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  1. Dog Epilepsy

    Do you have a specialty hospital or teaching hospital near you with a veterinary neurologist? I would recommend a consult with them. Sometimes they have different insights then a regular vet, because, well, that is what they do. In addition to the blood work that needs to be done, they will perform a neurologic exam. I used to work for a neurologist and sometimes it takes a while to find the dose/combination of meds that works best. Some dogs are more difficult to control then others. Our patients also had a "rescue protocol" for when they had a seizure, including rectal Diazepam. My dr's used Keppra more then they used phenobarbital. Good luck, it may take time and another point of view, but I bet they can get the seizure frequency and intensity reduced for your dog.
  2. Adding Weight To A Senior

    I use the Safe Choice Perform on my Sr horse. I tried it since I got it for the others and he looks awesome on 2 lbs twice a day. Better then he has done on Sr. Feed. I get comments all the time about his condition and coat. I do give the horses flaxseed and joint supplement, good hay...nothing special. For your diet, I would start with switching feeds and feed somewhat according to directions and increase his hay...IMO, that isn't a lot of hay, if he can eat it.
  3. Mare "collapses"

    Who is to say this isn't life threatening. I would get the vet out. She sounds as if she has some type of neurological problem. Depending on what is causing the problem, waiting could be the difference in her recovering or not.
  4. Hemangiosarcoma

    No info, but I am very sorry for your loss. You acted quickly and did the best for your horse.
  5. Renal Failure

    My horse went into acute renal failure last year and spent 7 days in ICU. His illness started with a fever, then chem panel showed elevated BUN/creatinine. He went on IV fluids and furosemide and gradually recovered. He also had an ultrasound and biopsy of the kidneys and was tested for leptosporosis. His tests showed no kidney damage and once home, he was not given dietary restrictions long term...although I don't pump him full of alfalfa. Yes, animals do get casts in their urine and ironically, I was in a urine/chem class that quarter and had done a urinalysis on him 2 weeks before, which was normal. Have you thought about treating him with fluids to see if he responds? Horses can go into acute renal failure for many reasons. Or, a kidney biopsy can show if there is damage to the kidneys and if it is chronic.
  6. Chronic Impaction Colic

    No experience myself, but I think a scope and work-up at a good clinic/university will be a help to you. If they don't find anything or if they do, you will know what you are dealing with. I was only going to suggest what you are already doing. Good luck!
  7. Dog Question. Help Please

    Does he have any petechia? How are is gums? More red then usual? We treated a dog recently that sounded a lot like this...the people didn't have a lot of money and we didn't every really get a diagnosis. His platelets were crazy low and he went on some meds and gradually got somewhat better. Haven't heard from the people in a while, but my vet really wanted a bone marrow aspirate done and they couldn't afford it.
  8. Dog Question. Help Please

    Start him on the Doxy and take him back in for a CBC/Chem/Tick panel.
  9. Latest Cheese Video

    I am going to through out another idea, since Nick and Shelly have already hit on most of it:-) Does anyone have a schoolmaster you can ride? Sometimes, at least for me, feeling how it is supposed to feel, then going back to train your own horse is easier. For example, I learned a lot of things on a schoolmaster, then was able to pass them on to my QH, who came from a HUS world. Additionally, is there a trainer who can hop on Cheese?
  10. Starting Grain...

    Start by giving him more hay.
  11. Ration Balancers

    Grow N Win and flaxseed worked great on my horses. I like Ultimate Finish, but it is so darn expensive.
  12. Feed Woes!

    Do you have a Tribute Dealer around you? I have been happy with the Kalm Ultra. They have a sr textured too.
  13. Western Rider Going Dressage! First Lesson On Thursday

    I switched to dressage from the QH will have fun! What a cute horse!!! Enjoy!
  14. Torn Acl In Dog, Tplo Surgery

    It depends, when I interned at OSU, they used an epidural in most orthopedic procedures as it help control pain during the procedure=less anesthetic. Oh, and the shaving is normal at my work and at OSU:-) It sounds like things are going well!!
  15. Purina Wellsolve L/s

    Does your horse need grain? Can you do a ration balancer or beet pulp with a vitamin/mineral supplement?