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  1. Place Your Bets!

  2. Place Your Bets!

    I am going to go with a bay appy filly on March 21.
  3. Interesting Test

    I said a green sledgehammer.
  4. Home-Grown?

    We currently have 6 hens that we collect eggs from and last year we tried raising our first meat chickens. I work at a swine facility and all my pork comes from pigs we raise. We also fill our freezer with walleye, pheasant, duck, goose, and deer depending on what we catch or shoot throughout the year. Our buffalo meat we buy at our local butcher shop which sells locally raised buffalo. About the only thing I haven't gotten local or produced myself so far is beef but I now have contacts for that as well! I love knowing where my food comes from and how it is raised! As far as rabbit, I've only tried it once in rabbit stew but I did enjoy it.
  5. Oh Wow!

    Very cool!
  6. Lets See Those Christmas Trees!

    My picture? If so, thanks! It was a gift from my brother a few years ago.
  7. Lets See Those Christmas Trees!

    Ours is just an artificial tree.
  8. Christmas Spirit Acts

    I just started donating a portion of monthly board for a young, horse-crazy girl and her new horse. I have donated new infant clothes/diapers/etc to new mothers in need. I have also donated to a service-dog organization. I try to keep my donations semi-local or personal. One time at a hotel I worked at in frigid ND, a businesswoman paid for a hotel stay for a young homeless man whom I had allowed inside to warm up in the lobby with a hot cup of coffee on a subzero evening.
  9. Annual Black Friday Thread

    I will be working. I don't mind though. I get paid double time and a half for the day and get to stay far away from the madness!
  10. Could you please PM me the information? I also served in Afghanistan during this timeframe so it hits particularly close to home for me.
  11. Do You Ever Want To........

    I actually love my current job. I work in a pig barn for a global swine genetics company. The pay and benefits are great for our area with room for advancement.
  12. Makaylas 4Th Birthday Cake

    That is so cool!
  13. My New View

    How awesome! Congrats!
  14. Do You Feel Stupid On Small Horses?

    I've ridden a lot of short horses/tall ponies and I am 5'6". I did sell my 14 hh gelding though because I felt he was too fine boned for me and the type of riding I wanted to do. Now I have a 14.2 hh gelding that is stout and feel like he is a much better fit size-wise. I used to work as a trail guide and had to ride everything from tall ponies on up to get them ready for the trail string and for the short rides we did, I never really felt too big.
  15. Lacey In English Tack For The First Time (Photos)

    Very cool! I would also love to take English lessons someday as I have always ridden Western (and once in an endurance saddle).