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  1. Driving Horse Too Sensitive?

    Hello Caijpeur - There is really too much "could be" without seeing a photos or videos. The best advise would be to have a local experience driver come and watch you. Not knowing your driving experience, I'm listing only the most basic..please do not take offense if anything said is below your level of experience. Without seeing anything...The usual suspects for behavior problems are below Missed steps in driver and/or horse training. If you have little or no driving experience stop now and seek a mentor or instructor. Driving appears easy until something goes wrong. It is not the same as riding and if you do not have the knowledge &r skills a small problem can turn into a big accident. Not going far enough with ground work - Dragging something is not really a true test of how your horse will react to being hitched. Yes, If the horse explodes you have a lot of work in front of you and maybe even a need to reconsider his driving prospect. I cannot emphasize enough the need for complete ground work before moving on to hitching. We do a lot of ground driving before hitching. Once we have desensitized to ground dragging we will take a single PVC pole (on the harness saddle loosely tied for quick release) to allow the horse to get used to thing touching their flanks. Some people use a U type configuration, we use a single pole as it is easier to get free if their is a problem. Proper adjustment/size of the harness or vehicle to the horse. A breeching fitted too snug can also set some horses off. Shafts that are two long or too short poke, bump and prod in the wrong places. A poorly balances cart can also lead to bad behavior. Little driving experience. It can be easy to have too much or not enough contact in the beginning. There is much more torque on our driving lines than on our riding reins. Handling the long whip without pulling on the horse also takes some practice.
  2. Standardbred Gaits

    I have to disagree about the pace being an uncomfortable gait. I think the misconception is gaited horses are smoother so anyone can ride the gait. Not true. like any riding, there is a learning curve. Once you have learned how to ride the pace is very comfortable a covers a lot of ground. My Standardbred does not rack, he does have a several speeds of pace. I find that the "top end" of his pace feels like a race but is really just a high speed pace. It is very comfortable but a little scary to move faster than the average horse hand gallops. .
  3. Shirt Help Please

    Thank you!
  4. Shirt Help Please

    I have just started showing my Fox Trotter in gaited dressage. We are allowed to show them in western tack and attire. I have a somewhat boxy shape and was wondering if the tunic style is permitted while riding in standared western rules. It may not really make me look less boxy but covering my belly sounds appealing. Also - the "rail shirt" looks like the tunic to my untrained eye. Is there a difference? Any help and/or suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Picture Taking On The Trail

    I take them standing and on the move. Small point and shoot is the only way to go. Lots of pictures on the auto/focus auto lighting settings. I put mine on a "leash" so I can let go of it quick if I need too. Check out some of the super store daily deals - I got my little Kodak on a great sale.
  6. New Stb

    Congratulations on your new Standardbred. If he is anything like mine you will have an amazing riding partner. Sometimes the race dose not leave the horse. It sounds like you teo are already wellon your way. While riding with others (even being passed by the occasional run away) he was bold and curious but never tense or any kind ofproblem. Driving with others is still a problem. Mine is now 22 and has been retired from racing for 12 years - he still has the "none shall pass" attitude under harness.
  7. I have a Wintec Isabell Dressage saddle that I would like to modify. The flaps interfer with my MFTs movement. I wish to use the saddle only for our trips to the swimming pond. If I remove the flaps will it harm the balance of the saddle? It is a 6 mile round trip ride - I don't want to hurt his back.
  8. Could It Work?

    ]Here is the link for the Alberta Carriage Driving Association. They should be able to get you a list of instructors and mentors in your area.
  9. Could It Work?

    Depending on your horses, it could be possible. Given your situation and the time frame my choice would be to have the horses trained rather than trying to do even the beginning ground work by yourself. I would want a lot of miles on the horse before taking guests.
  10. Starting Another One

    Sounds like a great plan. Enjoy your journey!
  11. Missouri Fox Trotters

    If Zane is missing he is at my I mean Zane is definately not at my house. Love those markings - thanks for posting
  12. Stb People!

    Ok as long as the photos are coming all is forgiven LOL. I've always likeed the gray Standies but they are not real easy to find on the west coast. Yours sure are good looking. Petriot looks like Meadow Skipper and from what I hear the temperment is real good on all his line.
  13. Stb People!

    Should I say I hope you come home with another horse LOL My guy is Meadow Skipper lines. When the times comes I would love to have another with those lines - I know how you feel.
  14. Stb People!

    remember the cardinal please!
  15. Saddles And Tack For The Gaited Horse

    Saddles: I had the Imus endurance style and loved it for me. Unfortunately it did not fit my horse well so down the road it went. Tried my dressage saddle and found it interfered with shoulder movement. We finally found the Specialized Saddle - Wade style western. I've had it for several years now and so far so good. I've found saddles to be like buying clothing - size and shape are not universal (sometimes not even from the same manufacture). As for treeless, I weigh 143 at 5/5 - that puts me about 10 pounds overweight for my structure. All but a handlful of the makers told me I was too heavy for anything but an hour or two ride. Most of the manufactures also caution that the support is even less with a standard pad, most recommend Skito and those run about $200. My MFT seems to prefer a mullen or french link. Since I do not have to meet any event protocol, I keep what he prefers.