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  1. Where did you go to school, carlofab, am I allowed to ask? There are a number of universities nearby.
  2. In the first photo of the home you are looking at the south side of the house. The old red homestead is on the north side of the house.
  3. News From Austgin ...

    How awesome is THAT? Congrats, dude!
  4. Thanks, carlo...but that is only because I don't come here on my worst days, when it seems the rift in my space-time continuum will implode my universe. My strength on strong days comes only from One who is stronger than I.
  5. Buying A Tucker Saddle

    Ah ha, ye olde wire trick! Thanks for the info, filing away for later use.
  6. It's like you were reading my mind! I want to use the foundation stones from the original home to build gate posts, and I was thinking about the laser cut okas on the barn doors or corn crib doors, but heck yes!
  7. Buying A Tucker Saddle

    How awesome is that? Tell me how you decided on a tree shape, or, more specifically, how you determined which tree shape is most appropriate for Dixie's back shape?
  8. Been Feeling Lousy Lately.

    Glad to hear you are not waiting and hope you get to feeling better soon!
  9. I Got A New Pony!

    Luff her! Now I can come down and take HER for a spin, right?
  10. I would LOVE it if Jasper would acclimate to being housemates with Miss Cat! If he just leaves her alone she will be fine, she is not super active anyway. I just happen to have an extra crate, big enough for my 90 pounds dogs, so I will be sure to put it to good use! Jasper is a tuxedo...sort of. I have a pic from inspection day, will have to post if I can remember to do it when I am upstairs at the PC.
  11. Pffft....of course! HC is a part of who I am today. Seriously.
  12. Iron Oak Farm, "Where Seeds Become Trees." This covers SO many aspects of what I desire for this place....unbelieveable.... Gonna stay open for suggestions, but I am so feeling this one! Although I still love the whimsy of Bent Penny....
  13. I cannot wait to share the story, equi, it was SUCH providence....
  14. I LOVE the upstairs floors....I hate what they did to them downstairs. But that is fixable!