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  1. Help My Name My Horse!

    nope.. he sure doesn't look like a "Charlie" to me!! Great names ya'll keep em comin!!
  2. Help My Name My Horse!

    I am not supersticious at all.. I have changed several of my horses names with no bad luck!!
  3. Help My Name My Horse!

    I have recently bought and 3 year old appendix bred quarter horse mare. Her registered name is Aprils Lucky Dash. When I bought her, her barn name was Chanel.. but that is to girlie for me.. so for the past two and half weeks I have tried to come up with something with no success! I would like something that has nothing to do with her registered name.. something western with some edge to it.. thanks for the help!! BTW this is the only picture I have of her at the moment!
  4. How To Stop This Early?

    thanks for the advice everyone.. i will definetly try these methods!!
  5. How To Stop This Early?

    I have a filly that just turned a year old. She is of course halter broke. I have been doing different things with her lately, like teaching her to load on the trailor and taking her on walks to different parts of my farm so that she can see other surroundings and animals. The problem is when I try to walk her somewhere she doesn't want to go (i.e. the trailor) she pulls back and/or rears. I am not strong enough to pull back against her to keep her from doing this. I am also trying to teach her to stand tied. When I tie her to the trailor or whatever and she tries to walk away and she pulls on whatever she is tied to she pulls back then rears up. I want to try to stop this early as possible! Any ideas??
  6. Spring Cleaning..

    Hello all.. i am looking to do some spring cleaning and get my barn organized. i am looking for blanket racks(pictured below) and other organizing things for my grooming stuff and tack. Know of any good places to purchase these things from? Online or in store. Thanks bunches!
  7. Ideas For Picky Eaters?!

    thanks for all your ideas.. i am going to have her teeth checked.
  8. Ideas For Picky Eaters?!

    I have filly that is a picky eater, i need to put some weight on her. Does anyone have any ideas. I have tried the purina junior feed which she doesn't like. I have also tried calf manna which she won't eat. So I am going to figure she doesn't like pelleted feed. She has also had a problem with ulcers. Any ideas?
  9. Saddle Pads..

    thanks everyone for their input.
  10. Saddle Pads..

    I have been looking on the internet at several different saddle pads. I am looking to buy some new tack throughout this year and two saddle pads are on my list. I just don't know which one I want or is right. I have two barrel saddles. One of my horses has higher weithers than the other. I would like to buy two of the same pads. I have look at classic equine, professional choice, and some of the more off brand types, i just don't know which one is the best. What pads do ya'll use? Which do you prefer?
  11. I Would Like Some Input..

    Thanks everyone for your input. Next question what would be a reasonable amount to pay for one? Four horse that is..
  12. I Would Like Some Input..

    link to walker
  13. I Would Like Some Input..

    I would like to know what ya'lls opinions are on horse walkers. I have found one that I am interested in, it is drover brand I believe. I would like to know your experience with them good and bad! Thanks!
  14. Where To Find A Picture/print?

    I am looking for a place to buy a print of something with boer goats on it. Preferably one with someone showing goats. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Wormy Puppy-question

    first off what did you deworm the puppy with and secondly the little worms that were coming out were more than likely tapeworms. they are nasty little boogers!