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  1. Lets see those Dressage horses! :-)

    <img src="" alt="Image hosted by"> 2ND PLAE IN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPSS!! woohoo
  2. Thoughts, please. Tough one.

    well i am currently riding a 20 year old horse who has had many many problems...a serious injury that almost took his life, uhh previous race horse, weaker immune system...well anyway...he has done just fine for me. we jsut finished showing at the california northern junior championships...and we got our team to 2nd place!! and he did just fine for us. after his injury, we had a while before he could do anything, but we got him back up to speed and he has been doing good ever since. i think you should lease him!! if you dont have to pay for vet bills or anything. i leased this boy and it was definately worth it!! KeLLy~