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  1. Lupus Or Ra

    I was curious if anyone that has Lupus or RA would be willing to share some info about themselves. I am currently under going some tests and based upon my symptoms and the tests that are being ran,it looks as if my doc might be leaning towards Lupus or RA. The research I have done seems to gel more with Lupus. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    Thanks everyone.Yes, I have been extremely distracted with life.I tend to let him slide with things others wouldn't dare dream to do.It's the whole emotional "but he's my baby" mentality I tend to get with him.Which I KNOW isn't proper! I do agree on the expectations of our own personal horses...I just expect him to know what's right and wrong and to not push the envelope.DUH!! Well lesson learned! Again, thanks everyone. Once I get to feeling a bit better I am going to work with him more consistently.
  3. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    I am a very experienced horseman,however I missed these small signs he was giving me.Guarantee I will pay much closer attention to his actions.I know a list of definite no no's myself...for whatever reason I goofed up with this guy.
  4. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    So given all this...should I go back to basics and re establish leadership? Become more aggressive in my handling of him? Should I push him harder? I don't want him to regress, but I also can't and won't tolerate this kind of behavior from him.
  5. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    Call me ignorant...but I never knew that there was a possibility he or any horse would test someone around this age to this degree! I DID notice a couple weeks ago when I was feeding the herd(he's pastured w/4 others)that he was getting very close to me and bumped me hard with his shoulder.I didn't put much thought into it.NOW I wonder if this was a prelude to this attitude change last night. I don't know that I honestly think he has chiro issues or whatnot.After he was put away tonight I seen him bucking and playing with the yearling in the pasture with him.I have a wide range of ages all pastured together...from 26 to 1 and the gelding that I am referring to is 5 and gets pushed around by the yearling filly. I am going to continue to work with him every evening and hopefully see some positive changes...if not,I honestly don't know how I am going to handle this one. Thanks everyone for your input on this issue thus far.
  6. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    I do not think he is proud cut.I watched the vet remove his testicles(both) when he was 3 1/2 months old. I did go back out tonight and work with him a little bit more.He was pushy but not aggressive in the beginning.He did walk/trot small circles in both directions.As for his back up it was very sluggish and when I increased pressure he reared and slightly and then pinned his ears and started to come at me.I then did whack him on his neck/shoulder to get him to move away from me which he did do. When I ask for his feet to move I ask with confidence as I have for the last 3 yrs of his life.I have followed Clinton Anderson methods for years and my gelding executes what is asked of him almost perfectly every time. I DID notice during round 2 that when I asked softly and with almost no pressure he executed what was asked much more effectively. I am completely 100% baffled by this strange turn of attitude. ETA:He has been handled like a horse not as a pet per say.He is very green yet as I had 5 rides on him last year and about 6 so far this year and it has only been 1x per week.Living in northern Mn doesn't give me many options for riding unless I wait for a break in the weather or get to an indoor arena.I THOUGHT I had established leadership early on in life...I have handled him the same as the other horses in my life for a few years now.All are Arabians btw. He is generally a well mannered pleasant guy.
  7. Good Gelding Maybe Going Bad?

    I am mostly a lurker on here and love to read and take in advice from others.However,I had a horrible experience with my gelding I have raised since birth tonight. I do alot of handwalking with him on a regular basis and tonight I asked him to move out and away from me in a small circle like I have done hundreds on times in his life.Tonight he lunged at me barring teeth trying to run me over and maul me.I was able to regain control of the situation and eventually was able to get him to move out and away from me in a small circle without trying to kill me. Then I asked him to back up and he again showed the same behavior,eventually he did back up without being nasty. We then proceeded on our walk and he was super jumpy about cars passing him...not normal.He will be 5 yrs old in May and has been exposed to cars passing him since he was 4 months old. Please,I don't know what to make of this.If anyone can give me any suggestions or input I would most gladly appreciate it. Oh side note,once home I asked him to yield his hindquarters/forequarters and to back,he did this all with out hesitation.He stopped by my side fine,stood fine as well.
  8. E-cigarettes...have You Tried Them?

    I have been debating trying the e-cigarettes, I haven't heard much response on them though. They "seem" like a good idea....but usually what seems to be too good to be true tends to be just that. Has anyone tried them? Did you stick with them or go back to smoking regular cigarettes? Did they help you quit?Do you currently use them? Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!!
  9. Predicament

    If I had to give advice to someone in the same situation I would tell them almost the same thing you folks are telling me. It's just tough as he is my boss and I want to keep a good relationship with him but at the same time all I want to do is help this dog. After she gets back from the vet today she is coming back home with me as she will have stitches and be pretty sore from what has been done to her. I am hoping by me telling him she will recooperate at my house he will just "give in" and say that I can have her.
  10. Predicament

    Yea...things are done the backwoods redneck way around his place. I think I will offer to buy her...but really what is a 14 yr old blue heeler worth?
  11. Predicament

    Today I go to work and see that one of the dogs is beat up very either a car, human or another dog. I called the guy that owns the dog and told him I was taking her to the vet as she couldn't walk at all on her left side. He said I was wasting my time as she got into a fight with his other dog which is a boxer. I was already on my way to the vet when he called me back to say he was just going to shoot her as she is always picking fights with the other dogs and kills things. I told him not to shoot her and that I was paying for the vet bill and if he really wanted to get rid of her I would take her. Tonight after I get back from the vet he changes his mind and now doesn't want to part with her. I have to take her back in tomorrow to have her wounds cleaned out and didn't want to do it tonight for whatever it is getting done tomorrow. She has to be sedated and dead tissue removed and then stitched up...and she is on 3 different medications because she has such a bad infection. Now...I am taking care of the dog b/c it's "the right thing to do" in my book. She isn't my dog...and as I type this she is sound asleep on the floor at my feet. I don't know how to convince the owner to let me have her...I would even pay for her if he wanted...the dog is like 14, I don't care she's awesome and she deserves something better in life. What do I do?!
  12. Arabian Owner

    I own several Arabians. I adore them and wouldn't trade any of them for anything else in this world.
  13. Rescues Can't Keep Up

    I agree whole heartedly to the regulation aspect of things. I think a stallion that is registered and has proven himself in a certain area...huntseat/endurance...etc. can be used to reproduce BUT only to a certain number of mares that have proven themselves as well in something productive...and then it can only be live cover. I think regulations should be in place for the number of animals bred. But I also think people are more of the problem. Breeding in my part of the country is HORRID!! It's sickening and very sad. I recently took in a 5 month old filly as she was a BRB production. I wanted a baby to raise...but I wasn't going to breed my mares b/c I knew it wasn't the right thing in my mind to do.
  14. I am more partial to the old Egyptian lines. However, alot of polish and egyptian cross make very nice riding horses. Oz pretty much nailed it spot on. Arabians are much different than the average stock breeds. Good luck in your search. I own 6 arabians myself now.
  15. Hey Mn Buds!

    I think you are only a hop skip and jump from me. I'm in Bemidji...I want to come celebrate with ya!!