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  1. Cell Phone, Home Phone Or Both?

    We all have cell phones, no land line phone anymore. We really didn't need both, was a waste of money.
  2. Fee Too High?

    Ditto on the price being way too high. I volunteered for a rescue for 8 years and our adoption fee's were from $200 for the young untrained ones up to $600 for the broke to ride ones. I adopted a 10 year old, 15.3hh Appendix Quarter Horse gelding for $400 back in 2008 and still have him and he is trained like a DREAM. He walks, trots, canters, gallops, knows sidepassing, backing, he neck reins and plow reins and does barrels and poles. He is the kind of horse I can put pretty much anyone on. I wouldn't trade him for anything.
  3. Horse Ownership And Poverty?

    I'm SO sorry you are going through such a rough time! I totally know where you're at and it sucks big time. I'm currently going through a lot of medical issues and I can't get and keep a job because of all of it. My mom works at a hospital as a cna and was having to work over time but they are no longer allowing her over time and my brother works at a pizza place for minimum wage. We are having a hard time right now making ends meet. We cut out cable tv, we don't eat out much at all, we only have basic talk and text on our phones...no internet, and we cut out our home phone as well. I have a booth rented at a local flea market and I sell stuff in it to make money but I'm barely making anything with it and I'm gonna try it for another month to see how it goes. On top of that I have a horse and I'm like you in that I will NOT sell him in this economy unless I absoletly have to, I just will not and can not do it. My horse is my best friend and partner and what gets me through everyday that I deal with my medical issues. I rescued him from the rescue I volunteered at for 8 years and I know what can happen to unwanted horses and in this economy I don't even want to think about what could happen to my boy. I would never forgive myself if I gave him up and he ended up in bad shape or worse...dead. He has plenty of forage...he's on a hay only diet and looks great even a bit overweight, he gets his feet trimmed regularly, always has salt/mineral blocks and gets regular deworming. He's well taken care of BUT I don't buy him a lot of treats, I don't buy tack I don't need...as in having 8 halters for 1 horse....I don't buy what he doesn't need. My horse and I are so close that he can tell what I'm gonna ask him before I even ask it and I can tell what he's going to do before he even does it, we are that close and no way in he** would I sell him in this economy. I TOTALLY get it, we love horses and I know I'd be lost without mine so we do what we can and we cut back to afford our addiction. Hang in there and I hope things get better for you.
  4. Need The Power Of Hc Prayers Please

    [Huggy] [Angel] [Huggy] [Angel]
  5. What Do You Collect?

    Kentucky Derby glasses Derby memorbilia Yankee Candles Horse figurines I'd love to start collecting...... Painted Ponies Tack (need more)
  6. Horses And Frostbite?

    Thanks everyone! Just had me curious with all of this extremely cold weather we've been getting, at least now I know it's possible. I learn something new all the time with horses.
  7. Horses And Frostbite?

    I was just wondering if horses can get frostbite in the winter? Of course I know people can and dogs can on their paw pads but I've never heard of it happening to horses and with the cold spell we're getting right now I am just curious. How would you treat frostbite in a horse and how is it prevented? Others might need the info someday. Thanks
  8. Cold Temps And Riding Lessons

    It depends really, but if I'm freezing just walking out the door then most of the time I don't ride. If there's snow on the ground and temps are in the 30's with no wind and the sun is shining, then I'll likely ride because I love a good bareback snow ride. If I ride in the snow, it's a slow ride at walk and trot only to avoid my horse slipping. But I still ride in the winter, I just judge it by how I feel when I walk out the door.
  9. For Those Of You That Rember

    R.I.P Leo! I know exactly how you feel, this time of year is always tough for me since I lost my 1st horse on January 1, 2008. He was a beautiful boy and you gave him a great life while he was here, don't blame yourself. The pain will get better with time, I can't say it will ever go away but it does get better. [Angel] [Huggy] [Huggy] I'm always here for you too girl! I don't get on here much anymore but you have my cell number and can text or call ANYTIME you need someone to talk to. Or you can message me on facebook, I'm always on there.
  10. Pregnant Stray Cat.... Few Questions

    Ok Journeys girl, I'm dumping them off at a shelter. SO what, at least there they will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated and taken care of and it's better then if I had left the mom outside in winter to have the babies and all of them die. And YES, we do donate to the shelter when we have the money but OUR animals and family come first. As I stated all of our pets are spayed, neutered, gelded, vaccinated and wormed....OUR pets come first. I'm doing what I think is right, I mean what the heck am I supposed to do I'm fixing someone else's mistake once again.
  11. Pregnant Stray Cat.... Few Questions

    Thank you Heidi, I appreciate it a lot. I'm just trying my best to do what I can for this cat at the moment and clean up someone else's mistake. ALL of our animals are spayed, neutered and gelded and I KNOW there's an overpopulation of animals right now so I'm going to make sure things are taken care of before the kittens go ANYWHERE. Thanks again guys.
  12. Some Good Wishes For My Baby Brother?

    I'm SO sorry Oz, my prayers are with him and your family! [Angel] [Huggy] I second the Zofran, I'm on it right now because I have a LOT of stomach issues which involve a lot of neasua and vomiting that has yet to be figured out and Zofran is the only thing that makes it bearable.
  13. Pregnant Stray Cat.... Few Questions

    I don't see any of the posts as bashing just giving advice and I thank all of you for it. But my decision is made and I will NOT be aborting them, that's my choice so I'll leave it at that. I will say I'm doing what I think is right taking in a stray pregnant cat right when winter is coming. I could've left her out in the cold to have the kittens and possibly die but I can't and won't do that, I'm an animal lover. I will be taking care of the mother cat and getting her spayed as soon as the babies are born, she will get dewormed and vaccinated and she will have a forever home here. The babies are not going to be "dumped" on a shelter, I will either take them to the shelter and let them do the spaying/neutering, vaccinating and allow them to find the kittens a good home or I will use the organization that helps with spay/neuters locally and find them a good home myself. What's done is done and I did not allow this cat to run around unaltered but I am doing what I think is right out of the kindness of my heart and giving this cat a warm place to stay, food in her belly, a safe place to have her kittens and a forever home....what's wrong with that? I didn't allow her to get pregnant someone else did and now I have to clean up someone else's mistake by making sure the mother cat is taken care of and making sure the babies don't have babies themselves.
  14. Could Use Some Luck!

    Good Luck, hope it's not sold yet!!!!!
  15. Pregnant Stray Cat.... Few Questions

    As far as I know she IS pregnant and I will NOT be spaying her until the kittens are born as I don't believe in abortion of any kind be it cat, dog, horse or human. That is my choice. Once the kittens are born and old enough to leave the mom they will be taken to the local no kill shelter where they will get spayed and vaccinated before being adopted out to new homes. As far as the mom, we have her put up until the kittens are born and once they're born she will be getting spayed right away no ands, if, or buts. We have 2 cats and they are spayed and neutered, our dog is spayed and my horse is gelded. I do part part don't worry. I don't want anymore overpopulation of animals but I also DO NOT believe in abortion so what's done is done but I will make sure she has no more after this batch.