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  1. Do You Like Dragons?

    Alleyway..yes the tree's are still dropping. I have not heard for how long though. I finally got one. Not sure what the point of it is but oh well. Why is it I can some of the hard to get eggs but I still can't get a flippen gold!!!!
  2. The Coyotes Are Getting Bolder!

    We had a big male that used to come in and pick fights with the neighbors dog. I would shoot them before they become even bolder. The one that I had hanging around the chicken coop, we popped a few times with the pellet gun and he hasn't been back for a while but we have had others that don't learn from the warning and have had to shoot them. I hate to kill them but you have to draw the line at some point.
  3. Do You Like Dragons?

    The winter eggs are pretty, but when they mature there are fugly. I am not sure what to think about the Christmas eggs and hatchlings. Looks like a reindeer whose parents did drugs. [Crazy]
  4. Do You Like Dragons?

    I have not had a chance to try to snag a leetle tree yet. Saw them go across this morning. Lag time on the cave has been horrible most of the morning. Hopefully they will still going across this evening so maybe I can snag one.
  5. Do You Like Dragons?

    see...I had a few more drinks and by morning my scroll was back to normal. [Crazy] By 1 am almost all of my dragons became pokemon things. I am hoping it was a joke. Mtn_Penny, I hope you aren't playing hooky today! I saw your boss bringing in a load of hay and wondered if you were there or not.
  6. Do You Like Dragons?

    Ok, so after one has a few drinks I know things tend to look goofy it just me or does some of the dragons on your scrolls looked retarded? The water is cool, but the red turned into some kind of pokemon thing. Maybe if I have a few more drinks they will go back to normal [Crazy]
  7. Do You Like Dragons?

    got two Christmas eggs...they are can't wait for them to hatch
  8. Do You Like Dragons?

    quarterpaint...I have a cave born Autumn egg if you want it. I will be on the puter periodically today. Just pm and let me know and we will work something out.
  9. Our Very Own Mtn_penny

    That is pretty cool. I had someone make me a lizzard out of them. If you want more of them let me know and I will bring them into the store. Have quite a few that the kids have picked up. They are neat to look at but don't let them get caught around your ankle.
  10. Do You Like Dragons?

    Dragon Fix is back up Clicks are started
  11. Do You Like Dragons?

    clicks are done :) Have a great weekend
  12. No Rest For The College Students Chat

    I am procrastinating as usual. I have 2 big papers due next Wed, and then another 2 and a final due the following Wed. I have officially decided that I am to old to go back to school. I have found though that if I procrastinate on my papers and then put them together last minute I tend to get A's [Crazy]
  13. Do You Like Dragons?

    Howdy to start clicking
  14. For All You Dirty Old Ladies...

    That was too dang funny. The guy on the playground cracked me up [ROTFL]
  15. Do You Like Dragons?

    picked up this little guy on the abandon page he could use few extra clicks Luckily I can't breed any for a couple of days, maybe then the glitch will be gone