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  1. Shower Head Water Softener

    Thanks. The Jonathan filter has good reviews (it seems Aquasana and Jonathan are the same thing), and on Sephora there was a reviewer that had my problems and they were fixed. They just claim they reduce iron and minerals, and they don't say how much or how effective it is for that. Water sticks is the only one that seems to really filter metals and iron, but it's way more spendy, and their site isn't that clear on upkeep. There's granules and salt you mix in, then rinse, then mix, or something.... I don't quite get how it works, and if it has an actual filter or if it's just the stuff you dump in.... I just decided after 26 years that I'm tired of blond, and my really nice caramel brown with barely perceptible red lowlights is now pretty much orange. And my skin is worse than it's been in years. The humidifier just can't keep up with our dry air and woodstove. I'm thinking I'll try the Aquasana from Amazon, it's like $80. Amazon is good about returning things, I should know within a month if it's helping my skin, and this hair color faded to orange in only a couple weeks. I also am suspicious of online reviews, half of them seem written by the company.
  2. Shower Head Water Softener

    We have well water, so it tastes good. But it's hard, and there's a good bit of mineral deposits on everything. It's not terrible, but bad enough. There is also rust stains, like from iron in the water, in the toilets mostly. I have terrible skin, it's extremely sensitive, and dry especially this time of year. I have eczema also, and am allergic to a lot of chemical and detergents. After researching a lot, I'm getting more confident our water is not helping, and showers are irritating my skin more, and drying it out. Another problem is the iron. I have blond hair. I've had it died a few times, and the color will often come out nice (light brown or blonde), only to turn red, then orange. Thing is, I'm tired of being blond all my life and like having light caramel brown hair, even with a few red highlights. But after a couple weeks it's almost orange. Not good. This always happens. I just want a shower head filter, I can't afford an entire house system. Would like it to remove chemicals, chlorine (though I don't think that's a big problem with our well water??), IRON especially, metals, etc. I'm confused on what to get! Most say they REDUCE metals and iron, and filter chlorine. Does anyone use any? I've looked at Watersticks (confusing?), Jonathan, I Water, Aquasana..... Please give me advice if you use a filter. Or should I be looking more for a softener?
  3. Wedding Reception Appetizers

    Do you cook the bacon first? Or bake them together raw? What is chic-fi-a nuggets? I hadn't thought of Bruschetta cold, that would work.
  4. Wedding Reception Appetizers

    Our wedding (this month) is at a campground by a river, in the woods. There is a large covered area with tables, and bbqs, as well as a dutch oven pit. No electricity. I am planning on making everything a couple days beforehand, with some help. I want lots of finger food and easy to eat appetizers to sit out after the ceremony. Then people can snack and talk while the meat and vegie dishes are grilling. I'm planning on mini hamburgers, grilled vegies (kabobs maybe- or steamed in a foil pan on the grill), trout (if we can catch enough beforehand), and some other grilled meat. These will all be marinated or whatever, ready to go on the grill. So most of the appetizers need to be served cold or room temp. Besides basic cheese balls, chip and vegie dips (found an amazing red pepper hummus recipe!), I need more ideas. Things that can be made before hand and thrown into a cooler to take up there. Probably nothing with expensive ingredients, we're on a budget. And there should be around 60 guests, give or take.
  5. Dishwasher Recommendations Please!

    Our first dishwasher didn't do this, but it was old and quit. The last used one I bought didn't do this, it worked awesome. But the electrical system quit after two uses. So I know the problem is with this dishwasher, probably why the last people returned it. Two of the dishwashers I've owned worded great, and did wash dried on food. I am one of those people that just isn't going to spend the money on a dishwasher if I have to prewash everything. If that's the case then I might as well wash by hand. Unless it's really dirty pots or something. I would like a Bosch, but I just can't spend the money. I know it would be worth it, but if I don't have the money I just don't have it. I think I'll stick with Whirlpool for now. Maybe I'll try the one with adaptive wash, the reviews on it were good.
  6. Dishwasher Recommendations Please!

    I am on a well. The water is hard, but not that hard. We didn't have these problems with our old dishwasher, but it quit. Bosch is quite a bit above my price range. I have looked at them, just can't spend that much money on one.
  7. Dishwasher Recommendations Please!

    Our water is set pretty hot. It does have a high temp wash, and a sanitizing rinse that's supposed to reach 180 degrees. Neither helps or makes the dishes any cleaner.
  8. Horse Kicked In Head

    I'll see if I can load a pic today. It really doesn't look like anything. There is just a small cut, but it bled quite a bit the first couple days.
  9. Our old dishwasher quit rinsing, so I picked a barely used one up at a building thrift store. It worked awesome twice, then quit completely. Took it back. Went to Sears, but it was past five so warehouse was closed. All they had was a very expensive one and a returned one on the floor. They won't deliver to us, and it's over an hour drive. So I took the "very nice" returned one they claimed had been tested and worked great. It's terrible. Anything metal comes out with a thick white film, no matter how many rinses I do it barely helps. The other dishes have it as well, they somewhat get clean but have spatters and a film on them. Metal things come out dirtier than they went in! I use a rinse aid and have tried different degergents. So it's going back. Anyone have any reviews of one that DOES work? I hate prewashing, that's what a dishwasher is for! If it's really dried on food I don't expect perfection of course, but I want it to work pretty well. I'm wondering if all these energy star washers are just not good enough to really clean. I don't really want to spend over $400, and I like a large tub for pots and pans. Silverware basket in the door would be a big plus! I've seen good reviews on the Whirlpool Adaptive Wash. Anyone have one?
  10. Horse Kicked In Head

    The vet said they couldn't sedate him for a while. I don't know how long that will be. I will probably just get a dentist up here when it's ok to work on him, I won't let these vets work on his teeth and I don't see a reason to sedate him for the vets to look, and another time for the dentist. He needs a float anyway.
  11. Horse Kicked In Head

    Time for an update. He's improving very slowly. His balance seems good, he's alert-head and ears up a lot. Somewhat responsive, but not normal. He's still dull and quiet, normally he's a very reactive/responsive overly sensitive horse. Not so at all right now. But there are little tiny things that show me he's still in there, but barely. Once in a while I'll see a tiny reaction or mannerism that's "him". But not often. His vision seems to be better by quite a bit, but I'm still worried there will be permanent damage. His right pupil still dilates a bit more than it should part of the day, and doesn't dilate enough at night. He now has a light brown sliver (slightly cloudy around it) under the pupil. But he's more responsive to lights (at night), and movement, I know his vision is better than it was. He still can't chew well, seems to grind a few teeth and spit food out. So he's still on soaked hay pellets, not sure how long that will need to last. It's getting expensive! And he's always hungry so gets smaller meals several times a day. So I'm just waiting and watching. He's not on anything currently, vet pulled the antibiotics and steroids off.
  12. Horse Kicked In Head

    They told me to add some Bute as the first day he was in a lot of pain. The last day and today he seem so to be in a lot less pain, and a lot more comfortable. I would feel comfortable stopping the Bute if needed. Sounds like it might be best. Today they want me to stop the Pred and switch to 10mg of powdered Dex once a day, along with Tucoprim. Would it still be beneficial to add DMSO after this many days? And do you use it with the steroids/ and for how long? I will ask them, I might also call the other vet a long ways away and get his opinion. The horse couldn't have been hauled the first day, now he'd probably be stable enough if necessary. I'd rather not unless I have to. I suspect he might have a cracked tooth or something, seems like when he grinds them I can hear one hitting/grinding especially. It could just be a tooth that's a bit longer and is catching when he grinds his teeth. The vets here are HORRIBLE with teeth. When he's better I'll let them inspect them maybe, but I'll get a dentist up for any work.
  13. Horse Kicked In Head

    Both eyes are dilating some, but maybe half of what they would typically be at night. But the right one doesn't constrict when shining a light on it, the left one does. I know he can see a bit out of it and has some response to light, movement, etc in that eye. But I'm sure it's limited. He sometimes hits his mouth when putting his head down into the feed tank/ tub. Or misses it and hits the side of his face on it trying to get his head back in the tank. It's getting better though. He hasn't ran into the fence at all, or me. I know he's improved, but it's slow and I'm pretty stressed about it. I expect it will take time, if he ever recovers completely. A friend saw it happen, said they were all just standing around. He was behind another gelding and put his head down just as the horse kicked, or right before or something. Obviously the horse meant to kick him, not sure if his head was down for a while or it was just bad timing. The horse typically isn't a kicker. I hate kicking horses as well, and he's usually well behaved, but is one of the top of the totem pole. He's never done anything like this before. And the vet didn't mention using DMSO, though I've heard many do. There's only a few vets here, and I don't trust any of them completely. I will probably call a vet I do trust tomorrow, just for advice. He's not close, but it's worth an opinion over the phone.
  14. Horse Kicked In Head

    It's been a long few days. Monday my best horse (of course) got kicked a couple inches above his eyes and a bit on the right. He was unconscious before he hit the ground, and was out for at least 3 minutes. I didn't see it, but rushed home in a panic. When I got here he was up and staggering around. Caught him and waited for the vet. He gave him Dex and Prednisone IV, I separated him and have spent the last couple days and nights watching him. I'm gave him 8 ccs Prednisone yesterday, and today 6 ccs and 2 ccs of Bute, per vet instructions. I wish he had told me the first day I could also give him Bute, the horse was in a lot of pain, confused, and miserable. I stayed with him almost all day, he would hardly leave my side. Except to do continuous circles to the right. Which he is still doing, but not as compulsively. He stands and rests much more often today, and is more alert. For a while he's very lethargic and looks bad, hardly responsive. Then for a couple hours he's more alert, head mostly up, walking around. All he's wanted to do is eat, so he gets soaked hay pellets and a little soaked senior every couple hours. It's all he can eat, he can't seem to chew anything. His eyes look good during the day, but at night don't dilate as much as they should. The right pupil also stays fixed, but the left constricts with light. Vet thinks there isn't any brain bleeding, but still some swelling. He's a very different horse, and still mostly lethargic. There's a few mannerisms that are normal for him, so I'm hopeful he'll recover. Yesterday he started walking better, today he's not stumbling much at all. That vet was off work today, so another vet told me give him tomorrow's dose of Prednisone (4ccs), and then start him on 10mg of Dex tomorrow, for 5 days. As well as some antibiotics, and continuing the Bute. I'm a little concerned on giving him both days doses today and still on the fence about it. The other vet isn't available to ask. Is 10 ccs of pred too much for one day? With starting the Dex the next morning? I'm just not sure which vet to listen to. Any thoughts? I'm still very worried about him, sometimes it seems he just isn't in there, he's different. Sometimes he feels better. I've been sick about this, and am thankful the kicker didn't have shoes on.
  15. Enlarged Thyroid, Thyroid Symptoms

    Well I had an ultrasound and the radiologist said there's nothing wrong with my thyroid. Nothing wrong in it and she didn't think it was enlarged. It feel and looks exactly the same as when my doc said it was very enlarged. I will be going in to see her again soon. I do know the meds have helped a lot. Way more energy, getting up earlier in the morning, hair is falling out less. I hope she'll keep me on it, even though my levels are fine. It's made a big difference. And I can tell a major difference between taking one a day and two a day. Two a day makes me feel so much better!