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  1. How are you doing? Thinking of you.


  2. Anyone Know Rabbits, Possible Stroke?

    From your description, I would venture to guess that it's vestibular disease- here is a link to an article on it. Do a google search and you can find quite a few people that have rabbits with it. http://www.rabbit.org/health/tilt.html
  3. Hey Guys.

    Darn you DC... I did NOT need to go looking at FT Morgans shelter site! Luckily it looks like Fritz isn't there (hoping she got adopted!) There is a Great White Pyrenees though that is tugging at my heart strings now! LOL Have you seen the movie Hachi? You need to since you have the star now :)
  4. Hey Guys.

    That's crazy that they will DNA him, but not give him brain surgery before he's adopted out. He looks like a great dog, I'm sure he loves his "job" :) I must not look at that husky, must not look!!!!
  5. ** Happy Birthday Katy Blackjack **

    Thanks Ya'll! [Huggy] it's kinda cool... today is 1/11/11 and I'm 33 [bat Eyelashes]
  6. Is Dr Pepper A Pepsi Product

    I think an important thing to remember here is that Pepsi donated to HSUS due to people VOTING for their idea. I personally couldn't boycott them because they are running a contest and are making good on their word as far as paying out to the group that gets the most votes (I'm not saying the HSUS got those votes in a "fair" way though) We obviously need to keep educating the public that not all animal welfare groups are in it for the animals. Every day I vote for a new breathing system for children with cystic fibrosis through the Pepsi site, we've been in the top 3 quite a few times, but there are some ding dongs out there that would rather vote for HSUS without knowing all the facts.
  7. Anyone Ever Do A Dog Dna?

    If I remember correctly, I think Kina Kat had one done on her dog Mal, it was a crazy mix that did indeed prove he was a 3rd world mutt :) I'm excited to see what her test tells you! What a fun present!
  8. Went And Looked At A Mare - Small Update

    I really like her build A LOT! I've never ridden a gaited horse, but with my body issues, I'm thinking that might be worth looking to that world for my next horse. You saying that your back didn't hurt spoke volumes to me, lol!
  9. Netflix

    I love netflix, been with them for years. With the streaming videos, you can also watch them through your Wii if you have one or a nifty little device called a Roku Player. I have both, but I ADORE my Roku player, they are only about $60 and they have a lot of other free channels as well as Netflix.
  10. Something Truly Horrible Happened

    Oh Kina! I am so sorry I missed this until now. Big hugs lady [Huggy]
  11. Puppy Owners (or Dog Ppl)

    A'Nalo does like to rip up tissues, but the silly boy only does it when we're home. I'm pretty sure when we are gone all he does is sleep next to the door waiting for our return. We usually give him a chew treat before we leave, it never fails that he brings it to us when we get home, we give it back and THEN he will chew it. It's rather strange. As long as Zoe is getting the exercise she needs, I think she's ready to give it a try
  12. Puppy Owners (or Dog Ppl)

    We started giving A'Nalo the run of the house when he was about 5 months old. Potty training was a breeze with him though.
  13. Hee Hee Hee

    Kina- Thank ya my dear, for once again putting a big smile on my face! Those are adorable!
  14. Flirt Pics

    Aw tupey, she is looking all grown up now! Where has the time gone?!
  15. Zoe's Taking Her Cgc Tonight - Wish Us Luck!

    Great Job Girls!!!!