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  1. Ah smart! I want to as it gets me in a lot of trouble that darn FB. But I keep up with so many friends and family from far away.
  2. Sara Wolfgang-Allgaier I like to keep in touch with you guys, but never visit hc often anymore.
  3. Am I Right To Be Upset!?

    I know lots of shelters have an "adoptable" page and a "happy ending" page on their websites. I'd try every shelters page with in say 50 miles? And post on craiglsist, flyers ect.... just to see if anything comes from it. Can you call the shelters and ask if a dog with her description came in by any chance? Just say I lost my dog she looks like this ect... it's been awhile? Maybe that way you could get info? I'd keep trying and see if you can find anyone who knows anyone in these shelters that are some what close to you. Never know, anything's worth a shot. I'm so very sorry this happened to you. That's not right, and anyone who surrenders a pet should be black listed from a rescue. At least in her case, she could of assumed since you stayed in touch you would take the dog back, that would of been easier then to just dump her.
  4. Am I Doing The Right Thing?

    I would not file for bankruptcy. That will kill you.For a very long time. Have you looked into anything by Dave Ramsey? I've heard lots of good things from him about budgeting and saving and have tested it a bit myself. I would just keep paying on everything. Possibly sell the trailer but not the horse and just keep chugging along. I know it's not easy. I found a nice 2 bedroom 1.5 bath on 1 acre for the same price and nope. So I share your pain on that one. Take it one day at a time.
  5. I feel for you. I used to work at a vet clinic and shocking it sounds spot on from what you have described. (different area though) I'm really not sure if the receptionist should be telling you what to do on antibiotics. It's to bad their is not another vet near you. They sound awful. And the fact that you were on hold that long and have to keep telling who ever else answers the phone your question over and over again. Would simply just make me hang up.
  6. Animal Communication

    Hey I met her! She was at the physic fair in Canastota where my friends and I went one year. Didn't do a reading as they were too $$$ and it was also a fee to get in. Which we didn't realize not sure why we thought it would be cheap/free? But we went around and met everyone which was pretty cool. Not sure if they are "real" persay or not... But I'd love to get one just for kicks.
  7. I would lock up the kitties until the dogs were taken care of. I would just hate to risk a kitty. Please stay safe out there Heidi!
  8. Guard Dog...or Not

    When I had my rottweiler she was friendly as heck! I took her everywhere with me. TSC, pet stores, the race track the laundry mat you name it. My landlord had a key and walked into our house while we were sleeping, I heard her growling (she knew this landlord and never had an issue with her before) and she got more and more intense the closer the landlord got to her. We happened to be asleep upstairs. I waited (I know bad on my part but I was curious and hoping she would just leave!) once I heard Belle get really loud growling I got up and called out she stopped and was fine after that. Another time My other half's brother tried to sneak up on us and jump on us while we were asleep (again she knew his brother and never had an issue) she started with the growling and got louder and louder the closer he got to us. I was watching him the whole time trying to be sneaky with and whatnot. He went to jump on us and the dog jumped out at him. He just about pee'd himself. I told him to stop early on but he didn't. Guess he learned the hard way! I let me friends Grandmother have her, as she needed a guard dog (though I still didn't think she was a guard dog) and was very lonely and lived alone. Belle really took to her so I felt she was happier with her than with me. The Grandmother had went on vacation for a few days and the daughter who Belle knew very well was taking care of her. Belle would not let her in the house for anything! But when her family was around she was the sweetest dog! Wouldn't hurt a fly. Loved to be around people, loves getting belly rubs! Miss that dog like crazy! Though I know she does not miss moving around and living in apartments. And enjoys guarding her own home now.
  9. Obama "care"

    My boss and I got into this the other day. As much as I disagree with debating this at work let alone with my boss! She wouldn't let it go. I live in America, were I assumed I was at my own free will. I do not believe you should create a law to force me to buy something and then tax me if I do not. Then I was told well get government insurance, ok sure but I don't want the government in control of my health. She put it in terms of "I don't want to pay your hospital bill if you can't afford to pay it" But if your paying taxes and I was on government insurance you would be in a way regardless. Plus as my manager you know how much I make, you know I can not afford insurance and that I can't get it though work due to not being full time or there long enough. Or though a private company as again I don't make enough as it is. So having the conversation/ heated debate with me comes off kind of... I guess pointless? Plus if my government can not budget how can I be expected to ad this to my already tight budget?
  10. I sadly can't even bat an eye at the stupidity of people anymore. Wow. And of course that "breeder" of the toygers is making boat loads of money, wonder if he's claiming all of that money he's making off those kittens? Toyger makes me think of like the "tea cup" small dogs, that people swear up and down is a real breed/ size.
  11. But what is their future?
  12. yay!!!! I'm so glad you posted a good update! All day I wondered what was happening!!!
  13. Wondered what you named him! ;) Good hopefully you get good news from the small animal vet as well. lol yes the color shocked me and of course I was replying at 2 am so i wasn't 100% sure I was even in the ball park.
  14. It's a boy?! But oh he's adorable! Really, really, really hoping you get good news tomorrow. It's a good sign though that he's eating and putting on weight. But none the less prayers and fingers crossed for this little guy.