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  1. What Would Your Dream Job Be?

    To have the capital and resources to have the equine facility I have always wanted - boarding, lessons, training, breeding, and rescuing. I have always wanted to have a stable. And an outreach for kids that have never had the opportunity to work around horses. It always amazed me, even when I was living in the middle of ranch country in TX, how many kids had never touched a horse. The rescue part - a place for oldies to come and hang out. I have been seeing way to many oldies for free lately. People dumping them because they are old. But too, being able to rehab and turn horses around, hopefully finding them new families.
  2. I'm Going To Get My Hair Cut

    I think it looks really cute! I know another animal communicator. I haven't used her, but know she is really good. A few people I know have used her. PM me if you want more info.
  3. Favorite Websites

    CL FB ABN (my Arabian board) Amazon Another horse board Was a member of BW when it was on FB, but wasn't invited when it became it's own board.
  4. Pics Of Horses

  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Gregor and the curse of the Warmbloods, by Suzanne Collins. Yep - an audio book. LOL
  6. Finally Found Htr A Horse

    He just feels he is to big on my Arabians so the hunt was on for something that he felt would be okay for him. So, I was perusing CL and found a TB needing to be rehomed. Well, when I contacted that lady, she said she had someone coming and looking at him. However, she forwarded my info on to a friend of hers that also had a TB needing a new home and new job. Dave is a little guy, standing at just 16.3hh. Chestnut with a blaze and 2 white feet in front. Bred and born in New Zealand and shipped here as a gift from her hubby to encourage her to quit smoking. It worked. LOL He is a former XC racer and arena jumper, and was trained in low level dressage. Still sound, just not up to continuing at the level of competition she had been using him at. He had a mild case of tying up last year after completing a grueling XC race in AZ in the 98* heat. He cooled down fine, and she has since competed on him in smaller races and cooler temps. He is VERY responsive, collects beautifully, and has awesome brakes. She has been trail riding him for the most part, but has 2 other horses in her barn that she is training, and he has been put on the back burner. She was just wanting to find him a home that he would still be used, just not as hard as she would. We have been talking for a week, and tonight we went to check him out. I got on him, and went for a ride, and said put him in the trailer. She didn't have papers on him, but he is branded with the Stud farm and ID #'s, so I am going to research and try to find out who he is. He took some pics of me on him today, but I want to get some better ones tomorrow. Not me on him... slideshow
  7. Don't think he is planning on going to the NFR, but he's headed in to town now. Told him to keep his stuff close to his privates and he should be good. If you are around, give him a shout. LOL
  8. Tazzin And Psaint Need Jingles

    [Angel] [Angel]
  9. My Monday Night Guilty Pleasure....

    HUGE Ditto! No thanks to my jerk ex-bf, I got hooked to some of the guys. John mostly. ;)
  10. Computer Literate People, Help!

    Holy smokes, I can't second this loud enough. Hubby is on the repair side of things. He gets quite a wide variety of machines in. Most of what he ends up having to do is REMOVE both those programs from computers and installs Avast. Love it. Though just in the last week, we have had something sneek past it and infect our server. Almost toast one of our drives in it. Hubby caught it, researched and fixed it. He hasn't had a lot of Lenovo's come in for repair, and only a couple Toshibas. I have a Toshiba, and it has been doing great. He has been having to help customers buy new machines, since most of what he's getting are really old and a lot is so wrong that he can't even fix them. And because every one is on the cheap right now, he has been steering people to the $298 Emachine at WM. Yea Yea. Not great, but for what most of the folks are doing, it's all they need. They then send it home with him, he removes all the clutter junk on it, and put the software they would actually use. Avast being one of the first things he does. But I would have to agree on the HP and Dell stuff.
  11. Winnah!