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  1. Does Your Name Has A Meaning?

    Kuro means 'Black' Rei means 'Spirit' Ange means 'Angel' so all together its BlackSpiritAngel....i'd really like to change it but i don't know how to do that without making a completely new account. i am called Kuro IRL and by all my my online friends...been stuck with it for 10 years but i like it
  2. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    such a cute baby you have there Spiffy!! so adorable!! i about jumped out my chair both times i watch the vid when they stepped/kicked the board
  3. Agressive Horse

    i had a gelding like Cheri talked about started out just being agressive to the alpha gelding but then he started beating up all the geldings(was pastured with a mixed herd) and would herd up the mares in a corner and would beat up the gelding if the even dared get to close one day i camy to the stables and found him already in his pen and the other all in the other one...well i went and got my QH gelding Phoenix who had been his best bud since the day they met and i hadn't been told yet that the BM's husband had to chase him into the pen with the TRACTOR because they couldn't get close enough to catch him chase him with a whip well i went to put Phoenix in with him and wham! he attacks Phoenix, scares Phoenix terribly and makes him fall into the fence(and there fore denting said fence) and the inside and lower part of Phoenix's leg was scratch up pretty bad after he did that i wasn't putting up with it anymore for the next month he spent his time in solitary confinement till he was sold he never came out of that pen enlse i was there but he always acted fine with me never did anything wrong but couldn't be truted to be turned out with the others i miss him everyday but i just was gonna put up with it anymore sense he was even so eager to attack his best horsie friend so violently. sold him to a person whos having a great time working with and riding him. and then a few months later Phoenix was starting to do the same thing but to a lesser degree...he'd only chase the previous alpha(same one other gelding chased) after a while it ended up with him penned up most of the day and only out by himself for a couple hours but once we moved away and i had him at home with just him and my other horses(which consist of a TB gelding, a mustang mare, and a paint filly) he was perfectly fine no problems...mustang mare is alpha and he's second in command and he doesn't chase the other two or anything like that anymore i just believe he didn't like that one gelding and he's lifer anyway and since he's doen't do it anymore there's no longer a problem with him
  4. Wanna See What I Got? *pics*

    very cute rats! but i couldn't have them...for if i didn't wash my hands after i held them i'd get bit by some of my critters for it cause it smelt good! and your a kansas person! i am too...there aren't enough kansas people on here
  5. Some New Pictures Of Daniel At His New Stable

    dunno. wants me to type in a password but i don't know the password.
  6. Some New Pictures Of Daniel At His New Stable

    i like the look of those. i can't get onto the trading form but is there anyway i could get one from you or would i have to make my own?? i really like it and i know my Phoenix would go great in one
  7. Crazy Awesome Jumping Video

    nice round but the horse didn't look happy to me...looked like he/she was rushing, tossing its head a bit, pinned ears a few times, and the bucking and kicking out maybe i'm just weird but that what it looks like to was a nice round of jumping though
  8. Looking For A Good Cat Food

    Royal Canin Urinary SO is another tpye of food they might help the kitty.
  9. Giant Horses! Who Has Them?

    here's my giant...he is a 12(turns 13 in april) 17hh OTTB and wouldn't hurt a fly! i can lead my cousin and her friend around on him and he just walks around like its nothing and he also lets my non-horsey hasn't ridden since high school dad ride him and i don't have to worry about him getting to much to handle for my dad. Scooter(aka Jorge(spanish/mexican name) or Clyde) my parents are on the other side of him in this on left stands 5'7" mom on right stands 5'3" he's the to warm him up a bit and then let him run as fast as he wants(but still controlable)...he's a blast to ride...i hope in the future when i'm looking for another TB i can find one similar to him.
  10. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    Robert- there are the pics i posted on page 71...they are a bit old but nobody looks any different(except some extra pounds on me) besides being furry cause a winter and the TB has more weight on him now. Spiffy- i moved away from wichita in april or may of '08...just never changed my location..silly me. It is good whe can let them run their heart out...whe i was trying to get him going i kept clicking and clicking at him trying to get him to go but it wasn't working then i realized that his cue to run is being smooched i smooched and theirs was air between my butt and the saddle for a couple of strides
  11. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    Spiffy- i need to change my location...i am no longer in wichita...i'm in northwest kansas now in a town called Munjor. if i want to kick up the dirt and go somewhere fast when riding i ride my TB who loves it when i let him run as fast as he can..which be kinda scary when he gets real fast...then i have to tell him that he's not a race horse anymore and to slow down. but i love to let him run...but also he is quiet enough that my non horsey dad can ride him and i don't have to worry.
  12. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    goatmom- thats a very pretty girl you have there!! I would name her Halo or Fantasy or something similar. i found out today that my little filly likes her butt scratched...she'll actually move her tail out of the way so i had better access. also rode mt 17hh monster him running and he decided he was in a race and went really fast...he is a blast to ride!
  13. The "i'm Fat & I Ride My Horse Anyway!" Chat Thread!

    been reading this for awhile a decided to say "hi" so....Hi! been enjoying reading you guys are great for a laugh. and i guess i fit what this thread was started about as i'm 5'7" and 163lbs(would like to lose atleast 20lbs). am a tall 5'7" as i've been told i don't look my weight and i do believe its my height and that the weight isn't all in one spot. some pics... me on Phoenix(my QH gelding) in 2006...when i was 125lbs Phoenix by himself(old pic...need new ones) Sweety my BLM Mustang(old pic) Scooter my OTTB...stands 17hh(old pic) Halo my weanling paint filly got her on new years eve(12/31/08)..kinda wild from not being handled but is learning that humans are good. (excuse dark spot on her right hind chased through a barb wire fence at her previous says it will heal fine and will just scar a bit)
  14. Come Meet My New Horse!

    had more progress this evening...i squat down with some feed in my hand and stretched out the hand and she came up and ate the feed from my hand...did it a couple times...she was real wary of me when she'd come up and wasn't to sure about eating from my hand the first time but she overcame her fear just a bit to eat the feed from my hand. i believe i'm on the right road to getting her to friendly up some.
  15. Come Meet My New Horse!

    reinin- its only on when i'm there so i can catch her easier(as she's a bit wild) to apply cut heal to her leg Kymi- dam is a reged QH and sire is a a reged paint and are of normal size. she didn't get very good care before the guy i got her from got her so that might of affected her growth a bit, i think she may be closer to weanling age then yearling cause of her size..but i will know her exact age when her previous owner calls me back with the info i need to register her. and your probably right...i had Sweety(my mustang) decently friendly within a few months and now she won't leave you alone...I think Halo will friendly up it will just take a bit...little squirt doesn't even know what treats are...but she'll learn.