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  1. Once In A Lifetime?

    Wow. I disapprove a 15 year old CHILD getting pregnant and ya'll jump on me. What's wrong with this picture? Ya'll are whacked. This is a prime example of jumping on the ban wagon. [edited by Admin]
  2. This Is A Vent, Whine, Complaing Post.

    You having one of those days ma dear? It'll be better tomorrow.
  3. Once In A Lifetime?

    No I'm not reiner. Go jump somewhere else.
  4. Once In A Lifetime?

    I took a pill. I don't care anymore. Nor will I care again. audrey I'm not filled with hate. Disgust over someone who seems intelligent yet not intelligent enough to protect herself yes. Hate no. I had forgotten that teenagers know everything. My bad. I'm going to enjoy my buzz now. Buh bye.
  5. Blistering A Locked Stifle?

    It's not my horse. I saw on another forum where a vet had recommended it and was wondering what effect it would have. Thanks ya'll for the info.
  6. Once In A Lifetime?

    Well first of honey, I am in the south. I was not trying to insult you. I was just wanting to know where your brains went and no I will not keep my mouth shut. I will voice my opinion. YOU should have known better. Your checking into WIC? What, you don't have a job to buy your babies milk, cheese and cereal? You approved for medicaid? I don't want to pay for your medical expenses. You don't have a job? YOU can't pay for your doctor? Yet your having a baby. Thanks for dumping that on us tax payers. Appreciate it. As far as what your going through your wrong dearie. I know EXACTLY what your going through AND I know what I'm talking about. I also know you had better become a very strong individual as soon as that baby is born. Good luck.
  7. Anyone In The Air Force?

    Ok. Thanks broo.
  8. Anyone In The Air Force?

    I remember back when you enlisted, boom you were outta there and in the military. There was no I'm leaving for boot camp in 3 months, etc. You left IMMEDIATELY. Mindy just left for 3 days to take tests so does that mean all the paperwork has been signed and she's actually enlisted? I knew she was going to take the test but I didn't know she would be gone for 3 days till she was headed out the door. I'm so confused on this because I feel like she's not informing me about everything. Mindy is pretty much my adopted daughter and she lives with me. I'm just having a hard time understanding this.
  9. Once In A Lifetime?

    Yes. God yes. It breaks my heart.
  10. Anyone In The Air Force?

    Great! After he signed some papers, did he leave for 3 days and if so why? I know they take a test but is this when they do the physical and such? Also when you are enlisted do they send you a list "job openings" and you decide is you want to take one and if you don't do they send you another a couple of months later? If this confuses you, your not alone lol.
  11. Once In A Lifetime?

    Life is hard yes but it's much, much harder when your very young with a baby.
  12. Once In A Lifetime?

    Neon, I've made many mistakes that I, myself had to clean up but I was never pregnant at 15.
  13. Once In A Lifetime?

    How do you know she can Jetty? Are you a single mom? I was for 13 years and I was 26 when I had Devin. It's extremely hard! PH do you have what it takes to take care of you and the baby? Please, think long and hard on this. A bed of roses it ain't. I'm well aware that I'm not her parent. I don't need that pointed out. My daughter listened and learned in health class. PH has enormous life changes coming about and I certainly hope she can cope. At least for the babies sake because PH honey, you have one h e l l of a row to hoe.
  14. Once In A Lifetime?

    How was she treated wrong Nikki? Because everyone is saying oh I'm so sorry that you wrecked your life? I'm sure she'll get plenty of support and I'm quite sure she knows what birth control is! She's a baby having a baby for pete's sake and you people condone this?! True there is no point is raising cane. This crap just fires me up. As much as birth control is preached to these kids and they are still stupid about it. I will NOT address a situation like this respectfully. It's not a respectful situation. It's a very STUPID situation! I'll edit my post. YES Broo that was VERY necessary! She put herself in that situation! I hate to see kids throw their lives away all because they got horny.
  15. Anyone In The Air Force?

    Thanks Jack but that ain't gonna help none here. 1966 was many, many moons ago and things have changed. Not saying your old or anything....just that things have changed lol.