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  1. She's Gone

    So sorry for your loss
  2. Please Keep My Family In Your Prayers

    Prayers family politics make things hard. it took a week for my aunt to tell us my grandmother had passed. after my father passed its like we dont exist to them
  3. Lady Joe

    Looking forward to kindle edition coming out!! I've gone to alot of kindle books, since we are trying to clean and get the house ready for sale.
  4. Quicksilver whitening shampoo is the only thing that works on my palis tail. luckily she doesnt like to be that dirty but her tail does get yucky. It also grows extremely fast so i end up trimming the ends. In the winter i braid and keep in tail bag as she tends to rip chunks out in the snow.
  5. Does Anyone Want Some Rain?

    Well take some on LI, NY. Everything keeps missing us. Heck its hitting NYC but not us to the east!
  6. Prayer Request Please

    Still praying
  7. Prayer Request Please

  8. Happy Independece Day

    Happy 4th to you too!!
  9. Prayers For My Big Brother!

    So sorry Prayers for your whole family
  10. Good luck!!! my horse is out with an injury and till I can find something Ive been missing running!!
  11. Fagan

    So sorry, i remember when he was a foal.