint, Mr. Whitten!
  4. Treating Aural Hematomas In Dogs?

    Sorry for any.errors, I am doing this on my phone. I also wanted to say that I will be calling his vet tomorrow and talking with him. I will do whatever is best for him, I just wanted to hear some other.opinions and learn more about.options for him =) thanks again!
  5. Does anyone have a dog who has had aural hematomas? my 2 year old hound cross has one in each ear infection and I can not find where anything May have stung him but the gnats and flies were bad today and he really does.hate flies. how did you treat the hematoma? Aural splint orsurgery?Did you leave it alone? How crinkly/disfigured did the ear get? if you did the surgery what was as far as aftercare, healing time, Etc? What kind of $ am I looking at? I have done a little reading and decided that his ears will not explode if he does.not get the surgery. I am a little worried about risk of infection but I could be being paranoid. It does sound like a pain in the butt. The aural splint sounds better, but I don't know that I am completely understanding it. I do dog, and love his ears. I don't want to sound like a snob but will his ears be ugly if I go the 'do nothing' route? will I have to worry about other issues.or will the hematomas just dry up? Thanks in advance for your help and patience!
  6. Introducing.......

  7. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    Don't break my phone in YOUR car somemysteriouslyhow lol.
  8. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    Yeah Yeah yeah
  9. Tell Me More About Arabians

    They are great(fTok I am a little biased)horses. You will find more sizeand bone in the polish, crabbet, and Russian horses, although every now and then I see an Egyptian that throws me for a loop, though they are usually older lines.
  10. What Kind Of Phone Do You Have?

    An LG Optimus and it better last a LONG time!
  11. 2008 Qh Gelding

    Nice looking boy!
  12. Hay Prices Where You Are?

    My neighbor sells his coastal squares for $5.00/bale and his coastal and tifton rolls for 50...but he is running out so bought hay from a buddy of his and will be selling that for 55. Is it NICE hay, much nicer and heavier than what i find at most feed stores....who sell theirs for at least 6.99. Alfalfa, we can get anywhere from $15 to $20 a bale, usually between 60 and 75 lbs a bale. T & A between 9.50 and 13 a bale
  13. Tick Prevention Question

    Preventic collars, and/or the spot on stuff. We have 6 dogs, one outdoor cat, and 3 indoor cats and fleas are not a problem. Earlier this year the ticks were very bad, and the advantix was not working-i do still use it anyway. But the preventic collars are amazing. They are supposed to last about 3 months, i think it varies dog to dog though. I occasionally find a tick on my dog, but he runs through our woods chasing birds and squirrels and God only knows what else. I used to pick at least 5 ticks a day off of the big dogs, and now hardly any. Just watch your dog when u first put it on him to make sure he does not have a reaction, and make sure it is touching his skin all the way around his neck. You will probably get the best prices from Jeffers.
  14. Little John Is Three Years Old Today! Pics Added!

    He is beautiful! Happy birthday Little John!
  15. Rawhide....whats The Deal?

    When I was little, our dogs always got the big rawhide bones as treats-and they would last a while unless one was a very agressive chewer. I have 3 dogs, a pureblood hound mutt(my mindless boarder swears he is a purebred something so this is what everyone calls him now) who likes to gnaw on bones but is not a crazy chewer, a 2.5 year old springer spaniel who loves to chew, and a 4 year old blue heeler who likes to gnaw but isn't a crazy chewer. Well, I've stopped buying rawhides from Petsmart because even the big ones(like a foot long I think)are gone in 2 days if I am lucky. All 3 dogs! The spaniel's will be gone faster than the other 2, but really?! Something is not right! So now I buy the cow hooves or just go to the meat department and get frozen soup bones. The dogs LOVE those, and of course they last. I have not noticed the cow hooves stinking up the house, but they usually make it outside before too long anyway so I also don't really worry about it.