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  1. I Need A Saddle...

    i do have a saddle that fits her that i can ride in but the problem is more that its a SCHOOL saddle so if the barn owner needs it for lessons i either have to ride bareback or use a different saddle that fits her but pinches the persons leg at the walk and the trot...so far i have a hard time finding anything....we do know that a treeless saddle is an option if it comes down to that but they are just so expencive.
  2. Dressage Seat?

    do you mean half-passes or leg yeilds....there is significant difference in the diffaculty and they can seem very simaliar if no one has explained the difference.
  3. I Need A Saddle...

    i have been riding in one of my instructors school saddles forever and i despratly need a new saddle the problem....no one posts the measurements on the saddle other than the seat size and i am very inexperienced at judging....i also need a narrow twist because i am so used to having that that if i ride in a wide twist i am falling all over the place. dose anyone know of a saddle that has a 4-5 inch front (gullet i wanna say but im not sure) and a narrow twist....what saddles fit that description...
  4. Hus Prospect?

    wow beautiful.......i'm so jealous my girls 6 and she is just now getting to the point where shez even remotly ready for serious work and the canter is on hold for her........bummer.....and she's a paint and dosnt have such pretty markings its not fair i tell you
  5. Longer Manes?

    well...idk i usually see short manes in the dressage world but because i own an arabian Im typically the odd one out however i love having the long mane because i dont have to do those long annoying button braids i can simply do a quick french braid and call it a day......i love long manes but i rarely see them on any horse other than my own at shows....and when i do they tend to also be arabians.....so take long thought are u seeing more long manes or just more arabians???
  6. Hus And 15hh Horse - Pics Added

    nah 15 is a good size....but im partial to smaller horses i have a 14.2 arabian and a 15.1 paint and trust me they both have a tendancy to stand out in a crowd and with that movement and coloring she just screams look at me.
  7. People Showing English, Question For You All.

    i totally agree with the person above me that is exactly what i would do.... they work just as well and you do not have to worry about them as much when your done...
  8. My Lesson Pic

    he looks great everything will come together in due time....Ive had to work for about 3-4 years to get my mare to the point where first level was even being considered so your doing much better than us....we both had some issues we needed to work out and being able to get away from eachother (riding wise) allowed us to do that and bond more.......he looks great u pinpointed all of the issues i can see with him and btw hes an absolutly gorgous horse.
  9. When To Move Up?

    I have been working on the first level tests since march in practice so that when we go to shows the training level tests are easier....and in the beginning i admit there were some....okay alot.... of bugs in or first 4 but our first 1 was a decent test....however considering my horse is who she is there was a good suprize factor involved....my instructor seems to think that Angel and I will be capable of competing first level by fall as of all the work we have been doing....however our last show we only did the intro tests due to the fact that it was her first show since she coliced and my first show in over a year.....Now we would probally only be doing T4 and 1-1 but i still feel the need to ask........... I will admit our lengthinings would require a bit more work in warmup than i would like them to but every horse has their issues....and she may not want to canter as much away from home....and part of the problem is working on the change at x in first 4.... What would be your deciding factor in moving up to doing a first 1 test?
  10. He's Here!

    yah that judge need to come back more often. that horse is def. way better than a good score hes really really really cute...ur gonna have fun with him. that judge need to comeback more often though.
  11. He's Here!

    congrats! i like the judge that was at the NFDA show last saturday she was practically giving away scores in the 70s of course all the horses did really well that got the 70s anyways hes absoulutly adoreable.
  12. Shock Of A Lifetime

    Today (3/21) was Angel and my's first show since october at least a year and a half ago. We've done a few small just for fun shows but nothing dressagey....so im expecting head in the air kicking and pinned ears so i enter her in intro...which i felt was safest for our first show in a while. we take the horses out friday because of feeding issues its just angel and my instructors horse who she and her daughter share. we ride them around the ring to school and they do fine but i'm still expecting dramatics in the morning. we go out in the morning...running late because i didnt have the keys to the trailer to get my stuff. and in our warm up shes bringing her head down and relaxing and moving forward and actually behaiving for the most part...long story short we end up with a 60 and 64 percentage. sadly there are no pictures as everyone forgot....things dont go quite as well with my instructors horse.
  13. What Do Ya Think?

    my only question is that i thougth the german marting gale was an english thing b/c when its with the western bits it can be to harsh idk just a question
  14. he reminds me of my instructors 25 year old horse Blitz he is another of those hroses that is just so trustworthy. I was probally the last one to ride him before he retired he hadnt been ridden in at least 9 mos to a year and i hopped on him bareback with a halter and 2 leadropes and he was as solid as ever...i love that horse...anyway hes got the same face and that trust me look. Also i bet your horse is a great hugger am i right??
  15. Sadie

    wow thats bad luck im not sure what to tell you confo wise since im just trying to learn but i would hate to buy such a great horse and then have something like that happen...im glad shes okay though! my friend leased a former grand prix jumper that had what we thought were just bad hocks when she got him so she could only jump him up to 2ft9 but latter on everyone fond out it was degenrative hocks and he was put down this summer b/c it got so bad and the owner didnt even call her and tell her....its really sad.