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  1. As Of May 1st...

    Do we have any buddies in the Noble, Norman area?
  2. For the cat part, just any fabric that we like, or do you want to try to do a certain color scheme?
  3. I think I can make some time to do one.. Count me in too!!
  4. Harley's Adventures With House Hunting

    Hey You could come over here too... We've got a few for you to play with... Owen will share... So will Braydden... Kamali likes to be loved on too...
  5. Yippee! So You Think You Can Dance Starts Tonight!

    Wow. just from the beginning they just showed I think this is going to be a GOOD year!!!
  6. So I'm Thinking About A Road Trip

    If you come through Kansas, your more than welcome to stop in here. I'm sure I could scrounge up some interesting things worthy of picture taking. I'm about a half hour south of Kansas City Kansas.
  7. Husband/wife Argument Hr!

    There shouldn't be any reason why he would need to start on the tackroom now, although I'm sure we would go through the same thing here if we were in your situation. My husband would probably prefer to get as much done at once dealing with the electrical part so that he doesn't have to do it later. If he's going to have to do the digging to finish roughing in the wire than he might as well continue and at least get it in the wall. Not something that HAS to be done, there isn't anything wrong with waiting.
  8. This In An Email!

    Had to be quite a bit of work, I wonder how long it actually took to get it done.
  9. Scrapbookers Unite! Pics

    WOW, she's good!!! I love her pages. We must shop in some of the same places too as I have some of those papers. LOL
  10. Scrapbookers Unite! Pics

    I'm trying to work with the materials and tools that I have here cause I have SO MANY, but I do have other things I want so badly. I'm going to stick to the plan of using up some of this stuff first though, or at least I'm going to try. Here are a couple more. This one I finished this morning. Tori And this one is not finished yet.
  11. Scrapbookers Unite! Pics

    Hehe, that pictures was hilarious!!! We kept telling her to kick him softly cause he wasn't moving. Kept getting a little stonger till she got to that point. That's when we realized she was kicking the saddle pad and not the mule. Wasn't doing her a lick of good cause her legs weren't long enough.
  12. Scrapbookers Unite! Pics

    I know we have some WONDERFUL scrapers on this board and I'm in need of some inspiration to get working on my books again. I think we need to have a place to share ideas and encourage each other to come up with new ones!! So post your pages, show off your skills and hopefully we can all benefit from each other. I'll take some pictures of some of my better pages and post them shortly. Here are a couple for now. Connie Cheyenne's First Solo Ride