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  1. Happy Birthday and May God Bless You Today and Everyday!!

  2. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    omgg i just like randomly decided to log on today haha i havent been on here in like months i miss you guys
  3. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    oh myy, i havent been on here in foreverrrr! i was pretty much busy all summer. busting my butt at work trying to save up money. and i dont go off to school until january, so im still there busting my butt. ummmm logan and kate broke up! so youll never guess who ive been talk to for the past two weeks. woo. haha dooont worry, i dont think id ever date him again. OHH and my one old french partner is dating my other old french partners ex and its so weird to me, because any time i see him i automatically i associate him with the one girl and not the other. this will take some getting use to. i think thats enough pointless information for today. I MISSED YOU ALLLLL<3
  4. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    i honestly cried more at our rival schools graduation than my own. i didnt cry at school, only at one banquet for like two seconds. i hate everyone at my school hahah
  5. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    finallllyyy all graduated :) and i didnt even cry the entire ceremony hahahah
  6. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    graduation tomorrow :) i slept through my french exam, so now i have to beg my teacher to let me take it tomorrow morning. then beach for a few hours, then graduation!
  7. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    i hate both of you. (you more jess. seriously.) last day tomorrow! then three exams and im all done. dierks bentley concert after the rays game on the 12th.
  8. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    i hate you.
  9. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    jess, stop. 1, youre too pretty and 2, im jealous. im seriously done with my school and all the people therelol i can count the people im going to miss on one hand.
  10. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    oh peter :) i only have one day left, and 3 exams.
  11. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    its senior week :) we had our senior breakfast, which was reallllly lame. i got a prize slip in my bag and my friend thomas did too. he got a pair of $150 oakleys and i got a trashy old lady purse. wth? hahah and the food was really gross. but i sat with julia and luis and it was seriously the best part. like talking at the table. then we had senior slide show with pictures all through high school. i was such an awkward little freshman hahah and there of course had to be a picture of me and lo from the baseball banquet from last year. then, we had graduation practice. and the guys in my grade are so freaking cool. not. whenever someone walked across the stage they started chanting someone that person was with. my friend erin walks, she gets gerald. melanie walks, she get anthony. i walk, i get logan chanted. of courseeee. we all had a nice laugh about that one. we're cool though, so it wasnt terrible. annnnnnnnnnnd theres this kid in my gym class. hes a swimmer. and he fixed my phone. and hes freaking adorable. but hes like 16. ITS SO UNFORTUNATE. there is too much unnecessary flirting that goes on. graduation is june 8th! i think thats it.
  12. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    logan took up half a page in my yearbook. and ian went into the hospital today. theres 8 days left. i have to make a speech saturday at a banquet for my college prep class.. which the one girl in class i absolutely hate. fantastic. jdgfdksgs im so ready for college.
  13. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    im in college prep. theres 9 days left of school. its pouring outside and i dont feel like doing anything and i just want to go home. i have to buy a yearbook.
  14. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    ahhh i have 18 days left :) minus days for like AP testing and senior skip day and senior day. im so ready to leave. i hate school. prom is friday :) i would sooooo join that new rpg because it really sounds awesome, but i know i wouldnt be active enough to keep up i think that is all.
  15. How Many Colleges Did You Apply To?

    5 :)