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  1. I'm New. =]

    Hello, welcome to Horsecity. =] My names Becka
  2. Anyone Remember....

    I can say I did the same thing. I couldnt wait too come back on HC and see how far the post had gotten, or what new drama or new threads were up. It was good times, still miss those days from day to day :)
  3. Welcome To Small Town Arizona

    [Not sure if we can use pictures anymore. So anywho, Ill do my best to use the best description that I can ] ILL FINISH IN A MIN!!!! Stats: Name: Jeffery Dwayne Hutcherson Nickname: Hutch Age: 22 Gender: Male History: Hutch was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Home of the southern backwoods boys (lol). His father was "Lane Hutcherson" a legendary bull rider from his early childhood to his adult life as well. Hutch was taught everything he needed to know by his dad, he was taught how to be a gentleman as well as a tough cowboy, and how to be an amazing bull rider like his ol' man. But just like lane, hutch had this short temp attitude to him. Life wasn't always easy for hutch, his mother and father separated and got divorced when he was still young. Morgan soon remarried, taking the last name "Wright", which is where his half sister comes in, but like his father taught him. Hutch grew to the fact of his parents never getting back together. When hutch was about 12 years old, he ended up losing his father in a bull riding accident. People believed hutch would never be the same, yet he surprised them. Instead of taking his own route, hutch followed his and his dads dreams to the end. When Eli started high school he joined the FFA, Baseball, ROTC, and Football. Eli went on with his events through out high school then soon joined the Army without anyone knowing. He stayed in the military for 3 in a half years then came back home, continuing on with his job as a horse trainer, shower/rodeoian, and breeder once more. Personality: Many would say this boy is rebellish by heart. Knows how to take care of himself, doesn't like getting help from anyone. Not only smart but street smart also, hates school but knows his *** would be grass if he didn't pass. Loves to do whatever he wants, hardheaded, stubborn and willing. Spends his days with friends either on the streets or somewhere getting into trouble or causing problems in a way. Can be a jerk, specially if the day started off sh*ty. Shows no fear, doesn't believe he is billy bad *** but if theres a chance, he'll take it. Easily jealous when it comes to his girl, and will make everyone know she is his. Maybe the word for this boy is just simply "Bad Boy". Doesn't give a rats *** what people think or say about him, if he hears it. He'll be sure to make them wish they never said a word about him, or at least to were he could hear it. Though he seems like a troubled man. All in all, Hutch is a very descent guy. He's loyal, wise, and trustworthy. Wishes to hear nothing but the truth. He can be competitive and its best to know, he is as well. Trys to do his best, puts others before himself. Sticks to his words, is the type that will stand beside you though thick and thin. Even if it means his life, he is a true sweetheart when it all comes down to it. Just has a hard shell, never opens up to anyone. Not even his parents or siblings, independent. Wishes for no help, but is always willing to help someone else. Charming, ladies. Be careful, he will not play you, nor deal with being played, but he will let you know when something isnt right with him. Description: Hutch is a well handsome man. Standing around the height of 6'3, black hair, which is usually covered up with a black stetson cowboy hat. Or Browning ballcap, bright blue eyes you could die for. It is quit easy to see the heartbreak that he has been through, as his eyes do little to mask this pain. He is a fairly average weight, not the perfect 'hunk' in the world, but well built to say he is fit. Must say he has a fairly broad build, a compination of his natural bone structure and the regular exercise that he does to keep himself in shape. Skin complection isnt too dark nor too light, but just enough to give him that country outback 'glow'. Role in community: Construction worker, Trainer/Breeder Horse Stats: Reg. Name: The Black Stallion Barn name: Black Age: 9 gender: Stud Breed: AQH Height: 16 History: Black was not a born and raised 'Hutcherson' quarter horse. Instead he was born and raised in a small pasture just outside of Texas. The previous owner had been a friend of the Hutcherson's. Exchanging plans, thoughts, ideas, and dreams with them. When one day, the mane came to Lane. Hutch'a father, asking him if the stud colt, at the time. Could be placed on their land for a few days while he got a few things sorted out. Well out of being generious, Lane agreed. Allowing his best friend to move the colt onto his property. Now as they unloaded this rebellios colt, Lane and Morgan both came to find out. The colt was un-named and well, very green with people. Aggressive and very willing to become untouchable. Telling their daughter, and son to stay away from the horse. But never did it stop Hutch. Instead the boy continued to go in the pasture after hours, working on his trusting skills. Days pasted, the two became friends. Weeks pasted, they both trusted each other. Months pasted, the two were unseperateable. Finally confession to his disobeyment, hutchs father decided to watch for himself and see. As things became clear, the Hutcherson's spoke with their close friend. Buying the colt off the man with no hesitations. Wasn't long the too began working on Reining, cutting, and so on. Becoming better and better, years pasted. The Stud now holds three world champion reining titles, two cutting titles and a champion sire title. Personality: Like every other stud, black is aggressive. Only getting along with young colts, mares, and geldings. But what can you say, a stud is a stud. Though under saddle, he is well tempered. Loyal, and trusting with Hutch. Dislikes being handled by anyone else but Hutch. Has trust issues with others. Shows off, competitive, loves to be ahead Description: He stands sixteen two hands. Built for speed, more like stocky. Solid black, shined black a that. Other Stats: Name: Hurley age: 5 gender: Male Breed: German Rottweiler Species: Dog History: Hurley was bred into the habit of fighting. His precious owner believed rotties were the perfect "Devil" killing spawns, the tickets for killing all types of dogs no matter what size, or shape. What they didnt know, was Hurley was born sweet hearted. Not a fighter, but as they continued to chain him up, they constintly abused him, starving him to death, beating him with sticks and whips. Raising the dog to be aggrressive and full of hatred. After the place was busted, ASPCA took in Hurley. Feeding him but deciding he needed to be Euthenized, fighting his way. Hutch saved him from being put down. Sending days with the dog locked in a horse stall. Earning his trust slowly and soon becoming his best friend Personality: Alertive, layed back. Description: Large male rottweiler, larger then most rotties due to the german bloodline. HUGE fat head, muscled chest, stocky. The brown on his mouth, legs, and eyebrows are very very dark. Though over lapped with Black, giving him an all black look. Stats: Name: Meeko Elizabeth Dallaway Nickname: Meeko Age: 18 Gender: Female History: Meeko was the last child of out Howie Lane Dallaway and Bailey Elizabeth Henson. The two were a highschool summer fling. They were the couple everyone wanted to be, but luckily for them. They meant the person's they were 'meant' to be with. She grew up in the state of Oklahoma, the last child, the only daughter. Growing up with her two older brothers, Alex, and Jeff. Growing up with two older brothers wasnt as hard as people thought it was. None the less, it kept Meeko outta trouble, the girl had the world wrapped around her finger. But she never abused the power of it, instead she stayed close to her parents and brothers, even if she didnt like her fathers job in some ways. He was a firefighter, a american hero. Though she was proud her father was a hero, she was also scared he would not return home one day. Months pasted, Meeko grew quickly, her mother soon took her out to the family ranch and showed the horses, thoroughbreds and quarter horses was what they were known for. Quickly, Meeko fell in love with a thoroughbred mare, Classy Lady. The mare was never she ever dreamed of, and it was a way to get her mind of her dads job. Days would go by, her brothers would take her down to the stables and watch her ride Lady, making sure nothing happened to their one and only sister. They had to admit, Meeko had a passion for horse riding, like she did knowing her cars. One night, Meeko was tweleve years old. Her father had a very important call, it was the time of September 11, 2001. Time of the bombing, time where everything seemed to have just exploded. No of course, it was in new york, but in the time of the world trade center bombing. Was the time of a place exploding in oklahoma, the explosion felt like an earthquake. Shaking everything, moving buildings. People were still trapped inside, by time to firefighters reached the building. It was already crashing down, running inside. Howie managed to rescue a a young boy and another co-worker, but that wasn't all that was in there. Running back in, Howie searched and searched. The crowd gasped and screamed as the building fell apart again, waiting for minutes. It was clear the Howie didnt make it. The FF team maded their way to the Dallaways, Bailey had found it hard to tell her children, but before telling Meek, she told the boys. Allowing it the set in before turning to the young girl. After she finished her riding, Jeff and Alex took Meeko over to the willow tree, taking their time. They finally told her. It was clear to see she didnt take the news well, falling into depression, Meeko soon just seemed to fall off the face of the earth. Keeping to herself, keeping in the garage where the 85' silverado sat. The truck her and her dad both had been working on, no one thought they would see the girl smile again. Then suddenly she began riding again, working on the truck, finishing highschool and going into college. Young Meeko was turning her life around for her fathers sake, graduating out of College. She held several degrees, soon. She began working at a car shop, doing auto body and working late with the horses. Soon joining the military, when she was eighteen, serving six years, coming back. Breeding Classy Lady to a legandary stud named Storm Cat. Paying for both colts she had foaled, VooDoo and Demon. Both being full blooded brothers, both being her pride. Finally finishing the truck, Meeko decided it was time to move on. Personality: Meeko is a very unquie, differently girl. From her history she has became a strong, independent soul. Someone that wishes to have no help from anyone and prove to the world she can and will make a difference. She's a hard worker and tends to carry a little 'too muh' on her shoulders, but never lets it show. Meeko is quiet, never opens up to anymore. Never lets anyone see right through her, but dont get her wrong. She is a tough little thing, mess with her and youll wish you never did. She is a fighter, and will let you hear every little bit she has to say, never sugar coats anything. Very blunt and opened minded, tells whats bothering her. Fears nothing, but all in all. She's outgoing and a wonderful friend to have, not much of a partier, but will have an awesome night. Like I said she is unique, but once you get to know her. Your trapped, no matter what she is like an addiction of drugs. You cant just hang with her once and thats it. Description: Meeko is somebody that looks like ahe has worked for what she has got. She can be broken like glass, but stronger than anything. She looks to be nothing but somebody who is rich, and doesnt have a car in the world. But if you really see her inside, you see somebody who cares, and works twice as hard just to prove it can be done. She doesnt look like your normal rich girl, but a working class girl with a classy act. She is five foot four inch tall, she has blonde midway long curly hair, black beneath. She has a somewhat slim figure but dont get her wrong, she is quit strong and athletic. There is something about her smile, that tells you that she is more than what she appears to be. She is will constructed and can carry two times her weight. Her eye color is Caramel, but they really do change from her moods. It can be a medium green, and then maybe a black color. Her face is very fine, along with the shape of her figure. She loves to wear muscle shirts, and ripped blue jeans. Her skin tone is a fair light tan, She may be short but it doesnt mean that she doesnt appear as a leader. She takes pride in each of her steps, and her movements can be very decieving. Role in community: Senior, [Will soon become ]Fire fighter, Car builder Horse Stats: Reg. Name: Dark Intensions Barn name: VooDoo Age: 6 gender: Stud Breed: Thoroughbred Height: 17 History: Personality: Layed back, a goober. Description: Stands seveteen hands, called "Legs" by Meeko. Black with a blaze, three stockings. Both front, then left hing leg. Other Stats: Name: Dually age: 2 gender: Male Breed: Boxer Species: Dog History: Personality: Silly, energetic, playful Description: Dark brown coating with black brindle stripes. Black muzzle. Front right paw has all four white toes, hind left leg has a white paw. What under his chin, and belly
  4. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    Boy! I do have to say. I keep forgetting my password [Duh] Finally I just learned to write it down along with my email and email password too, since I keep forgetting that as well. Anyways, hello. Once again . Might I say, nice pictures -Still Raining- and bowlegs. lol, Ill have to see if I can find my senior pictures. No telling where they are. lol. But anyways, I was born and thought Id stop by
  5. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    Well I guess I could always stay around lol.. I know how that feels Morning. To be honest. I'm bout to start college I do beleive next semester. I grad HS last year.. I've been working with my horses, rescused two abandoned one's. Bout to rescue two more. And getting my 96 Chevy Blazer I do beleive tomorrow and will be working at the Casino here before long lol
  6. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    I've missed you guys too [bowlegs & Morning] How have you all been? Sorry I havent been on on. Life *rolleyes* what can ya do
  7. Rpg Chat Thread :]

    MAN! took be FOREVER too remember my password too this account How have you all been?
  8. Hey Everyone, Remember Me!

    BOWLEGS!!!!!!!!!!! I missed you too... ever so much :tongue9:
  9. Hey Everyone, Remember Me!

    I remember you to lol, yeah Im trying to start being active again. Life just sorta swallowed me for a while though lol. Hey tuckaway
  10. Caser Valley Park

    ooc: Ill post later today, right now its 4:02 in the morning and sorta tired. But looking forward to role playing :)
  11. Hey, yeah I know its been a WHILE since I've been here lol. Really didn't mean to just disappear like I did believe me, but I was looking threw my old email and saw horsecity and I was like "uh wonder if my friends still role play there" lol. No but a lot as happened in the past months or year, its been so long. Well the 25th Ill be 18 [yay!] finally :), umm for my old buddies. Sorry bout not replying to you when you message me on msn, usually I'm always away from the computer now and plus internet problems [yeah they suck] lol. Umm, Im doing really good actually, I met a wonder, wonder guy. We have been together for 3 months now, everything i have always asked for lol. [he's the reason im rarely on the computer] no, but in febuary I will be moving in with him, his cousin and his cousins girlfriend. I'm currently looking for a new horse, sorta cheap, I've been training black, strider, and cant forget beauty. Sadly I have lost Spook, blacks daughter a couple months ago due to a mule kicking her while in line. Umm, I'm finally got free time on my hands which means, horsecity here I come . I really have missed it here, can't forget the first place you every role played at, just cant. Oh, I recently moved out. Right now I'm living with my nana [grandmother], well more like she lives with me. Her house but I cook, clean, everything else, her work sorta has her buckled down right now yea but anyways. I would love to hear from yall again, miss yall so much and hope we can pick up where we lefted off :)
  12. Henesy Pines

    Stats: Name: Matthew Wayne Hutcherson nk:Hutch Age:25 Gender: Male Apprentice or Worker: Worker Horse: Main Horse-Black... Other: Hutch was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Home of the southern backwoods boys (lol). His father was 'Dwyane Hutcherson' a legendary bull rider from his earily childhood to his adult life as well. Hutch was taught everything he needed to know by his dad. He was tough how to be a gentlemen, a tough cowboy. and an awesome bull rider. But just like lane, Hutch had his short temp attitude. But life wasn't always easy for hutch, His mother and father had seperated and gotten a devirce. His mother remarried and took the last name "Wright", thats where his little sister comes in, but like his father taught him, hutch grew into the fact of his parents nevger getting back togther. When Hutch was bout 12 years old, he lost his father in a bull riding accend. People believed Hutch would never be the same, yet he surprised them. Instead of takin his own route. Hutch followed his and his fathers dreams to the end. When Tyler started High school he joined the FFA, baseball,ROTC, and football. Hutch went on with his evetns through high school then soon joined the Army Military without anyone knowing. After he had finished the military for 3 years. He began his job as a horse trainer and a shower/rodeoian once more. Hutch Horse: Reg. Name: Hollywood Blackout Barn Name:Black age:7 gender: Stallion breed: AQHA height: 16.3h Job: Reining, Cutting Owner/caretaker: Hutch Other: Black is a very deficult horse, dislikes anyone but Hutch. Knows he has power and will use it, Usual gets along with colts, geldings, or mules. Hardheaded and stubborn. Hutch is almost the only one able to ride him, hold him in halter. Have anything to do with him. Black Body shot Black Cutting Shot Black Reining Shot
  13. Henesy Pines

    ooc: Awww Bristii.... Ill join in a bit. Gots to be Hutch lol, Ill be a Worker :) and yes a long time no talk...
  14. Medieval Times

    Stats Name: Lady Emily Age: 19 Gender: Girl Apperance: Stands about 5'6, brown hair. Amazing Hazel eyes, well body, well tan. *add more* Personality: Stubborn, hardheaded. Intelligent but very loyal and trustful, Emily is very outgoing and always around doing something. She is curious about everything and never stays in one spot, but you have to love her. She knows whats wrong and whats right, she is not a fighter but she is not afraid of anything. Position: Daughter of Baron and Baroness 1 Occupation: History: *Add in a min* Other: Pic: Emily Other Stats Name: Lady Dutchess Age: 6 Gender: Female Species: Equine Breed: Andaulsian Apperance: Stands about 15'3, light dapple grey pelt. Black mane and tail, well built. Other: Emily's horse, dislikes anyone else handling her Pic: Dutchess Stats Name: Tyler Smith Age: 23 Gender: Male Apperance: Stands about 6'0, nice tan,built body. Dark chocolate eyes Personality: Quiet yet smart. Well tempered, loyal and trustworthy. Will do almost anything for you, but he can stand his grounds. Knows his place but doesnt care about positions in life. Position: Black Smith Occupation: Helps his boss make horse shoes, swords ect. History: *Add in a min* Other: Pic: Tyler
  15. Oklahoma Rodeo

    ooc: YAY!!! Its back lol