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  1. Check-In Here!

    I remember you from a long time ago! Congrats on your degree and new career! That is great you still have all of your horses! You probably don't remember me, but I used to live in Minnesota (Grand Rapids) but moved to Oklahoma in 2006. My family still lives in Grand Rapids and my husband's family is in Duluth. We will be in Duluth next month actually.
  2. Whats Up Weekend

    This is a busy weekend for me. Last night, we had friends over. This morning, went to see the new Star Wars for the second time with friends and it was our son's first time seeing it. This afternoon, I had a great ride on Dreamer! We rode in the arena and then we rode on the trails with a couple other boarders. It is so rewarding when I see how Dreamer is learning new things and getting more comfortable on the trails. She is still green broke, but she is coming along really nicely! I have had her almost 5 months now, and I cannot imagine life without her. She is such a good girl and so fun to ride! Tomorrow, I work my church job in the morning, then my family will go to our bird club meeting (we have a cockatoo and three parrots) and I hope to ride Dreamer again. Never a dull moment!
  3. Wild Weekend?

    My weekend started off crazy. Went on a nice trail ride with another boarder after work on Friday. Dreamer was great until the end of the ride when she got hyped up and started getting feisty when we were loping up a hill. She started bucking and I ended up on the ground (she bucks like a bronc, ugh). Thankfully I fell on my butt and was able to get back on her within a minute! She rode perfectly the rest of the way back to the barn. Then yesterday my son got sick with the nasty stomach virus that has been going around. Poor thing. He woke up feeling all better today, though! Today, I worked my Sunday morning job, got a hair cut, went to the barn and rode Dreamer in the arena (she did great today), and spent time with my family and animals and did some housework. This weekend went by too fast. I can't wait until we have a long weekend again!
  4. Too Too Tuesday

    Walking out of work today, lol. It was a chaotic day at work and I am so physically and emotionally drained from it. No horse therapy tonight because I had to get home and spend time with my son. He got in trouble at school today and had to be sent home early. Not a great ending to the day. But he has been on good behavior this evening. He has been helpful around the house. It was nice to have some quality time with him. We will go see Dreamer after his dentist appointment tomorrow. I hope weather cooperates enough for me to lead line him on Dreamer for the first time. I think he would have a blast! It made me proud that his New Year's resolution is to learn to ride horses.
  5. Lucky The Umbrella Cockatoo

    Lucky is gorgeous! I am glad your family is enjoying him! My family has turned into a bird family, too. We have a bare-eyed cockatoo, a Senegal parrot, and a black capped conure. They sure are characters! Our birds are very particular about who handles them. Our cockatoo favors my husband and the other two only seem to like me. Our Senegal is the only one who talks so far, but I am pretty sure our conure will eventually have a vocabulary.
  6. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!!! Love your picture!
  7. Apha Member Help?

    I would be so grateful if someone on here with an APHA membership could do me a huge favor and look up ownership records on two APHA horses I used to have. My APHA membership is over and I don't want to renew it when I only have an AQHA horse now. The first is a 2000 sorrel overo APHA gelding "Luckys Calliope". The second is a 2008 solid sorrel APHA mare "Sheza Superior Remedy". Thanks in advance!
  8. Fantastic Its Friday!

    It was a bit chilly here in Oklahoma today, but I had the day off work (today started my week and a half winter break). I got to go to my son's school winter celebration and weekly community circle and have breakfast out with my husband and run around town all day doing Christmas shopping and errands. I had a job interview yesterday, and today I found out they want to do a second interview on Tuesday, so I am really excited! It is sad for me to think about leaving my current job where I am established and comfortable, but it all boils down to my boss not being willing to pay me what I am worth. I just got a further degree in the field, and I am barely getting a raise. The only way you get a raise with my current company is by getting a more advanced degree. I just feel like there is no room for advancement there and I need to get paid more to be able to live more comfortably. No horse time today, unfortunately, but I plan to spend a lot of time at the barn on my break!
  9. Apha Member Help?

    Ok, thank you so much!
  10. Terrific Tuesday

    Sorry so many are dealing with rain and freezing rain today. We had fun over the weekend, but it is drying up more this week. It was beautiful today - in the 60s this afternoon. I got to squeeze in a quick 25-minute trail ride on Dreamer after work before it got too dark. It felt amazing! Dreamer was so good tonight, too. I can now hop on her without warming her up first on the ground, and she rides off without any issues. I was pretty cautious with her when I first got her. The previous owner made me paranoid that she was going to need a lot of refreshing, but she has really been taught well and we make a very good team. She may still be green, but it is just from lack of experience and being a young horse. Not from any bad habits. I am disappointed looking at the weather forecast for next week. I have the whole next week off work, and of course it is supposed to rain half the week or more. This happened to us on Thanksgiving week, too.
  11. Apha Member Help?

    Yes, I do. I have not asked anywhere else yet.
  12. Monday Monday Monday..

    Ooh SeaWorld sounds fun! I hope everyone getting sick lately feels better soon. I got a cold virus that is not fun a little over a week ago. I think I am finally at the end of it. So needless to say, my weekend was pretty boring. It consisted of resting at home and just short visits to see Dreamer at the barn. It rained a lot here Saturday night and Sunday, too. I always work at a church nursery on Sunday mornings (it is my horse board and care money). This week started off pretty good! My son lost his first tooth! (He is 6) I also found out that I get to have a 4-day work week because I get to take Friday off to go to my son's program at school. And I have all next week off. Lots of horse time, I hope! I got to brush Dreamer this evening, but there was not enough daylight to ride. Something exciting that happened today was that I got an interview scheduled for a potential new job! I have been afraid to change jobs because I love my co-teachers and kids in my classroom, but my company is not willing to pay me what I am worth with my education and skills. The potential job has amazing benefits because it is at a college, and the pay would be almost $4/hour more! It would help a lot. The drawback would be that I might not get to see Dreamer as much because my current job is only a mile from her, but the potential job is a long ways from her and the opposite direction from my house. It will all work out.. keeping my fingers crossed! I hope you all have a great week!
  13. Dreamer Pictures!

    I think I can actually post pictures of my new horse when I am on my lap top (I guess it is harder from a smart phone). I want to introduce my new girl (and currently my only horse), Holly Would Dreamer. Dreamer is a 4 year old bay roan AQHA mare. She had 60 days of training with a cutting trainer last fall/winter and had mostly been sitting around the pasture this year until I bought her October 5th. The lady I got her from only bought her at a sale at the end of May and I feel like Dreamer was really a "diamond in the rough" after seeing the environment she came from. The horses there were underweight (at least one or two way underweight) and they had a really poor quality pasture. Dreamer had lots of burrs in her mane, tail, and forelock and needed a hoof trim when I got her. She also had warts on her face (probably the baby warts young horses typically get). She was also hard to catch. It would take maybe 5-10 minutes to catch her sometimes. She has quickly blossomed since I got her. She now comes when I call her and is easy to put a halter on, her warts are gone, no burrs and her forelock is growing back, and her hooves have been trimmed twice in the past two months. It will be a gradual process to get her hooves looking perfect (the front hooves flare out), but they are definitely improving with two trims. Dreamer is still considered green broke and I have been working a lot on desensitizing her to different things around the barn. I board her at a local barn and she is doing great there. She is so fun to ride! She has an amazing trot and lope and is so sensitive to voice cues and leg pressure. She definitely got a great foundation put on her from a former owner and the trainer. I actually have been talking to her second owner who had her for two years until the end of May (the ones who had her when she was in training), and it has been very helpful to hear what they did with her. They said you could not get within 10 feet of her when they bought her as a 2 year old. She had not had much handling at the ranch she was raised on. She has come so far. She quickly bonded with me and my quiet, calm, patient personality is exactly what she needs. I found a gem! I love this horse so much already and can't wait to see how she does with more rides. Now what you all care about.. Pictures! The day after I got her.. First day I rode her at my barn.. Let's just say it ended in a rodeo because the saddle did not fit her right... Me with Dreamer the first week I think this was after round penning her with a friend's saddle on I took her for a walk on the trails because she had never been on trails before I got her More pictures to come...
  14. Dreamer Pictures!

    Thanks everyone! Heidi n Q, Dreamer's blanket is a Storm Shield one from Schneider's. Probably very similar to yours! I have thankfully not had to blanket her yet this winter, but I am sure the time will come soon. Yeah, her star seems unique how it is just an outline with roaning. I am really enjoying her so far! She does pretty good with my son on the ground, but she needs more desensitizing before he gets led around on her. She spooked when we tried to put him on her about a month ago.
  15. Stupendous Sunday

    How did everyone's day turn out? Epona, that sounds painful! I hope you recover quickly from that. I am happy I ended up riding today. It was perfect weather. One of the ladies at my barn asked if I wanted to hit the trails with her, so we rode our green horses together and another boarder joined us. This was Dreamer's first ride in 2.5 weeks and she was so good! This was her first trail ride with other horses and her fourth trail ride ever.
  16. Stupendous Sunday

    I worked at my church job this morning (it is my job that pays for my horse addiction lol). Going to the barn now. It is a beautiful sunny day in the 50s. Less windy than yesterday. I am wanting to ride, but I am not feeling too well so we will see.. other than that, my family needs to go grocery shopping today and we will do family night.
  17. I Am Back!

    I have not really been on here much the past few years, but I finally become a horse owner again this spring. I rescued a yearling bay roan filly from the feedlot in April and nursed her back to health and tried to get her over her fear of being touched and get her halter broke. It was a slow process because she did not want to be my friend. After owning her for about 6 months, I could not handle the stress and rejection I felt when I went to see her. We did not seem to be a good fit, though I loved her. So, I sold her at the end of September and bought my new horse less than a week later. My new horse is a 4.5 year old bay roan AQHA mare "Holly Would Dreamer" or "Dreamer" for short. I love her so much already and we seem perfect together! She had 60 days training last fall/winter and hardly had any riding this year before I bought her. She was a diamond in the rough. The lady I bought her from got her at a horse sale at the end of May and did not ride her due to health and weather reasons. Dreamer is a smart horse and has quickly bonded with me and has made a lot of progress already! When I bought her, she was really needing a hoof trim, needed some weight put on, had a mane and tail full of burrs, and had warts. All of those health issues are resolved now and she is doing so great at my barn. I am so happy with my boarding facility. I wish I had known about it when I had Goldie, because then maybe I could have kept her. My barn is only a mile from my work, and I get to see her nearly every day. I would post pictures of Dreamer, but I have no idea how to do it on these new boards.. I hope all of you are doing well! I miss when this board was so active with posts.
  18. I Am Back!

    I just made a separate post with Dreamer pictures..
  19. Dreamer Pictures!

    Ok, last post! These pictures are from today when I tried on Dreamer's new winter blanket. She was so good about it, but she spooked when she saw another horse wearing a blanket. Ha ha!
  20. Dreamer Pictures!

    She has such a sweet face - I love her star Our first trail ride (sorry, I never have someone to take riding pictures of us.. We usually ride solo!) After a ride Another trail ride (she has been on three now) Dreamer with my son, Connor (6 years old), on Monday Connor and Dreamer again Just a few more pictures coming.
  21. I Am Back!

    Lauren, I am glad you still have both of your boys! I would love to see you sometime when you are in the area! I board Dreamer in Broken Arrow and would love for you to meet her. I will try to work on getting the picture thing figured out this weekend. I do not have any big plans for Dreamer other than getting her out on lots of different trails, finish her training, and I also am interested in learning some cutting and team penning/sorting. Her training last year was by a cutting horse trainer. And Connor is great! Thanks for asking. We waited an extra year to put him in kindergarten because of his late August birthday and his maturity level. So he started kindergarten this year at 6 years old and he is doing great! He tested into the gifted/talented program and he loves his school. He really loves science and math so far and is a beginner reader. I am trying to get him into horses. He loves going to the barn with me and loves to help boarders clean their horse paddocks lol.
  22. I Am Back!

    Hey Lauren! I have been thinking about you every so often. How are you? Still have Highly and Clyde? We are still in Tulsa. It is great to hear from you!
  23. My New Horse Is Afraid To Be Touched

    Hi all. I used to be an active poster on Horsecity back in the glory days (lol). I left the boards for a few years because I had to sell my horses due to have a baby and having no time and money for a horse anymore. Anyway, I finally got a horse again in April. She is a rescue from a feedlot (saved her from slaughter). I know nothing about her background but am pretty positive judging by her size and behavior that she is a yearling. I am also guessing that she was either thrown out to pasture with other horses and pretty much had no human interaction, or she was abused by former owner. I bought her sight unseen from a rescue group on facebook and did not realize that she will not let people touch her until I had already bought her. She has turned into more of a project than I was expecting, but I have no regrets. I loved her at first sight. She is smart, curious, and wants to be near people. She has made a lot of progress since I started working with her. I see her daily (except for a week recently when I was on vacation). I have found that she absolutely loves food and it is a motivating factor for her. She still is very timid about being touched, but she does not mind touching me with her muzzle. She will sniff noses with me and let me stand right next to her as long as I am not touching her. She also lets me kiss her on the muzzle. The second my hand goes out, she is walking away or shying away. I have not been able to walk her down as much as I want to, because we have had nonstop rain here in Oklahoma so her paddock is a muddy mess and it is really hard work walking through the mud for a long period of time. (for both of us - she almost fell trying to run through the mud a couple days ago). I cannot enclose her in her stall or she is a nervous wreck and will likely hurt herself (and/or me). She is friendly and does not act aggressive toward me. I can tell she wants to be around me and enjoys when I come out to see her. She walks over to me in the paddock but does not usually walk the whole way to me. What I am wondering is if anyone has any fresh ideas on how to progress to her letting me touch her? My husband and I are considering herding her into a chute so she has no choice but to let us touch her. Maybe she will realize it is no big deal. I am afraid it could have the opposite effect, though. I feel awful because I can't halter break her yet since I can't even touch her, I can't brush her so she looks a mess with hay in her mane and her winter fuzz still mixed in with her summer coat in some places, and I can't get a farrier out to trim her hooves (which need attention soon) because she cannot be handled for that yet. She did get vetted while she was in quarantine so has her vaccinations and coggins done. I did also de-worm her. Thanks in advance!
  24. My New Horse Is Afraid To Be Touched

    Thanks! Just wanted to update again.. River is making progress every day! She now lets me approach her in her paddock and pet her. She prefers me petting/brushing her right side, but I am sure she will warm up to the left side. She looks so much healthier now that she can be pet and groomed. Still no luck getting a halter on because she is shy about the bridge of her nose being touched, but we will get there soon. I have unfortunately had to treat some parasite problems lately.. I found horse lice on her a week ago, so I treated her twice already and will do one more treatment next week to be safe. So gross. River is such a sweetheart and very smart. It has been rewarding seeing her start to trust me more and relax around me.
  25. My New Horse Is Afraid To Be Touched

    Thank you for the responses!!!! We actually made huge progress today. We never had a problem getting close to her. I can stand next to her no problem and she sniffs noses with me all the time. She would never eat of my hand because she was terrified of human hands, yet nothing else seems to phase her. We were able to lure her to the cattle chute today and shut her in there. She actually did so wonderful and did not show signs of losing interest or getting irritated so we were able to work with her for about two hours in the chute. I started with petting her hindquarters because she always seemed the most at ease with her hindquarters touched. She instantly started enjoying that touch when she realized I was rubbing off her excess hair and getting her itchy spots. I was able to progress to petting the rest of her body in our session though I did not work heavily on her belly or legs today. I did do hindquarters, body/barrel, back, withers, neck, chest, shoulder, and face though. She let my husband and I progress to brushing her with a rubber curry, metal curry, dandy brush, mane/tail brush (she even patiently stood there for a long time as I got some matted hair out of her mane), face brush, etc. We found a tick on her jaw and thankfully she cooperated and I was eventually able to get her to enjoy being pet on the face and get the tick off her. She looks like a completely different horse now that she finally got some much-needed grooming attention. She seemed much more at ease around us after the time in the chute and we made sure to reward her with grain throughout the session. We let her get some energy out in the arena and graze on grass afterwards. I was so proud of how well she did today. It was the best feeling in the world finally getting to touch her and see her enjoy it and not shy away from it! She followed my husband all the way back to her paddock afterwards when he was holding the grain bucket. She is a smart filly. I hope today's session helps with her being touched in the paddock, but if not, we can hopefully try the chute again. I was surprised how comfortable/calm she got in there. Normally she freaks if she feels confined. We got all of the excess hair off her today. She is quite the beauty - cleans up nice!!! She was very affectionate, too. She would nudge us affectionately while in the chute and sniff our hands frequently.