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  1. young horses.

    Well I'm still searching for a new horse but I finally think I found one I really like, though he is young. This would be my first young horse he's just turning three, but he's very level headed and has a few months of training. I'll have a trainer working with me so thats not a problem, but I do have a few questions. He's a hanoverian cross and physically still growing, I heard somewhere that you can hurt a baby's back if you sit the trot, is this false or ture? My trainer can help me with most of the training, I just like some feedback from a range of people. And I also like to know how often you ride your younger horses? If I was to ride frequent but for short amount of times, could most handle this. I know it's very important to take things slowly and watch out for sourness. Thanks.
  2. young horses.

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I was told he had been started during the summer and than left to grow in the field and than restarted around christmas. I don't plan on pushing him, I take weekly lessons on schoolmasters for myself, I just wanted a project horse that I could work with. I spend a lot of time at the barn, almost everyday, and look forward to earning trust and a bond, I will spend a lot of time on the ground with him. I don't want you guys to think i'm in a hurry or rushing things, i'm not, I just want to be on the safe side and rather ask questions than just try it and hurt him. In my lessons I do more sitting trot than posting, but I understand things are different with him thats why I asked. I was thinking I would ride four to five days a week for 20-30 min. workouts. They have amazing trails at my stable and i'm excited to try them out, so he won't have ring work all those days. Thanks everyone.
  3. Wintec Dressage Saddles

    I have a wintec 500, overall I like it now, but when I first got it I had to get use to the material. It fits most of the horses I try it on though some it fits better than others. My trainer says it tends to push my leg alittle forward just because of the saddle flap, but it hasn't caused to much trouble. I didn't have a lot of money to spend on a saddle so it works fine for me, I even took it to a few schooling shows and no one seemed to care. If you do decide to get one I got mine from equusnow.com and they offer a complete set girth, leathers, saddle pad ect.. plus free shipping.
  4. short rider. tall horse?

    I am a rather short person just under 5 ft, though I still plan on growing. I have been looking for a horse and found what seems to be a good horse but very tall over 17 hh. I have heard that short riders do better with shorter horses, is this true. I don't want to be held back by a horse that is just to tall for my body to handle. Does it matter the horses size, if so why? Thanks in advance..
  5. short rider. tall horse?

    Thanks everyone for your input, though there are many horses out there, I personally enjoy this one horse and have known him for alittle bit and was quite happy when he was placed for sale.. I guess i'll have to get on him and see if we are a match or not. [ 08-06-2005, 08:49 PM: Message edited by: .D.ancing.D.ressage ]
  6. short rider. tall horse?