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  1. Sending My Baby To School

    I am like you Halo, I too have a 3 yo and while he does all the things that your colt also does I as well don't feel as confident starting him myself. When I get the funds raised I'll be sending him to Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, and have his butt worked off on some cows while he's there. He's terrified of deer so, that should be interesting.
  2. Need Legal Advice Asap!

    I'm not sure if it applies to all aspects, but I took a real estate law course and verbal agreements ARE binding in that sense, at least in Florida. In my opinion it was either party's responsibility to take care of a written, legitimate contract. If you wanted to protect yourself in this case, you should've demanded before the horse were to be exchanged that papers were printed and signed. I'm not sure what you can do now. I bought my horse off craigslist, and I love him to death. So to say to -never- buy off craigslist is a bit stereotypical. I've also sold a horse off craigslist with zero issues.
  3. Did-It-Myself 2-Day 50 Mile Ride

    These pictures are so gorgeous they just make me want to cry; AND get a move on getting a rig! Where is everyone located, apart from Utah (hehe)? I want to make trips out to all of the places, at least some time!
  4. Some Pictures/update

    He is gorgeous, congratulations on your successful event! He seems really responsive to you and is listening well, what a good boy :) and I like his name! Hehe..
  5. I Am Confused!

    Ah... he is just so cute what a sweet lookin' little munchkin hehe! Your horse is greying similarly to mine. One of the tell tale signs of grey as well is the "milk spilling" out of his forehead. Roans heads do not change color. Midas is all sorts of different colors. He was born base bay, then shed out black, and is now greying with a mottled mix of pretty much everything. He also has brown like yours, though not as predominant. But that is changing all the time. It's a really fun mystery wondering how your horse is going to turn out, I'm hoping for dapples but you never know... there's a girl on another forum I'm on who's horse is greying just like him (and likewise like yours!) and is the same age (3) and his sire is this absolutely gorgeous beast called Riverman. I think I'll die happy if he greys like that!
  6. Plenty O' Pictures!

    Thanks!! Midas is turning out to be quite the sweet boy. He's not officially started "real" training yet (we do groundwork and go on walks) but I'm getting a feeling he'll take to it pretty well. Pokey just turned 29 last month, and finally shed out his winter woolies, so I'm pretty happy the old man is looking as well as he is!
  7. Plenty O' Pictures!

    And goes swimming in a nasty pond.. But the horses seem to like her. Finito! Enjoy! Could post more, but I've already posted a crapload, and I guess I have to go to work.
  8. Plenty O' Pictures!

    Even has his own fan club. We get pretty filthy. Odyssey gets in some of the action too.
  9. Plenty O' Pictures!

    Don't know what that was about. BUT I am feeling rather chipper, and as a result decided to take a photodump on HorseCity. :) Did I mention I got a new camera? Still don't really know how to work it, but its fun anyway . These may be sporadic. Midey boy first day I looked at him. Yesterday. Did I mention Pokey is looking good too? Back to my grey beasty.
  10. My Search Is Over...please Welcome Dusty!

    Aww he is just CUTE CUTE CUTE congrats on your new guy!! He seems very sweet and calm, I'm sure he'll be an awesome trail mount :)
  11. On The Hunt

    I bought my horse for $385. He was a stallion though. With no health or hoof care. He's also turning three and only had someone on him 5 times 9 months ago. He's also little... not even 14.2. Did I mention he's a QH grade horse too? I made him sound pretty bad... LOL but I actually love him to death. If you have the means to support a horse, why not just save up a bit? Take whatever money you'd have spent on upkeep and put it in a fund. Yes there are decent horses out there for free or very little... but you'd have more options with a bit more money. Even though my horse was cheap I still had to pay $300 for gelding, Coggins, and shots before he could even be moved to my barn. If you upped your budget to as little as from $500 to $800 you could definitely get something where they're asking $1000 and have something bigger, possibly younger, and probably broke. Just saying! :)
  12. So Sick Of Crappy Ads For Crappy Horses!

    Just bear in mind looking through these ads (I'm going to assume this is something like craigslist and not dreamhorse or another similar site?) there are a LOT of "backyard" type horse owners, who really have no clue what we may be looking for. Most people are also not familiar with basic photography principles and/or lack a camera of much distinguishable quality (ie. I see many posts with pics off cell phones) and that can severely affect how the horse is represented, even with a trained eye. I live in Florida, but even here my old horse is STILL losing hair and I can only imagine what the woolies are like in a colder area. That being said, said people may also over-dramatize certain things. For instance if you really like the look of the "stallion-ish" TWH and its within a reasonable driving distance, what's the hurt? If you were planning on possibly buying a young horse, I'm guessing you know some things about basic training and ground manners... maybe they just never had the means or knowledge to work with a horse anything more than "dead broke". You just never know unless you see for yourself. I bought my newest horse, at the time a barely saddle-broke three year old colt, off of craigslist ad with minimal information and photos that made him appear quite downhill and a bit scrawny. When I went to see him, he pulled his owner all over on the lunge; bucking, hopping, jumping around, surely acting in a manner I about thanked the man for his time and left. But when I went to interact with and ride him I swear we just bonded right then and there... he immediately calmed and was an absolute gentleman, I knew I had to take him. Oh and as far as purchase price? $385. When I first met him. Midas today, a month later. Like I said, you just never know what you may (or in other cases, may not!) be missing. I also understand the woes of horse searching very well, you just have to let the variables line up. I suppose that's part of fun?
  13. April Riding

    Are you guys drinking Bud Light? LOL looks like a good time and that little mule IS awesome...and very pretty greys!
  14. Trail Pictures

    Thanks so much everyone for your comments :) I really love him and enjoy spending time with him, although I do admit it'll be more exciting when I start riding. I'm curious to see how he will mature, because it seems he has some growing to do yet even though he's almost three. I wouldn't mind an inch or two in height, but if not that's okay (he's 14.1 now) because I am sure he will fill out a bit, being half Quarter. Oh and YES he is going grey, I haven't seen another horse quite like him in this phase though. His sire is unknown so he could very well have Arab, and sometimes I can really believe it. And I finally got my bf to help me teach him to trot off. Took to it like a breeze :) so our "walks" can now include some jog time as well.
  15. 8 Month Old Arabian Colt

    I just wanted to say that your boy is gorgeous; no critique but good luck with him and please continue the updates :)