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  1. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    the armpit of the state. good ole jacksonville. [one of the many marine corps bases down here]
  2. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    I know the feeling. I met my husband in Hawaii. Followed him to Virginia, had a kid, and now we are in good ole NC. Congrats to you!
  3. The "circle Of Trust" Pt. Ii

    Jackie is getting married?! Omg! Wait, I guess you are older than the 15 yo when I first came to this board.
  4. Moving Across The Country

    i picked up one day, and moved from Ohio to hawaii. stayed for several was where i met my now husband, who is in the marine corps. so we're always on the move!
  5. Possible Tornado Hit Near Here

    Sol, are you in fburg/spotsy? if so, it was a microburst. im up on quantico, and let me tell you-it got hot up here with no power! LOL. im pushing 8 months pregnant and even the POOL on base was too hot!! LOL.
  6. Could Someone Do Me A Huge Favor?

    we have a couple old horses buried on our land-but we have over 20 acres. and we dug the hole ourselves.
  7. Any Military Out There? Women? Anyone Enlisting?!

    my hubs is in the marines. he's been in for almost 6 years, and plans to make it a career. he's a 0311 [infantry] and has been to iraq once, and afghanastan twice. his most recent tour ended a year ago. we recently moved from Hawaii to Virginia for some "r&r" [basically because hawaii wasn't deploying to combat zones any time soon] and we're trying hard to go down to Parris Island so he can volunteer for his b billet as a DI. he's a grunt through and through, and is itching to get back to the fleet. him being a DI will be tough on our family, since he'll be working before sun up, to after sun down and the fact im due with both our first baby in September [and he goes to DI school in January]. but it's just going to be similar to a deployment. my best advice, is don't believe your recruiter. they will tell you ANYTHING to get you to sign your papers. boot camp will be super tough, your MOS school will be tough, and then rumors will fly about you once you're in yyour job [bad rumors, being a lonely girl around tons of guys etc] good luck, and hopefully you get stationed at a good place! [very few marine bases, but make the best of it!]
  8. Pics :d

    how much neg and pos do you do on your shots? to mold them together [like, one post, one zero, one neg etc] still in the learning process of photography, and HDR has always intriqued me, but i can't find anyone willing to sit down with me and talk about it! LOL
  9. Need Help Wording An Invitation..

    im having my first baby [girl] in september. my shower is in July [a month from today actually]. the big door prize, will be for people who bring a pack of diapers. i can't remember the saying we have on the invites, but it's super adorable. we got a nice gift card to a nice restaurant back home, and some stuff from bath and body works. the more packs of diapers they bring, the better chance you've got to win. im *hoping* people realize that all babies are different, and bring gift reciepts for them, just in case if i get too many of one size or as someone mentioned, the baby/brand don't mesh. BUT i won't stress about it. im also having a "guy shower" in august...for my husband and his friends. they're going to get together, and the guys are supposed to bring a pack of diapers/wipes and we'll [my hubs] will buy them a beer. [we're a USMC family, so the guys will LOVE the "free" beer...LOL]
  10. Pics :d

    what brand camera/lense type do you use?
  11. Is It Wrong Of Me?

    i see no problem with "constant contact" and the pictures are just one second of how the girl rides. yes it could be slightly "too much" but she could be helping your horse build back muscles, and it looks like she's helping the horse carry herself in a way she's not used too. the fighting of the mouth though, could be the bit, is that a twisted snaffle, or a smooth? when was the last time you had her teeth floated? and the back cinch is way too tight for my liking...
  12. Could You Please Vote For Me?

    thank you jackie! and thanks to everyone else who's voted so far!
  13. Could You Please Vote For Me?

    awww, well thank you!!! you having a boy or girl?!
  14. Could You Please Vote For Me?

    i feel silly asking for this, but i REALLY want to win this! im preggo with my first baby [a little girl] and i entered to win a maternity photo shoot by a local military spouse [as am i]. i need you all to LIKE her FB page [and while you're at it, go like my picture!] and then go to her blog and click on the "mommy to be" page, and scroll down, and comment that you're voting for me. [my name is ashley niemann adams] make sure you say my first/last name because there are two ashleys. PLEASEEEEEE you can vote TWICE...once on FB, and once on her blog. [in the girl in the striped tank top, not the one showing her belly for all to see... it's a two step process. go to and click "like" [it'll be near the right hand side of the page under her picture]. then go to her blog and click on the "mommy to be" post, and scroll down, and "comment" that you're voting for ME [ashley adams]... there's two of us Ashley's on there so make sure you say my name! you can ALSO click "like" on my picture on her FB page to help me out!
  15. Annual Solar Eclipse

    i need the "special" glasses!!!!!!