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  1. Our New President Elect

    Ugh. This entire thread is depressing. Everyone seems to be spending more time making up nasty nicknames for various political figures and baiting each other than trying to have an actual conversation. For what it is worth, when someone starts referring to someone by ugly nicknames (Obummer/Drumpf) I personally think you basically toss your credibility into the trashcan. It sounds like a way for a 2nd grader tries to bully other kids into joining his group instead of someone else's. Same goes for going after someone's personal appearance. It isn't a black and white issue. Did Obama have some policies that I like? Yes. Did he have some I don't like? Yes. Will Trump do some things I like? Probably. Will he do some I don't? Probably. When someone just automatically goes 100% black and white on stuff like this, I have to wonder if they are REALLY looking at things, or if they are just enjoying the drama. Looking to the future, I'm a bit concerned about some of the appointments that have been made. For example, a Secretary of Education who never attended public school, sent all her children to private school, and is a heavy supporter of publically funded private schools (via vouchers)... this concerns me. Her advocacy in Michigan, and Detroit specifically, for more charter schools has resulted in what many feel has been a failure (based on what I have read about it, I would agree). 80% of the charter schools in Detroit are now operating as for-profit agencies, 20% have gotten failing rankings, and it sounds as if the system of finding the school to send your child to is complicated and messy. In my opinion, funding private schools with public (tax-payer) dollars is not the answer. I want to see that money spent to improve the quality of our public school system. I want art, music, and recess back in public schools. From what I have read, this Secretary of Education will not be pushing to improve the health of our public school system, but rather to move education to a for-profit, privatized system. I do not think this is going to benefit our school children. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I am concerned. Time to start looking at what is happening next, and how that will REALLY impact us, rather than throwing around nastiness that doesn't result in any benefit. Now that the election is over, it's time to figure out next steps. Me, I might just consider volunteering some of my time at a public school, see what I can do to make things a little better.
  2. Thrifty Thursday...

    7 BELOW? I can't even... no. Just. No. lol It's supposed to get down into the 20's over the weekend here and I'm already dreading all my outside chores. I don't know how you guys do it.
  3. It's Friday!

    Too much to do today!! Got to get packed up for a trip home to Oregon, and also get everything ready and myself mentally prepared for my first trial with a dog on Saturday. We are ready to compete, but I'm nervous! I'm not thrilled that it is supposed to be in the low 50's with a 100% chance of rain all day tomorrow. I try to make sure I train in the rain, but it is miserable, so I don't do a great job of it. Plus, it hasn't been very rainy here for a while. Of course the day of my first competition it will be dumping buckets on us. Eek! Dishes, laundy, mopping, getting all the animals food pre-set for while I'm out of town. Too much to do!
  4. Wonderful Wednesday

    Heidi... electronic vacuum? As opposed to the ... solar powered one????
  5. Wonderful Wednesday

    Spent most of the day thinking it was Thursday. Meeting a friend early afternoon to go shopping for a fancy clutch. I'm going to the Margarita Ball in Dallas this weekend and have to have something to go with an evening gown. Trying to keep myself busy.
  6. Just got back from the vet... kitty gets a thumbs up. Healthy, with no issues to report. He got his first round of kitten shots, rabies vacc, and a pre-emptive worming. They had to threaten to dunk him under running water to get him to stop purring. If I still have him a month from now, he goes back in for his boosters and to get neutered. The estimate that he is pretty close to 6 months old. With that being said, he has a large dog crate that has now been moved out of the shop and in to the house. He will be in there when any of the other critters are loose in the house (cat/dog(s)) during an introductory phase. He'll also sleep in there. Hopefully he is able to pick up the concept of a litter box quickly. I used my normal litter with dirt on top to simulate something he is a bit more used to. Will phase out the dirt as he figures it out.
  7. Dreary Monday

    I keep waiting for my truck to stop running and my dog to die so I can be a full blown country song. Old dog is a GSD that is 12, so she is old. I have actually woken her up from a deep sleep a couple of times recently. Truck wouldn't start last weekend, but turned out the battery cable was just loose and it was fine after I jiggled it. I'm a hot mess, but desperately trying to keep a sense of humor. Thanks for the support guys... it's been a rough couple of weeks, with a long way to go. I don't much like country music, so I really don't want to feed the stereotype on that one. I do like that Miranda Lambert song about the crazy chick though.....
  8. Hopefully she can retain some light/dark. That will help her out a fair bit in combination with those amazing whiskers!! :)
  9. Dreary Monday

    Between being informed that I was being layed off (effective Dec 30th, after 18 years with the company) followed a week later by my husband letting me know that he wanted out of our marriage (married 19 years, living together for 24)... I have absolutely no motivation to do anything at all. Just too much for my brain to take in all at one time!!!!
  10. He has an appointment with my vet tomorrow @ 2:00, and they will do the test for Feline Luek then. So really, not at all long in the big scheme of things. I just feel bad for the little fella since he SO BADLY just wants to sit on a lap and be petted. We know he was out there on his own for at least 2 weeks (someone said they had spotted him a couple weeks before...) so another day by himself won't hurt him. I just wasn't sure if I needed to go so far as to not let him in the house at all... even if my own cat is locked away in a separate room. I'm just an absolute sucker. I am not naming him. I am not naming him. I am not naming him. (his name is Brevet by the way).
  11. Hey Kitty experts... need some quick advise if you don't mind. I picked up a stray yesterday (dumb, dumb, dumb) who I am planning on rehoming. Kinda interesting series of events... I was out with my dog training club (schutzhund) and getting started with training and I hear this little meow. Mind you, we are at a 'park' in the middle of nowhere. When I say a park, I mean 50 acres or so of sometimes mowed fields, with a port-a-potty... probably 1/2 mile from the nearest house... then some industrial stuff. Not really a 'park' like you might usually think of one. ANYWAY... out there with a bunch of Malinios and GSDs... and this tiny little cat comes trotting up, fairly unconcerned with the dogs, and REALLY wanting to sit on everyone's lap and be petted. Which he proceeded to do for 5 HOURS. Hungry and thirsty. No collar. Intact male. Insanely sweet and friendly, juvenile, less than a year I would guess. So, I ended up taking him home because none of us could stand to leave him out there. Stopped at an emer clinic on the way for a chip scan, nothing. (no surprise really, but one can always hope). My vet can't check him out and until tomorrow... so, until I know of his status in terms of leukemia, I'm keeping him away from my own kitty. So here, is my question.... just how 'away' do I need to keep him? Right now, he is locked up in the shop with food and water and a little bed, but he REALLY wants some love'n. My cat has her own play room that I could put her away in to let him in the house with me some... but then would I need to sanitize the entire house before she can come out again? Obviously, I won't let them meet until I know his status... but am I risking my own kitty to let him in the living room with me for a while today, then putting him back out and letting her come in?
  12. West World-Gag Me With A Shovel

    Never heard of it. Must be a hit with a totally different segment of society in the US if it is an actual hit here.
  13. Weekend Is Here

    He's in Mexico City. He's there a LOT for work. Probably about 30%-40% of the time for the last two years, so he's pretty comfortable in general at this point, and speaks the language well. Gabrielle is a local, she's from Mexico. Sounds like everyone was just very very scared (My hubby and her boyfriend were left standing on the sidewalk when the cab took off with her). A girl was killed last month in the same scenario (cab driver took off with her, express kidnapping that on the fly took a different turn), so that was a rough few hours it sounds like. There are apparently a LOT of this type of kidnapping taking place. He says she is pissed. I know Gabby, so I can believe it. She's a firecracker. I can't imagine how scared I would be, and am very relieved that everyone is safe. I think they are all a little shocky at this point. I'm sure the US Embassy in Mex is well versed in how to handle missing American passports. Hopefully it isn't too huge of a scene. I suspsect the loss of the work laptop is going to be more difficult to deal with. I'm sure they will get a replacement fairly quickly, but some of the work he had stored on there represents a LOT of hard work.
  14. This whole thing is just completely mind boggling. MIND BOGGLING.
  15. Weekend Is Here

    Spend most of Saturday out training doggies. Great day for it, nice and cool.... dogs were all high as a kite! Have to work (like job-work) for a couple of hours this morning, then I will get back to work on my massive landscaping undertaking that is actually starting to take form and be recognizable as landscaping instead of looking like I just tore the entire front 'yard' up. This afternoon I should head out to Search & Rescue training (K-9) team, but I'll have to see how far I've gotten on the landscaping mess. I'm trying to finish it as a surprise for my husband. He was supposed to be home last night, but laptop & passport was stolen Friday night in the midst of some ******** thugs kidnapping a friend (she was safe, they dropped her off far from where they snatched her, she walked a couple of hours to somewhere she recognized). Super scary stuff. They were after money, not her. Police, Feds, and private security all involved, all told she was missing for 4 hours. I can't imagine. At any rate, he's off to the Embassy first thing tomorrow morning to start work on getting the passport situation sorted. Overall, the weekend has been a little more exciting than I prefer.