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  1. Any One In The Tampa Fl Area?

    I lived in the Tampa area most of my life. The outskirts are nicer than near the city. I really like the Brandon area and nearby smaller cities Valrico, Riverview, Plant City and so forth. Quiet living, nice real estate available and so on. Lots and lots of horse stuff. Florida is insanely horsey. I still visit occasionally since I have family there. I like it lots better than where I'm at now.
  2. Interrupted Breast-Feeding...resumable?

    After general anesthesia, breastfeeding is okay once mom is awake and able to hold baby. Most pain meds used to manage pain are fine, too.. just need to watch baby. I've had 2 surgeries while breastfeeding.. only paused long enough to have surgery and recover. All this information can be found on the kellymom website and probably the LLL site too.. Most doctors don't know what they're talking about as they're not trained on lactation. I always seek a lactation consultant that I trust.. MUST be an IBCLC or they're basically just a pretty face that gives ok advice. Harsh, but true. Cipro is fine for BFing. It's L3, but I would take it if necessary. There are other antibiotics that are safe, too.. and approved by the AAP for use. Other steroid medications as well! This list is easiest to read I've found..
  3. My Start Of My Ring Sling Project.

    Be very careful with fabric and carriers. Many types will fray and break over time. I would recommend checking out something like osnaburg (sp?) or linen. Special types of stitching are also required for safety. I gave up on sewing one myself and ordered from Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions. She is probably one of the best sling makers out there.
  4. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    I'm disappointed that our troll ran away. BOOOO! Next!
  5. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    How could I miss it? It's not as hilarious as it could have been, BUT-- it got the board moving. This board hasn't seen this much action in a couple years.
  6. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    I wish we could like comments on here.
  7. Working Student

    You clearly haven't been around hc long. You can't troll me.
  8. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    4 is a generous score. I was going to say 1.5. I mean, there is some effort into the story here. It's poorly thought out and full of obvious lies. The execution was mediocre at best and then they brought out all the insults.
  9. Share your horse show names!

    The troll is trying way too hard. This is kind of sad in a pathetic sort of way.
  10. This Place Is Dead

    Grace! It's so great to see you around. I miss chatting with you.
  11. Working Student

    Well this escalated quickly. Pure entertainment, and a glorious throwback to all the little turds I met when I was a junior. Fab. She's running the current iTroll version, the one with all the bugs and BS. Oh to be a young, entitled teenager again.
  12. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Hi everyone! Glad to see some updates! Sage is doing exceptionally well. She started walking a couple months ago, and hasn't stopped since. She's still mastering the run skill. She usually makes it a bit and then plops down. She is a funny kid. Spirited and VERY opinionated, but fun and still pretty easy to keep under control. Her latest thing is that she throws a fit when I show hubby any affection. SHE has to be the center of attention. I told the husband to get used to it.. girls are always dramatic attention seekers. We'll probably vie for his attention forever. Of course I was kidding, but it sorta fits. LOL! The boys are doing well. Hunter passed kindergarten at the top of his class. So he's getting promoted to first grade! I have a first grader! AHH!! Everett is starting school this fall.. it's a special education program specially for kids with intellectual delays. I guess semi-educational/semi-play school. We don't know the depth of his delay because we've made leaps and bounds of progress over the last 6 months. I guess I'm doing something right. He may end up switching to a regular class in a couple years.. or we'll look more into a day school program for him.. I'm not sure yet. He needs to socialise more. It is incredibly hard to try to make play dates with people. Usually they think he's weird, so they avoid us. He never makes friends. We've tried. Anyway, that's about it from here. Glad to see this got bumped! Lots of hugs to everyone on their journey into parenthood. I'm pretty sure at some point we all need them!
  13. Shoes...

    RED! For sure. I always think red when I see black and white polka dots. Though I don't go for heels. I'm far too tall for that. I fell in love with flats last year and have mostly those now. The brand Me Too is incredibly comfortable and not terribly spendy. They sell them at some shoe discount places as well, so it's worth shopping around! I wish I could wear some of the heels I find. 1.. too **** tall .. 2. they all kill my feet.
  14. awww.. I haven't been able to buy from them since right after Christmas. I'm addicted to buying dresses from them. Their site is dangerous for women..